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5.0 out of 5

My 2008 Nissan Hybrid

2009-05-03 10:36:14

1. Driver's side door window is unsafe as it does not stop when you release the button; child was slightly hurt but it could have been worse. 2. Dual air controls are lanquage misnomer as dual should be that one may control but rather not lit if rather that they are individual. 3. Many times when the heat is called for the A/C light switch is activated and must be manually turned off. 4. Speaker acoustics/placement is not ideal and needs new management controls. 5. Needs warning alarm or flashing light so driver does not leave car on after departing car. Similar problems noted by other buyers approached ie. #1 Thank-You Mr. Ghosn

2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid

2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid

2008-10-02 01:47:52

I have had my Altima Hybrid about 2 months now. I just love it. I went from getting 14 mpg to 35 - 37 mpg switching from a big SUV to this midsize hybrid. I have to say, I drive it differently. It shows you when you are getting better mileage and if it goes down, I find myself backing off the gas a bit and it makes a big difference. If you are one to take off quickly and running over 40 miles per hour most of the time you probably won't like this car. Around town, I seem to run in EV mode often. I filled up my tank and have 400 miles on this tank and I'm just under half a tank, I may get 650 to 700 miles per tank of fuel for sure. This is awesome. I like not having to fill up every week now. *Just as a note, when my husband drives it, he doesn't do as well on fuel economy because he has a heavy foot. He always gets less fuel mileage in all our cars then I did. Also highly recommend upgraded option package. Love the extra features.

2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid

Best MPG I've ever had!

2008-09-03 22:17:55

I have just over 14,000 miles on this 07 I purchased in Jan. I've never got under 40 MPG in the city or highway on any tank of gas. I don't know how you other drivers drive your Hybrid but I'm all about MPG. So I drive slower then I did you I had my 05, 3.5 Altima Jet Plane. Now I drive like an old man getting up to 45mpg in the city. If you purchased a Hybrid slow down and get the mpg. I don't care if it takes me ten more mins to get somewhere. It's just not that important. When you get 800 miles on a tank a gas that will slow you down. I did take a 600 mile trip two months ago and got 42mpg on the way down but on the way home I didn't have the extra hour so I drove 74 all the way and still got 39.5mpg. I love this car. I could sell Altimas. I payed $23,000 for this car. Good luck with your new Hybrid.

2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid

I love my 2008 Altima Hybrid...

2008-08-21 20:29:49

I bought my hybid in May 2008, and it had 47 miles on it. I was told it would take a few hundred miles before it would reflect the mpg advertised. Driving around Los Angeles didn't get me up to the expected mpg, but when I drove from LA to St. Louis, my highway mileage was 34.5. Now I consistently get 33.5-35.0 with the higher mileage on the highway, not around town. I find the mileage increases if I use cruise control as often as possible,which I now do even in some instances where you might look at me as if I'm crazy. I love the comfort of this Altima (I traded in my 2005 Altima 3.5). I think the interior is somewhat smaller than that of my 2005, but the trunk space is MUCH smaller due to the battery being placed in the back. I guess I'll learn to live with that. However, to have the comfort and "be green" at the same time, I'm completely happy with my Altima Hybrid.

2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid

not so great

2008-07-02 12:02:41

My car computer shows 28 mpg. When I figure it myself it comes to 26. It seldom goes into ev mode. when the car is cold it doesn't go in so my few blocks to the freeway in the morning and back to the freeway after work is always gas. Thn naturaly on the freeway it doesn't go in unless you're in heavy traffic--enough to keep you under 40 mpg and not accellerating.Then on the streets you don't go in unless you can keep in under 40 and not accellerating. So you could be going from zero to 20 or 30 mph and it won't go in until you let off the gasand very lightly try to keep it at an even speed or stop.It;s a nice car otherwise, but I think I would get the same mileage with the non hybrid Altima and not have to pay the higher price. I think the hybrid part is just a gimmick--that doesn't work.

2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid

Review of 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid

2008-01-24 12:19:17

Great Car!!!

2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid

Review of 2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid

2007-11-11 01:18:58

2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid

Great car.

2007-10-23 07:34:00

I have had my hybrid since midJuly (2007)and it is a sweet car. I bought it in Massachusettes (they really need to change their temporary plating laws) and drove home to Colorado More than enough power for whatever acceleration needs you have. Style and colors are second to none. Very roomy inside for this size car. All the "bells and whistles" are fantastic. Drives and handles very well. The ride is exceptionally comfortable and quiet. Trunk is small compared to gas Altima(40% less), but then I didn't buy it for the trunk space. A bit pricey compared to gas models, but a $2350 tax credit helps make up for this. I do not get the advertised fuel economy (42 mpg in town and 36 mpg on highway - before rating method was changed to more accurately reflect real driving conditions). My driving habits are reflected in the gas mileage and I am very pleased with 37 mpg highway and 34 mpg around town. Though it has the Toyota Prius technology inside it doesn't get the same milelage because it is bigger, heavier, with much more interior room than a Prius. I would buy again in a heartbeat. Nissan needs to make these available nationwide.

2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid


2007-10-10 09:53:09

My milage has been about 39-40 MPG with a mix of hilly suburban and highway driving. With any new model car there is a chance of a recall and mine was no exception. The dealer replaced the air filter and added a new intake filter to stop potential debris from entering the air intake. Our first 3500 mile oil change cost about $40. We expect to keep the car for a very long time and bought the extended warranty (36,000 to 100,000) to minimize potential future expenses. My car looks just like the one in the picture. I have only seen one other Hybrid Altima on the road since we bought it. It's too bad that Nissan limited production this year. It's a great riding, economical car and when you want to move its got amazing acceleration.

2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid

can't tell enough people about it!!!

2007-10-10 01:42:48

I have an SUV that's aging and was looking for a replacement, however I was TIRED OF PAYING $60.00 EVERY WEEK to fill up the tank! I happened to see an add in the paper for the Altima Hybrid and decided to go out of my "SUV comfort zone" and try it. To sum it up, I fell in love! Great sporty body styling, nice interior (quite a number of standard features & very roomy!!) and is a really peppy vehicle(I have shocked a number of young kids on the road in their hooked up little cars)! 2 of my favorite thing about owning the hybrid though is: 1) I don't remember the last time I went to the gas station (honest - I've filled the tank approx. ONCE EVERY 2 WEEKS with the amount of driving I do) & 2) when it's in electric mode, you CAN NOT hear the car running (my husband & I call it "stealth mode")! I pulled out of a parking spot recently when people were piling into the car next to me, and those people did a double-take because my car was moving backwards and they didn't hear a sound! I actually ended up talking with them for a few moments after backing out of my spot because they couldn't believe the car was on & running!

What else I like about it: It's a good-sized vehicle - I'm not sacrificing my safety by being in a tiny little car in order to get better gas mileage. What good is 50+mpg if I'm not alive to enjoy it? I'd rather get what I'm getting (35-40mpg) safely. May I repeat the fact that I've done 130miles and and the gauge is just above 3/4 full on the tank? Yes, 130 miles on less than 1/4 of gas. Ok, thank you.

I truly can't rave enough about it!

2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid

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