2009 Suzuki XL7 Reviews

4 out of 5

Best car ever!

2015-02-07 08:48:35

I have now owned my 2008 XL7 for nearly six years, it has been the only car that I have driven for nearly 88,000 miles that I couldn't wait to get rid of. This car is reliable, looks good even at nearly seven years old, people comment on its attractive appearance, almost no repairs, only replaced brake pads on rear wheels after 88,000 miles and one new battery, that's it! When my wife go out on the weekend, we drive the XL7 rather than my wife's luxury car since we both agree it is more fun to drive and ride in. My challenge now is trying to figure out what my next car will be since the XL7 has not been made since 2009.

2008 Suzuki XL7

Sun roof drain

2012-05-08 06:34:35

Leaks since I got it, Tube that drains the water when it rains on drivers side, fills up with water. Dealer doesn't seem to know how to fix it. Had it in more than 3 times under warranty, seemed to work for a month or so and again after warranty now he says he can fix it but will cost me over $200. Not happy with car or Dealership!

2008 Suzuki XL7

Under appreciated and under rated vehicle

2009-12-11 11:51:43

I bought my XL7 in February of 09 when Suzuki had $6000 rebates. I then searched the internet and found a dealer in Cincinnati,OH offering additional $4000 off. So got car listed at over $31k for just over $21k. This is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. The ride is great as you sit higher than regular car. Equipment level can't be beat...navigation, sunroof, leather, chrome wheels, rearview camera,remote start, engine with great acceleration. I just returned from a 1700 mile trip that was all hightway. I was actually going speeds of 110 mph on interstate and never dropped below 75 and still got over 21mpg. In the city I'm avge about 16.5mg. My family I went to see were very impressed because all 7 of us could get in here. My sister who lives in Dallas is going to look to see if she can find a used one since they no longer make this. I can't believe Suzuki discontinued this car because of sales. It definitely beats the Pontiac Torrent and Chevy Equinox. The interior is very spacious and I'm 6 foot, 220 pds and have room in the 3rd row. Anyone sitting in the backseat likes having the separate a/c and heat controls with vents out of ceiling. The warranty can't be beat also. Luckily we have 4 Suzuki dealerships in the Indy area and none are closing that I know of. I haven't had any problems except the gas gauge went out the first day I bought it and the dealer fixed it and gave me a $100 Shell gas card. I will definitely look at Suzuki for my next car.

2008 Suzuki XL7

Bear some things in mind

2009-09-12 10:16:56

I am very happy with my 2007 XL7. I physically measured many other SUVs and the XL7 provides the best ratio of space ( interior usable length ) to cost. The ride is excellent. It does take some time getting used to the placement of the window switches but this is minor. Here, however were the things that made me 'nuts'. At least 2 Suzuki dealers in the Boston area have moved away. This left me with the dealer I purchased the vehicle from - who I dont like due to the way they dealt with me. I began to wonder if the company was going out of business. I have been warned that parts are difficult to get - so dont wait until the last minute. The mechanics dont know how to operate the idiot light functions ( tire warning, oil change, etc. ) Twice I was promised that the regional tech would be consulted - he wasnt. The instructions in the manual do not work - it was only due to trial and error that I learned how to made them function - and none of it was in the manual - and the dealer had no clue. Bottom line - expect a good vehicle and a lot of stupidity from the dealer and the company.

2007 Suzuki XL7

2008 XL-7 (Seems Exactly The Same Vehicle)

2009-04-13 16:36:59

Love the car but dealerships are disappearing almost weekly! Must travel 40 miles from Tampa for dealership service or maintainance. It is a responsive and comfortable vehicle and has all the features one could want. Trade in value is terrible, I am sure because of dealerships disappearing...

2009 Suzuki XL7

unexpected surprise

2009-03-22 14:00:34

I just bought a 2009 XL7 from US Auto Sales in Lawrenceville, GA. My incintive....the deal that was offered....my reward...one of the best cars I've ever had. My last car was Lexus SUV and doubted it could be equaled. This Suzuki drives as well and has features equal to my Lexus. Unbelievable price for a quality car. Ask for Cliff.

2008 Suzuki XL7

XL7 is a Great Value

2009-02-26 19:13:42

We recently purchased a new 2008 XL7 Limited. This is one fine vehicle and a great value priced under 30k. After owning a Chrysler product for the past several years, it is no wonder why the Japanese have surpassed us in auto production. Our 2005 Chrysler Van was nothing but problems and once the warranty ran out it became too costly to maintain. The Suzuki XL7 is a versatile vehicle that gives us all the space and power we need to transport our family of five. During the buying process we compared the XL7 to many other vehicles in its class and the XL7 won hands down based on value for the money. If you are looking for a great medium sized SUV be sure to check out the XL7!

2008 Suzuki XL7

Review of 2008 Suzuki XL7

2008-10-11 22:33:59

I have a 2004 XL-7 and I bought this one with 0% financing. I really like this year model however its a little loud, but that really my only complaint. Overall its a fine vehicle peppy with lots of room.

2008 Suzuki XL7

My Luxury Edition Suzuki XL7

2008-08-25 12:38:07

Suzuki has really step up....this is a great value and well crafted for under $30k....trust me i have own every make and model... now i can my suzuki Xl7 on my short list...very nice!!!!

2008 Suzuki XL7

nice vehicle

2007-09-09 11:38:04

Handles well, comfortable seatong. Cruise control not in a good location, one can turn on accidently. Would like to see shift selector shown at the gear shift location.

Care handles extremly well and is comfortable for long distance driving with more than enough power. Fuel milage does not meet their rated 24 mpg as of yet, I am getting around 17 in town and 20 hwy.

If you want a mid size care comparable to the Ford Edge at $5,000 less, test drive this car.

2007 Suzuki XL7

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