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4.5 out of 5

A fine vehicle for adult drivers

2015-08-24 12:08:40

The last year of the Mercury Sable may have also been the best year. The car is comfortable, efficient, and well made. Great heat in winter, great cooling in summer. Great leg room front and back. Great amenities inside car. Everyone likes being a passenger in this car.

2009 Mercury Sable

Excellent buy

2010-05-14 13:45:21

I purchased this car as a used vehicle. The car still runs as if it were brand new. I would highly recommend this car, whether you are young or old or have a family or not. I have gotten great mileage out of it as well. The only real complaint I have is that there is a 6 disc cd changer that is in a terrible spot in the truck. Other than ********** great.

2001 Mercury Sable

Review of 2009 Mercury Sable

2009-12-03 00:50:32

I was quite surprised by the room and comfort of the sable. Also the handling and ride of the car. For the reasonable lease price, you get plently of legroom, headroom and trunk space for golf clubs or whatever. You also get leather heated seats, Sunroof and backup sensors. Overall,it was a great value for the money. Its a shame they discontinued the model in 2010.

2009 Mercury Sable

Fantastic Car

2008-11-30 20:06:24

Great Car in every way. Excellent fuel mileage 30-32 highway and 18-20 city. I highly recommend!

2009 Mercury Sable

Second Best New Car Ever Bought

2008-09-29 11:53:12

For ride, comfort and size, the best new car I bought was a 1972 Buick Electra 225. Of course, with about 7 MPG, it wouldn't go very far these days (unless I hit the lottery) so I am very happy with this purchase. The 2008 Sable is very quiet, has good overall height to see the road and give me head room. Originally we were looking at the Lincoln MKZ but the head room was close (I almost touched the headliner) and when we saw and test drove the Sable, we decided to order one. Never regretted it so far.

2008 Mercury Sable

Review of 2008 Mercury Sable

2008-07-23 20:49:45

2008 Mercury Sable

Review of 2008 Mercury Sable

2008-05-07 09:26:55

2008 Mercury Sable

2008 Mercury Sable

2008-01-08 03:12:21

2008 Mercury Sable

good car, poor transmission

2007-10-06 08:53:56

First, I love this car. It is styled and designed with safety and comfort in mind. Believe me, I looked before I bought! It started out great, good mileage and reasonable performance. About 1,100 miles in, the gas mileage dropped about 15% to an average of 15 MPG city and 23 MPG highway. The transmission started shifting hard, also, at 50 MPH if I would hit the accelerator to merge into HWY traffic, the Tach would go up to 5,500 RPMs and the car would just sit there, no acceleration. Mercury checked and could not find anything out of whack. During their investigation, I rented a Nissan Titan Pick Up, it shifted far more smoothly than my new Sable. Other than that, which I will continue to pursue, I love this car. It has power and comfort, the quietest car I have ever owned. I have owned many luxury vehicles too. It offered more goodies for the money than any other manufacturer, foreign or domestic and had the highest crash test ratings per IIHS and NHTSA to boot. I still have an open mind and hope this will improve with time.

2008 Mercury Sable

Outstanding family car

2007-08-14 03:55:10

I ended up with a new Sable when I rented a car from Budget for a two week family vacation. What a great car...I was really impressed and now getting ready to buy one. Ford nearly has a perfect car. While I would like to have some of the trim upgraded and I am not wild about the 6-speed automatic...one cannot select individual gears when going down a mountain...there is no other car in the $28 to $33,000 price range that comes close to the build quality, performance and room of this car!

2008 Mercury Sable

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