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Honda Fit - 2010

2015-10-31 06:33:49

I had a 2001 Honda Civic which I drove to 170K before the transmission went on it. Original engine and never put any money into it. Went to buy another one and found that the head room on the newer Civics were not as good. My dealer asked if I ever thought about a Fit which I thought was small and never did give it much thought. Turns out, I bought a 2010 Honda Fit with Navigation. Even had a plug in for my Apple iPod to play all of my tunes. After 93K miles now, I have never changed the brake pad, get 32 mpg average, never put one cent into it other than oil changes and still on my second set of tires (the first set came with the vehicle. Car runs great and some stories on the interior room....brought a chest of drawers back to PA from SC in it while still having room for golf clubs, luggage and other stuff. Also, bought a glider for the front porch from Home Depot that the guy there says I couldn't get it in my car......wrong! The back seat back flips forward or backward to provide room where you need it. Amazing! I'll buy another Fit and its better than the Civic and for less than 20K??!!! You gotta be kidding. And the car looks like the day I pulled it out of the showroom............what more can I say....I'm Honda forever.

2010 Honda Fit

2015 Honda Fit

2015-09-25 12:25:54

By far, this is the best car I have ever had. It appears small but the space inside is incredible! I could go to Costco and shop and it would all fit in the trunk and then still have room, just amazing. It works like a dream, A/C is the next thing to perfect. I love the new transmission system! And talk about comfort. At first I was hesitant as I wanted a large minivan. But after test driving the Fit, I fell in love with the comfort, room to stretch your legs, seats are comfortable, it's just a joy to drive. I've finally had to fill up the tank $25.00 for the first time since I bought it, almost 2 months!! This has turned out to be my dream car, I'm a Honda fan forever!!

2016 Honda Fit

Great car.

2015-05-31 10:16:59

Gas mileage and overall design are great, including colored speedometer lights and current usage indicators to help the driver improve gas mileage. I am pretty consistently getting at least 40 mpg on most trips to work. Back seats not only fold down but also up for taller items, like carrying tall plants. Handles well in all sorts of conditions so far as I'm only at 3,000 miles. Small short comings include no driver right arm rest and also driver and front passenger feet cannot be brought back to a 90 degree sitting position.

2015 Honda Fit

Kids love Fit Base 5-speed MT

2012-02-12 05:13:54

Two kids, both attending the same college. Considered buying two half-decent used cars, but decided on buying one new one that they could share. Not to make it easy on 'em. I'm partial to manual transmissions. I feel that they are better in every way, once you learn to drive them. So, my kids learned on 5-speeds and six-speeds. They now both qualify to be valet parkers or school bus drivers, so I know college will be paid for. Anyway, the expert review was on-target. So, I'll concentrate on clarifying. Pros: Peppy enough. Gas sipper from 20-55 mph. In suburbs and rural driving, I have gotten over 40 mpg. 36 mpg is the norm in mixed driving. It got as low as 34 once, because I let the car warm-up as I scraped the snow of it. Good feel on clutch and shifter. Not too mushy, not too stiff. Initially, 5th gear required a little effort, but it broke in quickly. Room for lots and lots of college kid stuff. Easiest move-in day yet. On the outside, it's a subcompact. On the inside, it's downright roomy. Feels like you are sitting higher than you are. Visibility is terrific all around. Seats are firm. Even back seats recline a bit; by a bit, I mean like an airplane coach class recline. You barely have to bend to adjust the front seats fore-or-back. Highly ergonomic. No need to take your eyes off the road to adjust the climate controls or radio. They are all Right There, no seeking or reaching necessary. Cupholders everywhere. All four drivers in my family loved the dash cupholder just to the left of the steering wheel. Fits a water bottle. Several places on dash and elsewhere for loose change. It's got a Spare Tire. A Hyundai Accent doesn't have one. That's probably why the Accent's mpg is rated slightly higher. Nice upper glove compartment with USB hookup. Can hide your iPod. Cons: The MT feels like it needs a 6th gear and I kept wanting to shift once more. That's it. Hard to find a MT. Please, America, learn to drive one.

