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5.0 out of 5

AFTER 5 Years

2010-02-17 16:18:42

My Matrix now has 130,000 miles , its 5 years old ,mechanicaly it runs great, yes its verry reliable. What I have nitice the past few months is that all the exterior body panels are comming loose the grill is verry to fall off the doors dont shut well like they use to its like the body of the car has deform, yes I drive 100 miles a day to work but I do keep the car in the garage. So far I had to change the timming chain and had to replace a $600 computer in the car, I have heard other Toyota owners had to change the computer or chip inside and ranges between 400- 800 dollars, Thats a rip off. I almost traded in for a new one a few moths ago and ask the Dealer ship if they had computer problems that burn out after a few years, and they are not covered. My last Toyota lasted 300,000 miles I dont think this one will make it past 150k.

2005 Toyota Matrix

2009 S AWD matrix - This car is the balls!!!

2010-01-17 18:46:55

I drive 110 miles to work everyday. From boston to portsmouth NH. In the winter, I had 3 Hyundai(?) Elantras. I thought they were good cars until I got a Toyota Matrix with AWD. Never had one, never wanted one. Well, my first snowstorm driving up rt. 1 and 95. Holy cow!!!! Drove it like it was a front wheel car, which is what i have been used too. Wrong!!! I felt the all wheel drive take over and boy oh boy, i let that do the driving!!! It is computerized AWD it does the thinking for you. Front wheel driving on dry roads and the gas mileage is good.I would recommend this car for a woman who drives alot, and a mother with kids who needs to be a taxi. Alot of room!!! My boys who are both over 6 feet now, put there "stuff" in there with ease. A safe car in New England weather.

2009 Toyota Matrix

Awesome car

2009-08-29 14:54:10

My car is the 2003 4WD XRS and I love it. Never had a problem except for my mistake of the curbs but easy to fix on the axel. I ******* twice in the parking lots and it was a nice fix. I got the tires still from the orginial buy, they are still good. Winter is awesome, just add a sand bag or 2 since the back is light. Going camping is cool too for 2/3 people.

2003 Toyota Matrix

Great Car

2009-04-03 05:21:54

This is our 2nd Matrix (we had a 2004 that we sold to our son). It's an S with a sunroof and the 2.2L engine. It's noticeably peppier, but gas mileage seems a little lower than the older Matrix, which had the smaller engine. Overall, we're very happy with the car. It drives well, we've had no problems with it. Quality is very high, as you'd expect; only minor issue seems to be the tailgate sticks a little on cold mornings. Seats are comfortable, although we haven't been on any long trips it it yet. We didn't even really consider a different car when we were looking to buy because we wanted an updated version of what we already had.

2009 Toyota Matrix

2007 Matrix

2009-03-24 19:57:44

Bought this car new in May 07, has been a great car. Very reliable, good gas mileage. Maintain it myself with ease. Only problem was Engine control computer went last week, 41000 miles. Under warranty but dealer serviceman said the Matrix is having problems with the computer. No other issues, has met all my expectations.

2007 Toyota Matrix

lots of car in a small package

2009-03-03 13:23:19

excellent handling and mileage and roomy and comfortable seating makes for a satisfying ownership experience.I purchased the car new in 2002, and have changed the oil every 5000 miles and the car is like new after 80,000 miles.Low ground clearance is my only negative.

2003 Toyota Matrix

372,000 miles in 4 years

2009-03-03 07:32:36

I owned my Matrix for a little over 4 years & put 372,000 miles on her. She still ran as great as she did the 1st day I bought her, until I crashed into another car. Other than a couple sensors going bad this was an excellent car!!

2005 Toyota Matrix

07 Matrix XR

2009-01-20 22:28:23

I have had my Matrix a year and a half now and it is the only car I ever owned that someone actually offered to buy it out from under me on the spot. Apparently the gas crunch made the Matrix noticeable. I have hauled more in it than my old Liberty and the fold down flat seats are awesome. I am not a practical car kind of girl, but I would buy this one again.

2007 Toyota Matrix

Alternator shot. Poor Toyota support. Very poor traction in winter.

2009-01-13 13:31:43

Our 2003 Matrix, only 58,454 km. Alternator dead. Car is past the 5 year warranty period. However, alternators - especially on Toyotas - should last longer than 58,454 km. Toyota Canada says replacing alternator not covered, even at this low mileage. Toyota suggested I pay a Toyota dealer to check the system officially, but admitted they likely won't help us out on this anyway. Replace with a rebuilt - not new - alternator is over $500. The fact that we have 5 Toyotas in our family didn't seem to matter: the drone on the phone just kept reading from the policy manual. Toyota seems to have gone the route of American car manufacturers: no pride in their work or products, certainly no standing behind their products when there is a glitch. For sure we won't be buying another Toyota. P.S. Both our Matrix cars have terrible traction on snow and ice, even with front wheel drive and brand new Blizzak snow tires. The Matrix spun its wheels and got stuck when other cars could still go with no problem. For this reason I wouldn't buy a Matrix to drive in a Canadian winter. Also, gas mileage very disappointing.

2003 Toyota Matrix

great sprty fun machine

2008-12-27 16:12:33

never owned a toyota because i thought they offered big yawn's....but went to the dealer and fell in love w/ my silver matrix xrs w/ 5 speed. its fast, fun i fill it up once a month and it doesnt feel like a econobox

2009 Toyota Matrix

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