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4.0 out of 5

2005 verona

2007-11-06 11:22:26

best car I ever owned. Can't understand why the newer models have low reviews.Smoother ride than my former Dodge Intrepid. Fairly easy on gas, Never had a serious problem.Do a lot of out of town driving

the only miner problem, is I'm a tall guy and the headroom is a little tight. It comes with a lot of

extras that you would't find in other cars.

2005 Suzuki Verona

Not Worth the Price

2007-10-12 10:57:19

I have had so many problems with my 2006 Suzuki Verona. The transmission is very rough and feels likie it is going to fall out when it shifts (I have an automatic). The dealership cannot seem to fix it. When I start the car and put it in gear it jolts off like I have my foot on the gas. This seems very dangerous to me. Again, the dealership cannot seem to fix this problem. I bought the Luxury version of this car, and it has been anything BUT luxury. Avoid this car if at all possible!

2006 Suzuki Verona

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