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4.0 out of 5

Fix the title of this please, as these are NOT 2016 Avalon reviews, and misleading

2016-02-06 11:08:16

These are of 2015 and back to 2013, all of which are different than the 2016 (or so says Toyota), that being that the 2016 does in-fact offer a smoother ride. The 1 star rating, is because I haven't driven one yet, to see if it is in-fact more comfortable. If after driving one it is better or not, I'll write or edit this one

2016 Toyota Avalon

Avalon 2014

2015-11-11 17:40:38

Very BAD seats, to hard bad design and should be RECALL, I'm trying to get Toyota Customer service to agree, but they said the design is fine.I'm an design engineer, also I asked the dealer to show the seat after they change the Cushing's, and the design is very poor no good engineering and very cheap the way was designed and build for an expensive car.Now I'm going to a local mechanic to change the foam Toyota use.

2016 Toyota Avalon

Toyota AvalonXLE Premium - Creme Brulee exterior with Almond interior

2014-11-18 09:13:25

Wow...when I first test drove the Avalon I wasn't sure what to think...could this be my next vehicle? I have owned lots of vehicles over the years -- I'm 65 years old -- I have owned four SUVs since 1999 and wasn't sure I wanted to give up that up. My last one was a Toyota Highlander. I did a second and third test drive with the Avalon after driving a Mazda and Maxima...and after that last test drive I was convinced that the Avalon XLE Premium was my next vehicle. I know there are more luxurious vehicles out there, but for the price of the Avalon, this is a vehicle that I will keep for a few years. The exterior design is very stylist and the interior with the soft leather and the French Stitching you would think you are sitting in a $60,000 vehicle. When people see the interior they just say -- WOW!! The ride is very comfortable and much better than expected and the very powerful 3.5 liter V6 engine will get up and go when I want it to. I tried to convince my wife to get one in 2012, but she loves her Camry...which is her third Camry. My oldest daughter has a 2010 Camry and I just sold my 2011 Highlander to my younger daughter, which the family just loves. I guess you could say we are a Toyota family and will be for a long time.

2014 Toyota Avalon

The thrill is gone...

2014-10-30 20:44:26

Purchased my '05 Avalon after driving one for a week. Paid cash and drove away. Put some good miles on it soon after purchas driving from Miami to Crossville, TN. and back. Loved the mileage and the comfort. Back in Miami used it as a daily driver. Kept it garaged and clean. Followed all the recommended service schedules. It took care of me and I reciprocated. A couple of years into ownership I noticed the emergence of several problems. The major one was the appearance of cracks in the dashboard, which rapidly worsened. As this began, so did the fading of the front and rear bumpers and the bubbling of the clear coat on the rear spoiler. I attempted to contact the dealer where I purchased, but it no longer existed, it had moved and changed names. It took a while to reach the proper people and when I called the Manager he asked me to send him some photos. This was the same manager that I had previously bought several Camry's and an MR2. When he viewed the pictures he told me to duplicate the photos and send them with a letter explaining my disappointment with the vehicel and my history with Toyota which went all the way back to 1968. I followed his advice and sent off a package to Toyota USA in California. Mind you, at the time I had merely 44, 000 miles on the odometer. Toyota said, "So sorry, you're out of warranty, your mileage is good ******** been over 5 years since you purchased," In essence they washed their hands of any kind of responsibility, and not even offering a "Let's split the cost," the walked away from their product. I searched the internet for similar complaints and only found one for the '05, but for the '06 there were dozens. I purchased mine late (October) 2005 and since there was neglible difference between the years it made sense to conclude that mine problem was the first of many to follow. I'm no longer proud of this car in general, and Toyota specifically. My next car will NOT be a Toyota if this is how they treat long time customers.

