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4.5 out of 5


2012-07-03 15:00:12

i have had my car for over 5 years and the only problem i've had is my cd changer quit (and you cannot find anyone to repair a radio anymore... they want to replace it) but the car is great, fun to drive and it just makes me smile when i see her (or any like her) i live in southern california and i gotta tell you, sx4's aren't very common, but i love mine... i just hope the rumor of suzuki stopping production of all cars is just that, a rumor... i think the sx4 is great!!!

2007 Suzuki SX4

nimble efficient 4x4 thats very affodable to buy.

2012-01-07 23:04:55

Just bought a 2012 SX4 crossover for 14,900. (msrp is 17,789). I am so impressed with this new Suzuki and I never even thought of buying one before. I owned a small car and a small 4x4 and wanted to combine them both into one car. The SX4 is a great car that gets 30 mpg in mixed driving with the 6 speed stick and has the 4x4 capability that i needed. I havent been in snow with it yet and only have 300 miles on it but I know cars and this car rides well and the interior is very nice. It also comes with most options standard, including a great drivers info screen . It's very well built and the interior is well constructed. The seats are high quality and the dash display is top notch. Im hoping for many years of fun and safe travel in this new SX4. I also saw the kashazi in the showroom and it looked great. I think it needs a different name though. Nothing wrong with Japanese names ******* hard to say and I dont think woman like the name at all.

2012 Suzuki SX4

A Great Car for the Price

2010-02-23 10:12:21

My wife and I were looking for an AWD crossover. The best thing about the SX4 is the way it drives. It's a low powered 4 cylinder, but in AWD it seems to gain some extra grip in power. I like the design. It has almost no blind spots with the corner windows. The remote key system is a great feature. I like knowing that it my wife is being chased, she can simple push a button and jump in the car. This should be standard on all cars. Fuel wise after 1000 miles, we're getting around 25mpg. The tank is smaller, so yes you will fill up more often. The tank only holds 11 gallons versus 14 many other cars. My only complaint is that the 2009 doesn't have an aux jack. We've found an easy fix online and have installed it. The Garmin is ok, but since I have an Iphone it probably won't get used. The Navi has an ability to use bluetooth and play music via and SD card. However, it only comes through 2 speakers so there is a loss of quality. The Navi dock is a great place to put an Iphone, so I don't feel much of a loss, by Suzuki making it standard. Quality wise. I found few defects in my initial inspection. The only one was that the hazard lights had been disconnected. It was a simple fix. The paint, mechanics, and design are much improved over previous Suzuki models. This is likely due to the fact this is a Suzuki/Fiat design versus the Daewoo leftovers that have been used for the last couple of years in the Forenza and Reno. If you are looking at the Versa, give the SX4 another look. One final note on gas mileage. Do a hard calculation your first 1k miles. The computer takes some time to catch up, and gas mileage stats takes some time to converge. Give it a chance.

2009 Suzuki SX4

I don't think we bought the same car !

2009-12-17 16:46:05

I am a auto mechanic with 25 years under my belt. Working on and driving a wide variety of automobiles. I bought a new 08 crossover awd 5 spd and could not be more satisfied. This auto is truely a best buy. I have owned it for 1.5 years. I live in Michigan so i have been able to test it in snow and it has surprised me how well it perform's. I own a 04 yukon 4wd, 97 dodge 4x4 so my expectations were high and they were easily met by the sx4. I have took a good look at the cars overall mechanical design and am impressed. When you compare this car with others compare apples to apples. I did not buy a mercedes but a good well built economy car with some nice features at a great price. I drive very aggressively and still maintain 25-26 mpg around town and 30+ on the hwy. I have made several performance modifcation's and am now over 175 hp and still get the stated mpg.

