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5.0 out of 5

2015 GT-R 45th Anniversary Edition

2016-03-21 23:16:28

At slow speeds the GT-R drives like a Sentra. It's great because you can drive it around town without squealing the tires and acting otherwise stupid. However, when you have the opportunity to open it up, you hear the loud growl of the BEAST and hang on! Before you realize it you are doing well over 100 mph but only the speedo will let you know. This car knows how to handle curves and remains rock steady on curves you would have been fighting at 70 in just about any other high performance car that I've driven.My brother owns the car and I have to drive 300 miles to visit. I think he's going to be seeing a lot of me this summer.

2015 Nissan GT-R

Awesome vehicle

2015-06-07 23:12:45

Recently purchased a used GTR & dropped it over 1000 miles. Fantastic car. Ride was good, not great in the comfort mode. Lots of transmission rattles, but this car is a beast. Blistering acceleration and handling. I also have several other vehicles including motorcycles & this is really awesome. Good job Nissan, I'll keep this one.

2013 Nissan GT-R

2015 Nissan GT-R

2015-01-17 16:04:21

I love this car! I would buy it if i could afford it!

2015 Nissan GT-R

Review of 2010 Nissan GT-R

2010-01-23 16:54:29

Great car. Actually bought it for my wife who loves the styling and pretty much everything else about the car. This is the first car that she refers to as spectacular. We wanted a car that she liked and that I would like to drive. I don't care much for six cylinder front wheel drive cars like the 3000gt she once owned. It has been a struggle to find a car that she would fall in love with and she has done just that. She wanted an automatic so that narrowed it down to only a few cars. I like the paddle shifters and they work quite well. We live in Ohio so the car will be stored in the winter but this will be her daily driver once the weather breaks.

2010 Nissan GT-R

Take 80K + $9,700 and you have and unbeatable combo!

2010-01-01 18:20:42

Born worshiping the ground Chevrolet rolled on back in the 50's and 60's they became more and more of a disappointment as time went on. I converted to Datsun and Toyota. While we were saying it took cubic inches to beat cubic inches the other side of the world was using technology to beat cubic inches. Nissan with the Skyline and Toyota with the Supra.The tuners were getting 500-1,000 reliable street hp out of 3 litre 6 cly engines which would operate on pump gas and drive like grandma's car in stop and go traffic. Put your foot in it and you feel like your body is going to be stuffed into the back seat. YOU CAN BARELY MOVE IF A SUPRA IS RUNNING 20 + PSI OF BOOST! We have never seen the older Nissan Skyline GTR's which are common in other parts of the world. It is common place to see them on the street with 6-800 street legal hp! There are a few running around in the states. Most are right hand drive. With a Greddy turbo kit sent to a tuner who also had a few tricks up his sleeves on the brakes and suspension, $9,700 added to my 80K GTR, delivered me back a street legal car with 700 hp to the wheels! Test results he supplied with the car which had the following: 0-60 MPH 2.8 seconds, 1 - 100 mph 6.8, 10.9 1/4 mile, 1.09 g's skid pad, 70 - 0 145 feet, slalom 76.2 mph top end measured with radar gun + GPS in 3 out of 3 runs 224 mph. Speedometer error @ 224 mph -3 mph. Test conditions:Dry + sunny. Temp 87f. Wind 2-4 mph((The car was running against a 2-4 mph head wind in the top end run on 4 attempts.) Until you drive it, there is no way you can describe how the car feels. It's hard to believe there is 500+ pounds more car than the ZR1 My co worker paid a tuner 5K up his ZR1's hp. For 5K got 100hp, the ZR1 still lost. The stock bottom end on the ZR1 could not handle the extra boost even though technology was there to deal with the deatonation threat. 4,660 miles later + BOOM! The Nissan you can rag on all day. The bottom end is stock!

2009 Nissan GT-R

Worth It!

2008-10-21 16:32:53

I sold a $2 million bugatti veyron pursang and bought this car, although I put $475,000 into *********** a great car

2009 Nissan GT-R

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