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4.5 out of 5

2011 MINI

2011-06-22 21:20:36

My 2011 non turbo MINI is a quick nimble fun machine. The car is wild/exciting to drive-every time I go motoring. Living in the mountains, I can tell you the MINI handles the curves and hills with ease. Actual highway MPG often tops 40. Yeah it takes premium gas, so take 2 mpg off. I did the math. The fun of the zippy engine makes it worth while. I spite of it's small appearance, the front seats will accommodate 6'5" types. The rear is for kids/dogs. Cargo : with the seats down it will hold one very FULL Costco shopping cart . Is the MINI safe? Yes. Read about it on the MINI web site. This car is a fun drive. Music, radio and A/C work great. Back in the 60s I wanted one of these (or a Sunbeam tiger). Glad to have one now. With the tight suspension and steering don't expect it to ride like a Detroit dinosaur. Don't test drive one. You may not get out of the dealership alive.

2011 MINI Cooper

mini nightmare

2011-06-06 16:54:08

cute yes, peppy too. boy can they handle......corners--unbelieveable. but....... you can't hear yourself think the road nosie is so pronounced.....driving in the car for 15 min on the freeway invites a migrane.....it's sooo noisy. i can't imagine a convertible. being that low invites all the exhaust and fumes and noise from other cars. besides the huge racket that comes from the mini itself. but that's not the worst. drive to santa barbara and you feel like a milk shake when you get out--if you can get ********** just the most awful ride in the world. roll over a dime and it's like you bounce into the headliner. if you're 25 and wanna be cool--ok go for it. if you're north of 35--you gotta be nuts. but i think the worst part is dealing with bmw dealers----$280 for an oil change!!!

2011 MINI Cooper

Love this car!

2011-01-19 22:14:20

I have had many cars but this is the bomb! It has a few quirks that need to be ironed out but all in all it is a terrific car.

2006 MINI Cooper

Review of 2008 MINI Cooper

2010-12-23 18:31:38

I opted for the MINI over the Mustang GT although the Mustang is a great car! I would advise people who are considering the MINI to get the 'S' model. It has alot of accessories that you'd pay for in the basic model. I never stop getting compliments about my MINI whereever I go.Nice thng is that you can design your own as long as your willling to wait, Even there, the MINI website lets you see where in the 'production cycle' it is. Nice! I have the 'NAV' System. Compared to my Lexus' Nav system, this one is a 'breeze to use as well and speaks and understands much better! I have the automatic. It works great, but you can enhance the performance by getting the 'Sprint Booster' in Bavarian Autosport. I also have the JCW performance & brake pkg. Well worth the cost. This is a 'serious' car with just a few changes is a very creditable 'competition car'. It's handling and performance are just below 'very good'. Be mindful of the 'options' you want. They can quickly bump the cost way up but again, worth it! My dealer MINI of North Scottsdale is 'terrific'! Everyone knows me and they are respectful, friendly and professional in everyway! Just bought the 'lease out'. The only thing I didn't like. The dealer should handle this. They are 'cut-off' by a central 'leasing center' that handles all of this. I found them to be a 'troublesome', 'unprofessional' with the representatives lacking the proper knowledge. The car feels like the 73 BMW 2002tii that I had a long time ago. Great! Unless you order both at the same time, there are no 'two' MINI's exacxtly the same. It like that alot! When I decide I've had enough of the MINI (which won't be a for a very long time) the only other car that comes to mind but costs alot more is the Porsche 911. I love 'speed' and the MINI serves that up anytime you want it. I'm in 'triple digits' before I know it. The only other car that comes close to it if you must have a convertible is the Mazda Miata. I'd get another MINI in a 'heartbeat'!

