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3.5 out of 5

Great Car after 17,000 miles and 16 months old

2012-12-25 22:49:19

I love the car. I purchased the Touring Package to get the aniline leather interior, rear sunshade, and the 18 speaker Boise audion system. I have not had one problem with the car. The overall quality is excellent. However, I hate the navigation system. Once I tried to find the Cherry Point Marine base in North Carolina, and the system said it did not exist. However, I solved this problem by putting in the closest Police Department in the system. I have had 5 BMWs, and 3 Lexus cars in the past. I considered the GS350 but did not like its front grill. However no car dealership has been better than the Lexus one. However my Infiniti is a close second. I considered the BMW 5 series, but did not like its reliability. The Germans make a great drive train but have trouble making electrical components which are reliable. As of today, I woujld buy another Infiniti M37. The M56 higher price gets you a 1/2 second from 0-60 over the M37. If you don't need the larger M37, the G37 Sedan is a very good choice.

2012 Infiniti M37

Review of 2011 Infiniti M37

2010-07-07 04:06:06

2011 Infiniti M37

2011 Infiniti M37x - Love It

2010-04-25 11:08:28

This car is a dream. Infiniti got it right when they revamped the fairly stale M35. The exterior contours are beautiful and the interior is spectacular. Cabin noise has been dramatically reduced to an appropriate level for a car at this price level. My wife's observation when we took a test drive was, "This is the nicest interior I have ever seen." The fit and finish is of the highest caliber and the instrumentation layout is well thought out. The acceleration provided by the 303 HP is fantastic. A small quibble is the rear seating space which is adequate for adults, but not spacious. There is plenty of trunk space and the 10 speaker audio system is top notch (I have no idea why anyone would opt for the 16 speaker option). I have not driven this car in the snow yet, so I can not evaluate its all-wheel drive capabilities. It has ""Normal", "Sport" and "Economy" alternative transmission settings but I am still trying to figure out if anything but "Normal" is necessary. Over the first 500 miles I am averaging just under 19 MPG. The exterior styling may not be for everyone but I recommend that if you are considering a luxury sedan, you check this car out. Bottom line - great car.

2011 Infiniti M37

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