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5 out of 5

Six speed manual Legacy

2016-05-18 00:38:27

Yup, in Canada we can buy the US made Legacy with a nice manual. Obviously not many Americans want that but I would not have bought this car had the CVT been my only choice. The Legacy is near dead quiet, easily soaks up rough road imperfections and handles fast corners predictably and confidently. The interior space is excellent. The drivers power seat is very comfortable. Visibility is excellent. The feature set in the mid level 4 cylinder is good. This is not a fast car however and it might do well to have another 15-20 hp. I'm averaging 29 mpg and am a mostly conservative driver but we live in the mountains and much of this was done on winter rubber. The AWD is amongst the very best on the road and for the price, it makes the Legacy unbeatable value. We cross shopped it with the Accord and while that's a great car, the AWD was the deciding factor. It's just been thru it's second winter and I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.

2016 Subaru Legacy

Not as good as expected

2016-02-19 09:49:41

Just turned in 2013 MY Subaru 2.5L lease. While I enjoyed the car initially, I quickly learned about many shortcomings of this vehicle. I'll start with the positives. First, the view out of the car is fantastic, windows are large, pillars are not as wide, and lots of interior space. Secondly, this is an amazing car in snow, it never let me get stuck even when we had over 16 inches on the ground. Third, for the 3 years I was leasing it, it was very reliable. Lastly, I averaged about 27-28 mpg which I think is pretty good for an all wheel drive midsize sedan. Now, for some of the shortcomings. The ride is not very compliant, car jitters and jerks over every pothole. Apparently, Subaru decided to make this car sportier and stiffened a suspension for 2013 model year. Well, that didn't pan out very well. The car is loud. Once you reach highway speeds, you can definitely feel all the noise entering the cabin; apparently not much insulation. Heating and Air Conditioning is loud. Starting with the 2nd setting, you can hear blowing air quiet a bit. Lastly, the combination between 2.5L engine and continuously variable transmission did not work well. Car jerked in traffic back and forth as if gears were trying to engage. Plus, no luxury amenities. As a basic transportation for snow belt area, this is a great car but otherwise very mediocre.

2013 Subaru Legacy

trade in your 2010-12

2012-09-10 20:05:10

I am a previous owner of a 2011 2.5 basic. Any owner knows slow acceleration body roll , slow lane acceleration noisey cvt makes one want to leave the car. It never works together.. the noise sluggish, cushy suspension and seating are issues. I traded for a 2013.. the problems mentioned above where corrected. The body roll is gone the seating softer. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THE CAR WORKS AS ITSELF IN SYNC. The tweek in horsepower makes acceleration greatly improved. The CVT noise is reduced. The car gives a german like feel for a ride. Sometimes I would feel like I am in an hhr or pt cruiser with the 2011. My advice just trade it in get a 2013.. Body style with the flare wheels still there but the components changed. It feels great. A much improved auto.

2013 Subaru Legacy

Great price, dependability, quality, etc...

2011-08-31 11:25:29

Have had my GT Limited for only a couple thousand miles (currently at 105,400) and it is amazing. A little more power would be great, but gas mileage is good enough to make up for it. Love the heated seats and leather. Interior is very nice, as well is the sporty exterior. Rolling down the windows, opening the sunroof, and cranking some tunes makes this car really fun. CANT WAIT for the first snow storm and test out the AWD system! I am 5'10" and it fits me about perfect. I wouldn't want to be much taller, but there is some room left. Would recommend this car to anyone, and don't plan to sell it any time soon!!

2002 subaru legacy

Review of 2011 Subaru Legacy

2010-09-14 22:58:19

2011 Subaru Legacy

An amaziing ride

2010-09-04 16:50:16

After careful consideration and test drives, the Subaru Legacy was without a doubt a cut above the rest. It feels extremely safe on the road, it´s got a beautiful design and it is priced right. The AWD is definitely a tremendous plus. The color combinations available are very attractive. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking in this price range.

2011 Subaru Legacy

Handling, Safety, Reliability, Exclusivity, Fun to Drive -- Check

2010-01-22 13:11:55

I am very satisfied with our Legacy 3.0R Limited. When I first test-drove it, I could not believe how well it handled. I have a good reference for this having owned front-wheel, rear-wheel, and all-wheel drive vehicles, as well as having experience on autocross, go-kart, and road course tracks. The boxer engine's low center of gravity and Bilstein sport suspension equate to negligible body roll and the limited slip rear differential does wonders to eliminate understeer as you apply the throttle coming out of the apex. As a family vehicle, safety was a strong consideration. With the entire Subaru line-up being named as a top safety pick from the IIHS and the Legacy having achieved this for several straight years, I was comfortable that we would be driving a safe car. We've only had our Legacy for 12k miles but it has been reliable so far. I believe Subaru claims that 95% of their cars bought in the last 10 years are still on the road today. Knock on wood. The most popular Legacy sedans have 4-cylinder engines and for some reason, there are very few 3.0R's on the road. I have only seen one on the road in the past year in 20k miles of congested suburban driving. This is a very exclusive car so you won't see yourself coming and going. Finally, the aforementioned handling, coupled with a very nice interior, very smooth and great-sounding engine, and the driver-selectable engine settings make this car very fun and rewarding to drive. At the time of purchase we considered the Mazda6 and was aware of the newly redesigned 2010 Legacy but we made our choice and are happy Subaru owners.

2009 Subaru Legacy


2009-12-24 00:42:44

I owned 3 Maximas and a Altima since 1999. I wanted another Maxima but the premium model is too pricey over 35,000. The SV models still 31,000. I asked the 2010 Altima but it was the same car. I had an 07. o I began looking around at Chevy, Ford, Honda and Toyota. My brother kept telling me to test drive a Subaru. I finally took his advise and was I everr impressed. I bought the 2010 4 cyl. Limited. It's got just about everything I wanted, i.e. heated leather seats. both front seats are powered. moonroof, 6 CD Harmon Kardon sound system, It also is loaded with a lot of standard goodies. The 4 cyl. does not compare with the Altima's 275 HP 6, but We all know That the *********** are just waiting to jump gas prices. So for that reason I'm happy with the for cyl. It's competant and has enough pep and most of all it's great on gas. The car is a pretty nice package inside and out. I would surely buy another Subaru after this one.

2010 Subaru Legacy

Impressed by new Legacy model

2009-12-01 00:09:33

We recently leased this vehicle, having turned in our previous Legacy, which was "ultra boring" and uncomfortable. The new model is completely redesigned from the inside out. There is much more room in the interior, and is quite comfortable. I especially like the V-6, 265hp engine, which is why we chose it over the 4-cylinder model. There was/is no comparison on performance.

2010 Subaru Legacy


2009-09-11 16:47:11

My other car is a Toyota Camry, my previous car is the Chevrolet Impala. My Camry is as dependable as a refrigerator , but is also boring like one. My Impala started costing too much to repair after 3 years, drove like a 1955 Buick. My new SUBARU surprised me in every way. It is roomy, the CVT helps it to GREAT gas mileage, averaging 25/32. Has 4wd, is sure footed and most of all is FUN TO DRIVE. The 4 cyl is more than sufficient. The back seat is larger than the previous model, car holds 5 people comfortably. Nice size trunk. Overall a perfectly designed automobile. The back windows even go down all the way.

2010 Subaru Legacy

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