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4.5 out of 5

outback 2017 a little disappointed with mileage

2016-12-29 15:07:25

Just traded up from a 2015 to a 2017 Outback. Loved everything about the 2015, including overall mileage in a rural area of 28.7 mpg over about 17,000 miles. The New Outback is Great except for I have lost about 3 MPG overall. My driving habits are very good and consistent. I always warm the car up before operating in cold weather using remote start. Maybe this is because of the new PZE (Partial Zero Emmision)?

2017 Subaru Outback

Towing Services, Truck Repair

2016-08-01 15:25:56

Subaru is the best outback It Gives A Great Experincess And Feels u Better

2017 Subaru Outback

300,000 and still going strong

2016-05-07 08:57:54

I've owned several Subaru's over the years, always buy used, and have never been disappointed. My favorites so far have been two 2001 Outbacks. Both are the V6 3.0 versions, one with the McIntosh stereo system and the other is the LL Bean. Both had high mileage at purchase but each had the timing chains had been replaced on each right before purchase and other than a few other repairs like air conditioning, CV Jt. replacement, we are debt free with these cars. We love the luxury of these cars, the ride and comfort are awesome, and both were maintained excellently from previous owners. The LL Bean has 300,000 miles the other VDC version has 225,000 and are still running great.We will always seek out Subaru as our car of choice, they handle better than any car we've ever had in snow especially, but make great family road cars and running around town vehicles.

2001 Subaru Outback

2014 Outback review

2016-03-25 10:39:15

I own a 2014 Outback Limited with the Eyesight adaptive cruise control. This is my second Subaru the first being a 1995 LSI wagon. My car has been to California and back to the East Coast. I currently have over 45,000 on this car and I have never gotten less than 25 mpg. I keep my own records and do not rely solely on the cars estimate. This is a great car in the snow and inclement weather that we get in parts of VA. The only issue that I had was syncing with my smart phone which turned out to be my not realizing what I needed to do. I would purchase another Subaru and I would recommend it to anyone needing this type of vehicle

2014 Subaru Outback

Out - (standing) - back!

2015-11-06 22:08:40

Surprising Subaru. 2.5i 4-cyl is quick with really good gas mileage, and a quiet, vibrationless feel. Great ground clearance. Solid body free of rattles. Everything works as it should! The best paint on a Subaru that I've seen. It stays clean, somehow with just a wash. Comfortable, roomy cabin with always "more" room in the rear just when you think you have it filled with people and things. Good road feel and confident handling. Excellent driver visibility. Excellent wipers front and rear. Backup camera is a + when attached a ball hitch. Car hitch tows well. Quicker and more efficient than expected. Good build!

2015 Subaru Outback


2015-08-19 16:34:26

I have never owned a Subaru before. After this car I will never own a Subaru again. What a piece of crap this car is. The only good things about this car are the generous cargo space, the (so far) lack of repair bills and the resale value. That is it. Everything else BLOWS. The acceleration is abysmal. The braking is ridiculously soft and bad. The handling, well, there is no handling on this car and good luck taking it on road trips; you will spend 75% of the time fighting with the steering wheel to keep the car from wandering all over the road. Oh and don't even think about taking a corner fast with this car! The A/C is adequate, but god forbid you step on the gas, IT WILL STOP COOLING! The CVT transmission hesitates, is jerky and Subaru says that's perfectly normal! The sound system and entertainment screen is just an embarrassment. The backup camera of course is very LOW-RES. The MPG on the sticker is a BIG LIE; I have never gotten anything over 24 miles per gallon with this car. I won't even keep typing, as Subaru doesn't deserve for me to spend another second writing about this substandard vehicle. Make sure you test drive this vehicle many, many times before you buy it, and for the love of god do not even think about buying the 4 cylinder, unless you like to be blown off the interstate by trucks since your car will not be able to accelerate enough to merge. This car is for people who are not drivers. At this point I am just waiting for the car to start burning through oil, as 99.9% of the Outbacks are doing. The car is only good for hauling stuff in the snow. It gets two overall stars from me for that. That's about it.

2014 Subaru Outback

Outback 2.5 Limited

2015-02-14 23:18:26

This is our second Outback. Previous model was a 2009 and was happy with it. These are amazing in the snow and rain. Never have to worry about pulling out into traffic in the rain and having the traction control place you in the middle of the intersection with cars coming and fuel shut down (everyone has had this happen with a FWD car). This car handles like it is much smaller. It has plenty of room and being a station wagon (I guess), there is plenty of storage in the back. Get the Subaru organizer, well worth the $80. Handling - awesome. Power - not so awesome. The CVT sucks. In the winter time, until the car is hot, the engine screams for mercy while you pull out in traffic. I liked the transmission from the previous Subaru much better. Interior - Everything I want, laid out well, ergonomic, comfortable. Except the steering wheel has a button that is completely useless that takes a lot of space. All it does is set the driving timer and literally is the size of the paddle shifters. In the way, complete mistake. Not sure what drugs they were smoking when they did that. Road noise - Absolutely unacceptable. I wish I would have driven this car on the highway before I purchased it. I probably would not have gotten it. Noise noise noise. My last Subaru was loud. I thought the new one would be better. I assumed. This is my wife's car and we don't need it for long trips so it serves the purpose.

2013 Subaru Outback


2015-02-13 16:49:27

Haven't tried to drive this car but i'm looking for a family car! Just had a baby boy feb 7th and need something better than a two door ****************

2015 Subaru Outback

Review of 2015 Subaru Outback

2014-09-27 22:13:52


2015 Subaru Outback

My first Subaru

2012-10-17 19:48:51

I have owned many different cars and trucks. Nissan Maxima, Altima, BMW, Toyota truck, Chevy Silverado, Ford explorer, pontiac, and even a dodge. I wanted to get a smaller car with better gas milage. The bought a 2008 Subaru Outback LLBean model. This is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I love the styling, it handles exceptionally well. The rear seats fold down very easily to give us the room we need for large items and traveling with our doggie. The horizontal flat 6 boxer engine is very smooth and responsive. The low center of gravity makes this car handle like a sports car. The full time symetrical all wheel drive is very good on all different road conditions. ( I have not tried in the snow yet...) Every car should have all wheel drive! It feels very secure and solid on the road. The gas milage is better than I expected. I am getting 22 mpg in the city and 25 on the highway. I was concerned buying a high mileage vehicle (95K) but it looks, feels and drives like a new car. The leather seats are nice but a little too hard and small. I don't think a large person would be happy in this car, but it is fine for me.

2008 Subaru Outback

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