2008 Suzuki SX4


2009-12-12 19:45:08

I with I would have read the first review on AOL cuz I just brought a SX4 Crossover Tech Package. I was looking for a AWD with good fuel economy. But I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED! All the ads were saying it was a good vehicle with good fuel economy and also the price was so good, and I like the small size AWD car, so I went and get this car. But after I got it, I was so disappointed. It stated that the fuel economy should be 22 city / 30 highway mpg. But actually it was only 16/23. This is the worst fuel economy car that I have driven. I understand that the gas mileage depends on the way you drive and also a AWD might use more gas than a sedan, But this is RIDICULOUSLY WORST! Something must be wrong. If you are looking for a fuel economy car, go for anything but this one. Don't be tricked like me! I should have went for my Toyota. I have driven 3 Toyota Corollas and a Celica. I thought I would give Suzuki a try because for the warranty and the AWD on the car. But I made a mistake. If I can exchange, I will get a Toyota!

2009 Suzuki SX4

Don't Believe the Hype...it's just an overpriced, cheap car

2009-06-23 22:07:54

I bought the touring trim model of the SX4 crossover after reading so many great reviews about the SX4 crossover, especially the Consumer Reports recommendation. I have such buyer's remorse about this car!!! It has HORRIBLE FUEL ECONOMY for such a small car, as well as a miniscule gas tank. My old car needed to be filled every other week.....now I have to refuel every week. This cannot be emphasized enough; believe the reviews on this. The interior looks very cheap. It has minimal security (no standard security system, no hidden storage area, no lockable glove box), which I find a huge deal for a city car....given that the make-shift navigation system could be so easily stolen. The navigation system is just a GARMIN device that can be bought at any electronics store. It does have less road noise than a Honda Fit....but this is a relative thing. Both have quite pronounced road noise, especially on the highway. There is no hatch release on the key fob (which is completely oversized and heavy). Carrying the key fob in my pocket is like walking around with a brick in my pants pocket. I so wanted to give Suzuki a chance....but I am not the least bit impressed so far. Also, please consider the resale value....the car depreciated $4000 just by driving away from the dealership. You'd be better off with a Honda...even if the ride is more rough. The SX4 crossover should be a fun car....but it is not. The only thing it has going for it is its small size and AWD. if that is your primary need, then buy the car....otherwise run away from this car as fast as you can....find something else. Don't make the same mistake I did.

2009 Suzuki SX4

Review of 2008 Suzuki SX4

2009-05-21 15:55:06

2008 Suzuki SX4

SX4 Crossover

2009-03-25 11:30:20

I purchased my suzuki at the end of July in 2008. I was driving a 2006 Mazda 3. I loved my car but I needed something with a lot of warranty...I drive around 30,000 miles a year and had already run my warranty out. I first started looking for the Jeep Compass and the Kia Sportage but the payments were too high then I stopped at the Suzuki dealer and Found what I was looking for...a car with a long warranty, good gas milage, low payments, and it had lots of room. When I first sat in the drivers seat I was amazed at how good you could see...and thats a big deal because I am a very small guy that usually raises the seat up as high as it will go. I am glad that my tires are covered for life because with the distance I drive that is needed. Although there are things I miss about my Mazda, In the long run I am better off with my Suzuki and would recomend it to anyone on a tight budget.

2008 Suzuki SX4


2009-03-22 11:00:45

I have to say my SX4 sedan has a great suspension, so soft of bumps. It handles great at higher speeds as well as zipping around New York City. I love the heater it comes up rather fast. I thought it was time to go economical and thought I would feel my new SX4 would be lacking having allways driven expensive sports cars. I could not have made a better choice. I highly recomend this car. I am also enjoying making less trips to the gas pumps.

2008 Suzuki SX4

Beware the DC changer

2009-03-22 10:03:43

It only ejects CDs with the "compact disc digital data" logo embedded on the CD. I needed to give permission to my dealer to remove the CD player and ship it to Ca., where the CDs were extracted and then the unit shipped back again. ******* had a bit move power on the steep hills of St. Thomas, I also get about 13 mph!

2007 Suzuki SX4

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