2012 Honda Fit

Dependable, Peppy and Well built

2010-09-08 23:06:54

The five speed trans shifts smoothly and the Fit seems to have very low roll resistance adding to the increase in gas milage. I am 5'6" and the driving position/seats lack lumbar support. I use a small pillow at the small of my back to help on long trips. Honda would have a real top winner with improved seating and perhaps a telescoping steering wheel. Honda does not offer cruise control in the manual transmission models. The gas pedal tends to cramp the foot due to the overall driving position so a sport model with auto trans and cruise control would alleviate this discomfort. Still, the driving position tends to place the legs and knees in a "high" position that I find uncomfortable on long trips. Otherwise this is a great commuter car that will most likely be very dependable. I get an average of 33 mpg city and 38 mpg highway.

2008 Honda Fit

Review of 2010 Honda Fit

2010-09-01 14:49:44

I love my Honda Fit! My last few cars have been Honda Civics, but my two miniature Wire-hair Dachshunds needed room to move around. The rear is perfect and it is so easy to get them in and out with the hatchback. The mileage is great and seats are very comfortable. There are huge windows all around and lots of cup holders, as well as many other extras. The best part? It is bright RED. My husband and I are each 78 years old and he likes it as much as I do.

2010 Honda Fit

Review of 2008 Honda Fit

2010-07-14 19:59:39

I own a 2008 Fit with a stick shift. I think it is a very unsafe car because the pedals are so small and close together. You can apply the brake and gas pedal at the same time very easily. It would probably be safer if it was an automatic.

2008 Honda Fit

A **************** Car

2010-05-22 19:25:36

We have had our 2009 Fit for almost a year, and my wife and I love everything about it. It has amazing cargo room for a small car, and the seats are so easy to fold into place to permit this room. The Fit is a really solid car, feels great to drive, and is certainly not wimpy in acceleration. The seats are comfortable and easy to get into. The ride is good for a subcompact. It is an excellent car for the road or just around town.

2009 Honda Fit

Glad I bought it!

2010-02-07 17:32:03

When I bought my Fit a year ago I was looking for a small car with a tight turning radius, a car I could take on road trips with bikes stowed in back, a car that could haul gardening and home improvement stuff, a car with good mileage, and a car with superior engineeering and safety. I got all of this with my Fit. The Fit's strength is city driving -- great gas mileage, great maneuverability, nice tight U-turns, and a nice jack-rabbit start from stop lights. It does fine on road trips, where I run it all day at 75 mph, getting 36 mpg, but it has zero extra power for passing, so be aware of this power situation. Excellent stability conrol saved my life -- really -- one day on a bad wet weather spin-out. One strange thing: it doesn't have automatic headlight switch-off when you park the car, so it's possible to forget and leave the lights on and come back to find a dead battery. Also, the on-board computer reminds you of maintenance tasks, which is fine, but the Owner's Manual should also include the standard chart of what to do at how many miles, but it doesn't. I'm glad the 2009 model has had no recalls. I'm very happy I bought this car.

2009 Honda Fit

A mini-SUV that drives like my old Miata

2009-10-24 02:45:55

What a joy this car has turned out to be. I've always driven sports cars - Miata, Alfa Romeos, Audis, even an old Morgan. The Fit drives like my old Miata but has room for 4 people or tons of stuff with the magic seats folded down. It is very spirited, sporty, responsive -- really zippy to drive. Visibility is great, better than any other small SUV, small sports wagon in it's class. The "extra" side windows front and back remove nearly all the blind spots, which was a real problem for my short wife on all other cars we tested. Being up a bit higher than the average car is a real positive on SUV filled freeways. I had doubts about getting an automatic transmission in a small engine car, but the 5 speed automatic has the fastest and most positive shifts of any automatic I've driven other than the Audi/TDI DSG tranny. Shifts up and down by the cruise control are very precise -- no hunting up and down with hilly terrain. The shift paddles on the steering wheel are a nice touch, seldom needed but really nice when you want to downshift to pass or just have some fun. Mileage has been 32+ so far for city and hilly freeways. I expect it to go up a few MPG on flat commutes. The blue sensation pearl paint is stunning. There is great attention to detail in the design - 6 cupholders in front (2 of them are right in front of the A/C vent so drinks stay cold!) Side pockets and storage abound. Instrumentation is well positioned and lighted so is very visible, all controls are easy to reach and intuitive to use. Only things I have needed to add are drop-down extensions for the visors and a dash cover. We bought the car on the next to the last day of the clunkers program and the salesman and entire dealership were very friendly and completely service oriented, the most pleasurable car buying experience I have ever had. We got the promised price thru a buyers club program despite the dealership expecting to sell out all remaining Fits (which they did!).

2009 Honda Fit

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