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4 out of 5

2005 Ridgeline

2016-06-10 12:19:15

I owned this vehicle for 7 years, it was the best vehicle I have ever owned, I would have bought another if Honda had updated it, I did not want to buy a truck that looked the same as my 7 year old one.

2014 Honda Ridgeline

06 R T L

2016-06-04 19:28:00

the beast truck i have ever owned.rides like a car very reliable.i have owned this truck since 9 05.never failed me.rides and looks like new.oil and filter does the trick.might get a 17.

2014 Honda Ridgeline

Favorite vehicle in 50 years!

2015-01-06 10:06:17

2006 RTS with 145,000 miles has required only routine maintenance. Great for everything from long trips to short hops around town. I have traded in vehicles every three years for my entire life until this truck. I have kept this for 8 years and can't bear the thought of selling it.

2006 Honda Ridgeline

Review of 2014 Honda Ridgeline

2014-08-29 11:55:18

An EXCELLENT Truck (I bought the SPORT), seats 5, roomy, lots of storage, good cup holders, very good mileage...etc etc Don't buy their bed cover !!! Overprices, I lookede for 5 months researching all of therm and decided on the ROLL-N-LOCK (just remember on all the after-market covers you are limited on how far the in-bed storage lid will open) ONLY "bad thing" is the turning radius is large compared to my HUMMER H-3

2014 Honda Ridgeline

Best Ever

2011-10-10 07:16:45

Beautiful lines for a pick-up 4WD. There is a lot of guts in the engine. It is quiet and smooth The interior is the best. I am 6"1" and weigh 300 lbs. I can get in to the drivers seat and the passenger seat without twisting and turning. When I'm settled in the seat I am not cramped. Nothing gets in my way. My size 13 EEE fit comfortably on the driver area and I can work the peddles without any problems. I am more please with this Honda Ridgeline that is made here in the USA than I have been with Chev/GMC for a number of years. It is stylish and has many options to make it even more fun. BTW, the tail gate can be used as a tail gate or you can open it like a door. The bed interior is sleek and can hold a lot. It is great to head for Lake Mead with a whole compartment of crushed ice and drinks already cooling. The ice compartment is in the bed and has a flush cover. It can be drained without a problem. Our Honda Ridgeline is a classy looking yet fun vehicle for everything we do.

2011 Honda Ridgeline

Not ugly

2011-09-05 02:01:29

A very well built truck, as good as any Ford F150 made, if not better.

2006 Honda Ridgeline

Great Truck for the Bucks!

2010-12-23 21:44:03

I purchased a 2006 Ridgeline RT in October 2010, trading in a Ford Ranger at a local Honda dealership. What a difference in ride, power, fit and finish compared to my old truck. I've never owned a compact/midsize truck that had a more solid, powerful ride than this Ridgeline. It holds the road and has plenty of power for my use, a lot more than any of my previous three Rangers; its gas mileage is lower than I feel it needs to be...its mileage is like that of a full-size truck with a larger V-8 engine. The gas mileage is the only downside I've found with this truck. . .and my only criticism. The interior is sizable, plenty of room for five people, and the rear split bench seat and rear legroom has comfortable space for three large adults. Its seats are comfortable and firm. The ride is very firm but much more like that of a large sedan or minivan than a truck due to its four wheel independent suspension. The Ridgeline includes many features that are considered optional equipment in other manufacturer's lines; it's worth your while to check them all out. The Ridgeline's really a great truck, it's growing on me every day...and I recommend it highly.

2006 Honda Ridgeline

Review of 2006 Honda Ridgeline

2010-04-06 09:37:53

Bravo Honda! We have 180,000 trouble-free KM on our Ridgeline. Amazing vehicle...love it! Nothing compares to it, and trust us, we've driven them all. We'll stick with Honda from now on!

2006 Honda Ridgeline

Review of 2008 Honda Ridgeline

2009-07-20 10:50:49

Great Truck. The truck is very smooth on the highway and the body style is very nice.

2008 Honda Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline

2009-07-14 20:53:30

I would never buy another one. Issues with the brakes over and over and neither the dealership nor Honda Corp will repair, and say they don't know how. Maybe it is fixed, maybe not. Not looking forward to getting stranded and having to be towed in again. Also, the air conditioner makes a horrible noise - sounds like an animal growling. Seals are bad, even when I first purchased the vehicle. Back tailgate gets stuck when trying to open. Very expensive vehicle to have this many problems and the dealership unable to figure out how to repair. Honda Corp is unprofessional in their dealings and customer service and no calls back from either to assist the owner. Once the vehicle is sold, you are on your own. With this many problems, the vehicle is not worth the price.

2008 Honda Ridgeline

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