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4.5 out of 5

MB R350

2010-10-05 10:38:48

Had the car a month and battery died twice and MB can't find problem.

2008 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

Mercedes R350 Bought new

2010-05-25 19:09:39

So far, the R350 has been an enjoyable car to drive and own. Car rides well, like most Benz vehicles, and handles well too. Incredible amount of interior room both front and rear. With the third row of seats down, there is more than enough room for my wifes wheelchair and a full load of groceries. Back up camera is excellent as is the range finding parktronic system. Second row of seats are adjustable and has almost as much leg room as our previous "S" Class. Acceleration is slower than what I was use to but after driving Mercedes Diesels for 30 years, you learn to adjust you driving habits to your vehicles performance. Overall gas mileage has been averaging about 19 mpg in a combination of city and highway. All controls are within easy reach and guages are easy to read. So far, we are pleased with the purchase. Drive one.

2010 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

Would do it again, in a heartbeat.

2009-10-18 19:57:02

I love my R class. I had an E class wagon before and loved it but needed more access to the third row. My family loves it for comfort and I love the engineering. Who doesn't love a remote to open the back hatch for groceries??

2007 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

R Class is a great value

2009-03-16 23:21:04

I recently leased an R Class and so far am pleased with my choice. I have two very young boys (5 months and 16 months) so I wanted a car that could easily accommodate 2 car seats, included the in seat DVD screens, had power and delivered a nice ride. After years of driving an SUV, I needed something lower to make it easier to get the kids in and out of the car. The car is a little odd looking, but the interior more than makes up for this. It's really lovely and spacious. Rear camera and parking sensors make parking the car very easy. My most recent car was a Range Rover Sport... while The R Class doesn't have near the pick up of the Rover, the rest of the experience exceeds the Rover as far interior space and comfort. If you're a mom, a really tall guy, or happen to be someone that totes a lot of stuff around town (i.e. an interior designer) this car might be for you. Finally, Mercedes has great incentives on the R Class right now. I was able to get into a lease for very little down, and my payments are nearly $400 less per month than my Rover.

2009 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

Love this car

2009-02-14 13:50:02

This vehicle is amazing. to refer to it simply as a car is a *********** a luxury vehicle. It has such a classy look, The leather interior is of excellent quality nothing like the fake looking leather in today's poorly made over-priced cars. This is my first mercedes and God willing,My next one will also be a mercedes.The service you receive is amazing. My front headlight went out and it was replaced for free. Mercedes is about keeping you as a lifelong customer in it shows in there service. This luxury yet sporty vehicle is a must have. I feel like royalty in this car. It can make even frankstein look like a model.And Iam good looking so imagine how fabulous I look when driving down the street :)

2006 Mercedes-Benz R-Class


2009-01-19 12:24:30

We bought this care used... my wife loved her Xtype Jag and her Odyssey, I hated the maintenance on two vehicles... so this was the compromise... But, what a surprise... we took a trip, warm temps were -20 and BELOW on the Canadian Border... ice, snow, blizzard conditions... this car is the most sure-footed vehicle we have ever been in. FWD and AWD Cars, SUV, 4 wheel drive trucks... none compare to the handling, safety and driveability in bad weather...and I have driven most brands/styles. Comfort, safety... as roomy as a limo for passengers, quiet, ... this is a GREAT car and a great value. Gets as good as mileage as our daughters mini SUV!

2006 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

Review of 2009 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

2008-12-18 13:27:23

I love this so much I'm buying a second one. I enjoy it more than my SL500 and my Lexus LX570. The milage is amazing. Great to fill up every 5-6 hundred miles. Not available w/leather so I had them made for me! The tiny diesel with AMAZING torque has plenty of power. I bought it for interior space and am very pleased. The leg room in the 3rd row is better than the Lexus in the second row, and they off set the 3rd seat so passangers look right through the front two rows. I wish we had some of the more deluxe options that are standard on the SL, like the fabulous seats, but the MTex interior is functional, and probably preferred for normal hauling. My brother in law recommended it to me-he bought an e-class diesel also he was so impressed. Don't let the diesel thing scare you off! You've got 5-6 hundred miles to find the next station. Across the country with NO problem. When it gets between 2 & 2&1/2 times the milage of the average SUV the slight additional charge for fuel is not to be considered. OK-a little hokey looking, but as US comes around it will ******* just recognition! I tried to buy US but couldn't do it! The FLEX doesn't even sell a telescoping Steering wheel! Navigator and Escalade LOUSEY interior space or appointments. Ride and feel of this vehicle is GREAT! Oh-I got used to Nav. Aid-certainly ******** best feature, but I use a Tom-Tom from car to car anyway, even though all my cars have built in nav aids.

2009 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

love my car

2008-12-06 22:45:03

I got mine used and I love it. Great car for tall family, both sitting in front and back seats (lots of leg/head room). Sat 6 adults very comfortably. Rides nice. Would like better gas mileage and is a bit hard to see front of hood when turning into a parking space (has long/low hood). A hood ornament would help in that area. Very stylish. Have had problems with rear gate closing automatically each and every time. I like it as much as I liked my Cad SRX and a lot more than I liked my Lexus RX350.

2006 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

blonder wallcovering

2008-08-04 22:17:12

2009 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

ayesha takia ****

2008-08-03 16:40:24

2008 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

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