2005 Toyota Avalon

2005 Toyota Avalon, Lemon after one year

2014-02-13 02:21:48

Avalon Worst Toyota i ever owned , It became the worst lemon of a New 2005 Automoble i have ever owned . Radiator sprung leaks in summer of 2006 Toyota did replace it after they tried to patch it twice, then in 2007 the power steering pump failed. it was replaced no problem 6 months later both CV joints replaced do to vibrationat 30 to 40 mph. in 2008 aircondition had to be recharged low charge a month later same problem no cold air Air condenser replaced then in 2009 Air condirion compressor failed had to fight to heve it replaced & Toyots pay 1/2 for replacement. in 2010 Brake Chip replaced in the onboard computer because the brakes were not working proper they said it was in the computer chip Toyota refused to pat i had to shell out 655 dollars to have it repaired . also the Automatic transmission started to leak transmission fluid. that was the last straw i traded the Avalon iin with 38,000 miles For a new 2011 Nisan Altima . so far so good i have 15 300 miles on the Altima & no trouble. Warning Toyota makes Junk & the Service Stinks !

2005 Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon 2013 XLE

2013-07-21 10:19:57

We currently own two Avalons. While my 2005 Limited was in the shop for 4 days I had the opportunity to drive the new 2013 Avalon XLE. My wife and I felt that the new Avalon was harsh riding, that it looked too much like a Ford Fusion and a Hynudai Azera and that we would not be able to take a long trip in this car because the seats were very hard and cramped in the front. The interior materials are not of the quality of previous Avalons. The leather interior was hard and uncomfortable. I usually am the driver for golf outtings. There is no way I can fit 4 golf bags in the trunk even though the car comes with a small temper spare. My 2005 Avalon can handle 4 golf bags easily with a full size spare tire. The new Avalon has been out almost a year and we have seen only a few in Palm Beach County. I understand that in the past Palm Beach County was the largest consumer of new Avalon's in America. I realize that Toyota is looking for younger buyers; but in doing so Toyota ******** core purchaser. We love all of the technical improvements such as the backup camera which add to the sticker price. In order to hold the price down the interior quality was compromised. We will wait for the next model of Avalon before we buy another one in hopes that Toyota will again look ****** core purchaser needs. We were disappointed because we really wanted to buy a new Avalon Limited this year.

2013 Toyota Avalon

love to drive

2012-01-16 03:08:48

We purchased a 2011 Avalon my wifes car, but I love to drive it also. Surprising power this car will get up and go. Super smooth and quiet ride, excellent stereo system and climate system that really works like it should. Incredible leg room in the backseat like a limo. The car handles great, parks easy, no wind noise. Power memory setting for two drivers for the seat and mirrors, I ******* had power tilt and telescope wheel instead of manual, not a big deal once its ******* fine. This car is Lexus like in the way it drives and the fit and finish. If you want a smooth quiet ride, this is it and the gas mileage is a pleasent bonus. Getting 29 mpg for average.

2011 Toyota Avalon

Excellent vehicle

2011-07-18 09:59:40

I have owned several autos in the past and my 2011 Toyota has the best acceleration, hill climbing ability, excellent gas mileage, quiet interior, and best ride of any vehicle I have ever owned. I get between 31-32 MPG driving the legal speed on the interstates. Review of road tests reflect most of them show 0-60 MPH in a little over 6 seconds and a top speed of 135 MPH. Some say the auto doesn't handle well on curves but I tell my wife it is my four door sports car. My only complaint is I wish the back seat folded instead of reclining.

2011 Toyota Avalon

Dream Machine

2011-02-12 19:14:44

We drove a 1998 S320 Mercedes for about 160,000 miles before we traded it in for a Avalon 2011 Limited. We test drove a number of new cars but hands down the 2011 Avalon Limited is far and away the best deal. Drives like a Dream, 31.6 MPG on Freeway, exras that beats most all others, and the price is half of the LS-460. If you don't like this car, maybe when you start wearing your pants above the crack of your butt and brush your teeth at least three times a week, you will. Or maybe you perfere to be a Want-a-Be and lease/drive a BMW that you can not pay for. GREAT CAR.

2011 Toyota Avalon

Review of 2011 Toyota Avalon

2011-01-22 11:23:28

I've owner many cars during my years and this is the most refined blend of luxury, power ,handling and quiet I have ever experienced. Just got back from Jacksonville Fl a 750 mile trip on I95 where the speed limit is 70 and most drive 80. I got 30.5 mpg for the trip using regular gas. It's hard to believe a car of this size and comfort can be that effiecient. What a sound systerm. . This car is a rocket. You really have to watch your speed because theres no sensation of it. You ask and it delivers.

2011 Toyota Avalon

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