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5.0 out of 5

Best car I have ever purchased

2011-04-21 01:33:39

I have an '05 LS Ultimate. After the 2005 Katrina storm, I traveled between New Orleans and Houston, Tx. many times. Before I purchased the Mercury, I had a mid-size sedan. The trips wore me out. I had to stop at every rest park. My legs would cramp and I had to get out of the car. After I purchased the Mercury, I made the trips in total comfort. My Mercury has the self adjusting air ride and it is worth the added cost. It holds the road without drift during windy storms and poor road conditions. The only problem I have is that the white paint is chipping off on the roof 's rear joint section. I was advised that it was caused by the car wash, On the other side of the roof there is no chipping. The only vehicle that came close to the comfort of the Mercury Ultimate was the 1989 New Yorker, but it did not hold the road well. It would lean on curves and and it did not have the performance of the Mercury. In windy storms, it would drifts badly. If I had to choose again, it would be the Mercury Ultimate.

2005 Mercury Grand Marquis

Review of 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis

2010-03-13 19:48:16


2010 Mercury Grand Marquis

Review of 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis

2009-12-09 09:23:43

2010 Mercury Grand Marquis

2000 Merc - American Classic

2009-09-25 21:56:45

Last Merc I owned was a 1954 and I really like it. Found a 2000 Grand Marquis with only 12k miles and bought it. Great interior and exterior quality and somewhat dated body style. Mine has the dual exhaust 4.6 liter V-8 and it moves out nicely but isn't a dragster. Fuel economy isn't great around town but does very well, 20-25 on highway. Lots of room inside and just about all the bells and whistles of a Lincoln. Very nice ride although a little harsh over rough roads since it has the heavy-duty suspension. Great safety rating and four wheel disc brakes stop this large car quickly and straight as an arrow. Huge trunk. Now has 42k miles and no problems other than battery replacement. Highly recommend.

2000 Mercury Grand Marquis

Review of 2009 Mercury Grand Marquis

2009-07-15 21:37:34

This is my 4th Grand Marquis, for the ride and comfort along with the V8 engine you can't bet the Grand Marquis for the price. Only negative is that the Exterior is out of Date..

2009 Mercury Grand Marquis

Classic Luxury

2009-06-07 07:42:22

This is one of the best and most proven V8 powered sedans on the road. Smooth ride. Smooth acceleration with loads of torque. Quiet. Comfortable. Reliable. Good Crash rating. Best road car for highway travel.

2010 Mercury Grand Marquis

Purchase of 2006 Mercury Marquis GS

2009-02-09 16:23:29

I purchased this brand new 2006 Mercury Marquis GS for $18,400 and the sticker price was $28,791 so my choice to buy a car was very easy. Ipurchased this car over the internet at my local Mercury dealership and never even seen the vehicle. Got to the lot the same day when we agreed to the $18,000 price. The car had 2 miles on it. It was a beautiful 2-tone green color. I took it for a test drive and when I got back the papers were ready to sign, $18,000 for a brand new 2006 Mercury Marquis. I am a long time buyer of Honda and Honda makes wonderful cars with great service but how can I ever turn down any car and save $11,000 of the sticker price for a 5-star vehicle. It was a no-brainer. I could have went out and bought a new Honda Accord where the sticker was $27,600 and they would sell it to me for $26,400. Trade-in value is meaningless to me simply because I keep my cars at least 10-15 years or more.

2006 Mercury Grand Marquis

Beautiful Luxury Sedan.

2008-11-30 20:23:03

Best value in America today I paid $24,000 for a brand new fully loaded Grand Marquis LS Ultimate. Fuel economy is great for the the size of the car I usually get 28 or 29 Highway and 18 to 20 city. Highly recommend.

2009 Mercury Grand Marquis

2007 Grand Marquis LS

2008-11-27 23:48:45

This car is very comfortable. our biggest complaint is wind and road noise. It is not as quiet as the Buick Lucerne or Chrysler 300. Gas mileage was an outstanding 27 highway. Handling and V8 performance was very good. We would have liked steering wheel controls for climate and radio and a better sounding stereo system and sat radio I also feel Fomoco should up the power train warranty to 100,000 miles to match the competition. Trunk space is wonderful, I believe it is by far the largest in its class. We had a 93 Crown Vic that went 250,000 miles and a 96 Grand Marquis that also went 250k the Crown Vic was the quietest. All in all this is a very dependable, comfortable and practicle rear drive car and the abs and traction control works well in snow or wet conditions.

2007 Mercury Grand Marquis

Review of 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis

2008-10-06 11:52:32

This vehicle has excellent handling and ride comfort,lots of pep for a heavy car. I am averaging 27mph at highway speeds of 75 mph and mountainous terrain. Lots of car for the price

2008 Mercury Grand Marquis

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