2018 Honda Pilot Reviews

4 out of 5

My Pilot

2016-09-06 08:21:18

One of the best cars that I have ever owned. The ride is exceptional and the gas mileage is fenominal.

2016 Honda Pilot

2015 Honda Pilot EXl

2016-08-05 18:03:03

I love, love this vehicle; did a lot of research before buying this vehicle; it has plenty of room front and back; great on gas mileage; I can get 20 mpg on the highway; I use it for my job because I carry a ********* got great visibility in the rear window because I'm short and a lot of vehicles I looked at didn't have it. I don't like the new 2016 design and wouldn't buy one. Need to go back to the design; looking for another 2014 or 2015 Pilot to buy with low mileage; that's how much I love this model.

2016 Honda Pilot

Old needed to change

2016-05-13 10:08:51

When they changed in 2011 went from good, #1 to almost last in all rankings. Ended up looking like a box. I bought the 2016 and love it, I would like to see the pre 2011 style back though, more room inside and looked better over all. Glad that it ******** #1 ranking back! Great Car! My 2006 went 10 years and 230,000 miles and was still going when I traded it in.

2016 Honda Pilot


2016-04-08 21:18:32

This vehicle should have been given a different name. Its stilling and shape has nothing to do with the real Pilot, it is an impostor. Should have kept the previous imposing style and shape, refine it but not get read of it. This new Pilot shape has no personality, it is bland and looks like any other vehicle in its class.

2016 Honda Pilot

Best SUV. Quality, strong, and safe.

2016-03-27 23:50:14

My mom bought a teal/sea green pilot in 2003. She passed it on to me. We put this car through hell driving across the country with a band, ski trips, even towing a 22 ft boat. Fast forward 13 years I now have 230,000+ mi on her and she still takes me to work everyday. I have never had a major issue with her. Engine still runs great and the gas Milage isn't bad. Truly a great machine and I'm surprised at all other reviews on here.

2003 Honda Pilot

it's a honda

2015-12-26 15:01:23

I have been driving Hondas since 1987. I love them. My current cars are a 2012 Acura TL SH/AWD TECH and now I also have the 2015 Pilot touring / 4wheel drive. My only complaint with the Pilot is that the interior could be a little nicer (I could just be spoiled by my Acura too) and the gas mileage could be better, I'm only getting 17 mi. per gallon. Still love Honda cars none the less ! Also have a Honda 70cc scooter.

2015 Honda Pilot

2003 Honda Pilot EX-L w/RES

2012-05-08 17:59:16

This car is nice but there are a few features I ******* had. Features It has: Leather, entertainment, rear air/heat, heating/air, privacy glass Features I ******* had: sunroof, heated seats and better leather But, overall it isn't a terrible car Cons: heat and air sucks. Air smells terrible! Besides the air and no heated seats, it is a pretty good car.

2003 Honda Pilot

2011 pilot

2011-06-22 00:30:05

my wife and i rcently leased a new honda pilot,and we love it!! we took a 1200 mile round trip to myrtle beach 2 weeks ago and it performed above our expectations.plenty of power,room and the gas milege was exactly what we were told it would get.i dont understand all the backlash from reviews knocking the looks of this vehicle we think it looks rugged and muscular.im a big guy at over 6 ft 2 and well over 275 lbs and i had tons of room in this thing.we drove through the mountains of west virginia and not once did we think it was under powered,and by the way stereo system is simply awsome!! good job honda when my lease is up ill be geting another pilot!!!!.

2011 Honda Pilot

Great Ride

2010-04-16 04:19:35

The gas mileage could be better but we knew this going in. White Diamond Pearl new for 2011 with Black Leather and it is BEAUTIFUL. Ride is smooth and quiet for an SUV. Added Fender Well Trim,Premium Running Boards,Moon Roof Visor,Cross Bars,Cargo Tray,All Season Mats, and Cargo Cover. Stereo System sounds great.

2011 Honda Pilot

honda pilot has been unrewarding

2009-12-23 13:09:12

We bought the first model year of this car and have not enjoyed it. We now have 75,000 miles on it, have had it serviced regularly, but have been troubled by front end problems since it was new. The first set of tires lasted less than 20,000 miles, apparently caused by of a bad alignment when the car left the factory. This was not covered by any warrantee. Most recently, at around 70,000 miles the car developed a high pitched whine at any speed. It was diagnosed as a bad left front wheel bearing and a failed front axle. After an unsuccessful attempt by my local mechanic, I took the car to the Honda service center who have now had the car for two days with the needed parts presumably being express air freighted. These 70,000 miles have been characterized with front end and brake problems since the tire issue. There has not been one transaction that has smacked of excellence.

2003 Honda Pilot

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