2008 MINI Cooper

Review from a Road Warrior

2010-03-23 16:29:08

I love my 2009 MINI and it's a good thing I do because I spend most of my time in it. I am writing this review for people who are considering buying this car for frequent long trips. The car is a blast but I'm not sure I would make the decision to purchase again because of all the long trips I take. In 14 months I have driven this car almost 60,000 miles. To be honest, the interior is not very comfortable. I have owned a 2001 Nissan Sentra SE and a 2002 Infiniti I35 that were so much more comfortable than the Mini. After driving about 2 hours on the highway in the Mini I start to get fidgety. Being in the passenger seat is almost unbearable after one hour. My (5'8) daughter is fine in the back seat on short trips, but after an hour she is also uncomfortable. And I don't know why, ******* very easy to get motion sickness in this car! There is actually a ton of space in the back with the rear seat folded down. I prefer to keep the seat down unless I need the room for passengers. The controls are very awkward although you pretty much get used to them after awhile. I don't like the placement of the ipod jack, it's almost impossible to connect while you are driving (and I'm a multi-tasker!) I love the styling of both the interior and exterior! Very different and I get lots of compliments on my red and black seats, double sunroof, and huge gauges (though they're not for everyone.) Mood lights are cool too! The car is a real attention-getter and you feel like you belong to a special club because when you drive past other Mini owners you always get a wave or a smile. Its also great to brag about getting 500 miles to a tank, but that comes at a price... the car really doesn't have any pickup especially on the highway. I havent had any quality issues with the car so far. The Mini is a really fun car to drive, and if I didn't have to drive as much as I do, I would definitely purchase again. Just wanted to give my 2 cents for my fellow road warriors :)

2009 MINI Cooper


2009-09-27 23:02:57

Have had my '05 for a few months. Will never own anything else.. The one I have now is a hardtop. Next one will be a Cabrio.. Gas Mileage is wonderful! Corners like it's on rails!

2009 MINI Cooper

Mini 2008

2009-09-27 19:28:56

Purchased a Cooper S (2008) one year ago. No mechanical issues to report. No problems to report. Easily the most enjoyable car I've ever owned. Back seat pretty non-existent so consider a Clubman if carrying more than 2 passengers. Babe magnet. Ticket magnet too since the car's quickness makes speeding easy. But the quickness really comes in handy when merging into highway traffic. My college age son made fun of the car when we brought it home. He then borrowed it for several days and now is a believer.

2009 MINI Cooper

Review of 2002 MINI Cooper

2009-09-27 18:52:02

Have had constant problems with electrical system, including the right headlight doesn't always light. It has been replaced with a completely new assemble, which Mini no longer feels responsible for. It still does not light all the time. Both window assemblys have had to be replaced.

2002 MINI Cooper

They are not for everyone

2009-09-27 17:25:49

I bought a base Cooper in June. In the first month it was in the shop 3 times. Once for a battery problem, once because the map lights would come on by themselves and not turn off and once because the windshield wipers failed. The forst time it got hot cosmolene would leak out of body joints and ruined the black fender flares. They were replaed under warranty though. When the car was functional it was a blast to drive with more than enough power to keep up on the highway while getting 42 MPG. The car is more of a two seater. I cant see how anyone could sit in the back but with the rear seat folded down it had a good amount of storage room. One issue with these cars is the lack of dealerships. In my state there are only 3 and my friend in Northern Va reports 2 to 3 month waits for service. If you dont like your dealer it is not like you can go down the street and try another. My next closest dealer is 120 miles away. So when I reported a high pitched whine in my engine and was told it was " normal " getting another opinion would be an all day affair. In the end I saw how my friend was treated with his after a clutch failure at only 1400 miles. They blamed him and denied warranty coverage. the dual mass clutch plan on spending 3 grand plus for the repair. If you have an automatic and your trans fails out of warranty plan on 5 k or more for replacement. All in all it is a fun car but service support is lacking and build quality is not ************** be for its high price compared to other cars its size. This is not a car you would ever want to own outside of warranty. I sold mine last weel with only 1,500 miles on it after owning it for 3 months. I simply did not have confidence in the car or the ability of the dealer to servide it properly.

2009 MINI Cooper

Review of 2009 MINI Cooper

2009-09-27 16:13:50

I've had my Mini "S" for about 6 months. It is like driving a 172 HP go-cart. Front seats are very comfortable. It is fast and when I push the sport button - Hang On - . Not much trunk space but rear seats fold down easily for 2 sets of golf clubs or whatever. It is not a real quiet ride and bumpy roads take their toll but the over all experience keeps a perpetual smile on your face. I love it. I get a true 24 MPG in stop and go traffic.

2009 MINI Cooper

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