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4.5 out of 5


2017-06-25 23:19:56

Consumer Digest rates this vehicle,along with 10 other Fiat,Dodge vehicles as UNREALIABLE

2017 Jeep Compass

Jeep Compat High Altitude 2015

2017-05-12 06:26:53

First of all, I have never gotten 22mpg out of this vehicle, I average about 19.5 mpg. It is one of the noisiest cars I have ever owned. The center console makes such a vibrating noise that it interferes with listening to the radio. I have to keep my right arm on the console to silence it. The engine runs rough when stopped. The ride is excellent.Oh? I forgot to mention that the rear spare tire cover also vibrates to the point where I had to stuff towels underneath it to act as a damper. I have been a Jeep owner for over 15 years, I don't know if I will continue to own Jeeps/

2017 Jeep Compass

MY 5th 4X4 is right now my second favort

2015-10-26 21:59:54

MY 5th 4X4 is right now my second favorite From 1977 till now I have owned and driven 4x4 . From Ki blazer 8 cyl. To Jeep Liberty. I put 145,000 miles on the liberty and it was without a doubt the best I have ever owned . And I am A killer on autos.I have had the compass for 2 months and my only complaint coming from a 6 speed stick, to the auto/shift, is getting use to the felling of the engine and shifting. Add to it the 4 cyl. Engine and it will take time to get used to. But I am more than happy with the compass.

2016 Jeep Compass

Chrysler control arms

2014-12-07 11:36:23

Had a Compass for 3 years. 32,000 miles and 3 control arms! Own a Journey and surprise! Same problem. Controls arms must be imported from China.. 3rd control arm on Compass I had to pay $100 deductible on 37th month and 32,000 miles. Chrysler REp sucked even though there is history of junk control arms.

2015 Jeep Compass

2012 Jeep Compass

2012-06-29 20:57:41

Pleasantly surprised with the Jeep Compass. It has a much better turning radius than I expected with a 4wd. I travel 200-300 miles per day and cannot complain about the comfort being in this vehicle after 4-8 hours per day. It took a bit to get used to the 4 cylinder engine. I previously owned a 6 cylinder and there is a significant difference in the get up and go on the highway. However, the lack of highway acceleration is tempered by the true grit when it comes to the off-road capability of this little go-getter. It takes on those steep hills and rugged terrain driveways with barely a tap on the gas pedal. Only complaint is the small gas tank. For someone who doesn't travel as much as I do daily, the gas tank is fine but for those who travel distances you will need to stop and refill the 10-11 gallons capacity tank more often than I like to. Best fuel mileage to date is 34 mpg on highway. I'm averaging 28-30 mpg on the country miles. I don't travel in city areas so not able to provide city mpg. The ground clearance is helpful off-road. The interior is very roomy. I have four grown sons. Three can fit comfortably in the back seat with plenty of legroom even when the front seat is all the way back. There is also a good amount of storage in the rear for shopping. I'm only 5'2" but the Jeep Compass is a great fit for both me and my 6' husband. I like not having to sit up in the seat to be able to look over the hood. I also found there are very few blind spots from the driver perspective. When the passenger seat is all the way back I do have to lean back to see out the rear side window but it is manageable. Overall, so far so very happy with my Jeep Compass! 6,000 miles in 5 weeks and looking forward to the next 100,000 miles!

2012 Jeep Compass


2012-02-15 06:05:32

2012 Compass Latitude. Love the vehicle but after 10 days and 600 miles had to be towed into dealer, possible power steering fluid leak. We are a one car family and need a reliable car. I traded in my 06 hhr and it never had to be towed anywhere. Hope I didn't make a mistake. We wanted the four wheel drive. Let's see how the dealer handles this.

2012 Jeep Compass

Review of 2010 Jeep Compass

2010-05-07 19:06:55

It Seems To Be A fairly Quiet Car It is very comfortibly it can be a little noise it times it usually dioes about 23 miles per gallon. i have a blue jeep compass sport i love it

2010 Jeep Compass

I suggest a full read

2009-11-06 01:14:52

Cons and Pros of my jeep compass. I suggest a full read before you buy or lease one even though it is long. Cons. The first four months I had the Compass the battery kept dyeing. I had to call road service several times for a charge. According to Chrysler a loaner car does not have to be given if I didn't lease it from the dealership where it was being worked on. I brought it into a Chrysler/Jeep dealership that discovered that was closer to my home. It took them three days to find the problem. The battery was not installed properly at the plant. I had to pay for a rental car out of pocket. The lighting inside the compass is terrible. It has two map lights in the front and small light in the cargo area. Its dark in the rear passenger area... suggestion get a flashlight. The interior looks and feels cheep. The arm rest on the door is way to narrow and Its impossible to use the arm rest between the seats its not positioned correctly and lacks padding. The glove compartment is tiny. There is not enough room to stretch out my left leg when I'm driving. the design of the steering wheel obstructs my view of the instrument panel so I cant adjust it. I find this is a major problem my arms get tired holding them at a very uncomfortable angle. The back windshield wiper makes a lot of noise, I was told they all sound like that AND if you want to open the back windows without opening the front your eardrums feel like their blowing out. Pros.. I recently had a spinal fusion and Its very easy to get in and out of the Compass. My seat is fabric and is very comfortable. It has adequate acceleration. It takes turns smoothly, handles curvy roads well. The is excellent. It has plenty of head room and gets great gas mileage. The side mirrors are large and give a good view of the road on both sides of the Compass. I love the rear split seats they fold and open very easily, they are very comfortable and provide enough leg room for my 6' 4" son

2007 Jeep Compass

I LOVE my Compass!

2009-04-18 10:13:07

When I bought my brand new 2008 Compass back in October 2007, I did so despite the reviews by the "car experts" who dumped on it and berated it's smaller frame, limited "bling", and modest price. They called it cheap and poorly made. Now the ratings have vastly improved and I'm delighted to see many other happy owners! I love the lines of this car, simple and clean. The interior IS simple and exactly what I prefer. It is a CAR, not a mobile living room. No, it isn't a fancy (ie expensive) upper-level foreign-built SUV, and that IS why I bought it. I wasn't in the market for a luxury SUV. I'm thrilled ****** response when I hit the accelerator. It has a very comfortable ride. It corners on a dime and makes an amazingly smooth U-turn in a very small area, better than my previous PT Cruiser. Gas mileage is awesome, which is so important in this day of wildly fluctuating gas prices. I'm happy I bought my Compass and happier that it is finally getting the positive reviews it deserves! I LOVE my Compass!!

2008 Jeep Compass

jeep-ers creepers my compass is a treasure

2009-03-25 18:57:28

solid car...great road presence...good gas mile-edge...much better than its car and driver uglyest car in the world award...if one knows anything about car history and design...one would not have to look much fruther than a london cab for a resonable mate

2008 Jeep Compass

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