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5.0 out of 5

GREAT Car both for Towing and just Driving.

2016-01-19 18:28:30

I got my Saturn in 2005 with 1900 miles on it. Towed it behind a 39 ft RV for 5 yrs, then behind a 35 ft "C" RV for 3 years, and never had a problem. I'm still driving it daily, and wouldn't trade it for anything. Looks and feels like it did new, and runs great. Love to drive it.

2005 Saturn VUE

LOVE the '04 AWD Vue!!

2015-01-26 16:11:42

2004 Saturn VUE

2007 Saturn Vue

2011-08-01 16:53:43

2007 Saturn Vue - I would never buy one again if you are looking for the words "Quiet Ride". It not only rattles after 6 months, but the seats are uncomfortable and the back seats are stiff. The road noise is horrible and so loud that you have to talk loudly to be heard at all. The windows leak terribly and a Saturn dealer told me it was just turbulence that every sports car has - HA! it sounds like a tornado going down the street and the door handles are loose as well as the driving cover to the steering wheel. I am a 56 year old person and have never misused this vehicle - but I might as well have driven in all the outdoor motorcrosses and jeep trails there are!

2007 Saturn VUE

2009 VUE V-6 AWD

2009-11-08 09:37:59

We own a 2003 V-6 VUE and are so pleased with it, we bought a new 2009 VUE V6 AWD and are extremely pleased so far with this one. It is the smoothest and quietest ride yet. It handles like a dream. I think Chevrolet (Obama) is making a big mistake in terminating this model....We have had so many wonderful comments on our new car, and people wonder why they would get rid of such a sound vehicle? Chevrolet has already informed us that they will continue to honor the warranty and that was a big relief....bet buy I have ever made. Bill in Evans Ga

2009 Saturn VUE

great car

2009-11-05 00:27:14

2008 Saturn is great best car ever.

2008 Saturn VUE

I love my Saturn but something's wrong - electrical system & engine

2009-10-25 03:14:23

I love my Saturn Vue-it's my first Saturn, but I've been wanting a Saturn since they first rolled out. Unfortunately from day one had electrical problems-a short in the rear license plate light was the diagnosis for random lights out(4), both front & back. The steering wheel was misaligned with the alignment (new front tires @ 6000 miles), the compressor unit was overcharging and had to be re-set, the cd player skipped and was just replaced, the rear windshield wiper randomly goes off when the rear hatch is opened('couldn't replicate', so no fix given), the left head cylinder was just replaced (w/gasket), and even though I just got it back like 3 days ago...the check engine light is on again intermittently and serious power loss - and it's not from excessive mileage, as it is not yet 2 yrs old and hasn't reached 20,000 miles yet. But I still love my Saturn-am glad I got the V6 because the 4 cyl. is wussy (technical term-I live in the foothills and like to be able to go UP the hills and also accelerate to get on freeways w/o causing roadrage or accidents). Miss my Vue when it goes in, but got it fully loaded w/auto start, climate control and heated leather seats - totally recommend these features, which don't come on the rentals (last was a 4 cyl.-HATED IT! Missed having the power of the V6). Also got the extended service package, which is my only peace of mind when it comes to all the problems-rental is covered, and no hassle for getting things fixed (other than not having it for 2 wks this last time-part came in damaged and caused an additional several days delay). Have not labeled my Vue a citrus fruit yet, mainly because at the rate things are going, I'll have a brand new car - I just wished they would keep the Saturn line, as even with all my problems, I would still buy another one.

2008 Saturn VUE

great car

2009-08-09 18:42:33

well ive had my saturn vue since july of last year it handles great and you dont really hear anything from outside of it i also like it because i can plug my ipod into it

2009 Saturn VUE

I can't wait to get rid of the SUV

2009-04-16 16:57:37

This is the worst car I have ever owned. I had to have both front struts replaced within 6 months of purchase, mind you it only had 4000 miles when I got it from the dealer and I did not hit any pot holes, speed bumps, etc. My key sometimes will not turn in the ignition, at one point I had to get it towed to the dealer for them to fix it. My seat warmer stopped working on the drivers side and the passenger side do not get very warm as it used to in the beginning. All in all, I would never buy another Saturn.

2007 Saturn VUE

great SUV

2009-04-14 22:01:02

The Saturn V6 VUE is a great SUV that provides nice horsepower acceleration but is still good on gas. Not one mechanical problem in 3 years. My only complaint is that the drivers seat bench could be longer for taller drivers which would provide more comfort on long drives.

2006 Saturn VUE

LOVE IT,,small frown.....

2009-03-31 18:01:51

I bought my Vue in Oct. 2004, and have had no problems..except with less than 12,000 miles, I had to buy all new tires ( in March, 2009) because they were dryrotting, and were not covered in a warrenty which ended in 2008. Doesn't seem quite fair!!!

2005 Saturn VUE

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