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4.5 out of 5

Smooth Ride; Great performance; Great looking vehicle

2009-08-09 21:44:51

Just purchased a 2009 H3. Victory Red, Adventure package, Upgraded Sound System. The ride is exceptionally smooth. The leg room and head room is wonderful. The fuel mileage is not bad either (I didn't buy a compact hybrid). 19-21 on the open highway. 16-18 pulling the jet ski's or boat. Off-road performance is amazing yet when you pull back on the highway - your not disappointed. Acceleration is good even for with the inline 5 - I didn't buy it for speed. There are a few blind spots to get used to - but no worse than any other SUV. Other than ********* an all around great vehicle. WOW - what a sound system. Get the upgrade - it's worth the price!!! Controls are simple yet very functional. If you've been waiting and thinking about one - go for a test drive you'll be hooked for life. 2009 Victory Red H3 Satisfied with the Ride!!!


Best SUV I've ever owned

2009-07-30 15:22:22

I have a 2006 H3 with the enhanced offroad capability (the "Adventure Package"); it has the then-standard 5-cylinder, 3.5 litre engine (3.7 litres in later years, there's now an 8-cylinder available too). I've now put about 40k miles on it. I get 18mpg in combined driving and 22mpg on the highway. I've been offroad with it in VERY challenging conditions and it puts the various Jeeps I've owned in the shade--not even in the H3's league. Water pouring through the grille and OVER THE HOOD. 20" of mud. 60 degree inclines. moguls that drop you onto the skidplates on hard, rocky surfaces. No damage, ever--except a broken plastic dealer-logo license plate frame (which the dealer was only to happy to replace!) Wow. I was rear-ended in it once--hit hard enough so that the guy who hit me (in a Chevy minivan) deployed his airbag--and there was NO damage to the H3 and not a lot of shock in the interior. I knew I got hit, but not THAT hard. The other guy, though, had a buckled hood, smashed-in headlight enclosure, shattered plastic and glass everywhere--in short, a crushed front end. This is one safe vehicle. It's also as comfortable as many luxury vehicles; I'm a professional and have no qualms about taking clients with me in the H3. Also, because of the placement of the front and rear axles for entry and exit clearance angle, the H3 has an incredibly tight turning radius. It doesn't look like it, ******** easier to parallel park and easier to U-turn than were either my Jeep Cherokee Sport OR my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Turns so tight that I caught a few curbs by OVERturning when I first got it. Unexpected. Everyone who tries driving it, on or off road, says "wow". I need the cargo capacity of the vehicle, so I need a midsized SUV. This is the best one on the US market at present...and excellent gas mileage for a 4,800lb vehicle, to boot. When I'm done with it, I'll buy another in a minute.


my H3 in NY

2009-04-08 21:45:12

My husband suprised me with this truck and I couldnt be happier. I love it!!!! he replaced my Mercedes ML430 that started to make me cranky. the H3 has the off road and the luxury package, sweet! I feel so safe in it plus it turns on a dime, serious. I love it, love it, love it!


In Love with my H3

2009-03-24 13:58:15

Bought new a 2006 H3,at Pensky Hummer in California. I have had it now 2.5 years (Only 6,000 miles on it.) When I drove it home to Arkansas, I did not want to stop driving but felt like continuing on all over the country, I was so happy with my H3. I cannot say enough about this car. It is classy enough to go to the Country Club and solid enough to take on the worst off road terrain. I keep it like brand new and am so proud of it. In fact it is so pampered, I won't even take it out in the rain. It gets looks from everyone who sees it from kids to old folks. I am not a big GM fan, but i can tell you when they came out with this SUV, they made my day. They should reward the engineers that came up with the Hummers. I plan to keep it for at least 10 years or longer. I Put all the goodies on it that are offered which makes it really look exceptional. I also have a BMW 745i and the Hummer drives as nice as the luxury car and gets better mileage. I average 17 to 19 mpg. Think I will trade in the BMW, and get another Hummer H3 then I will have two of them I can be proud of and very happy with. Bob


We love our 2006 Hummer H3

2009-03-24 08:58:12

This automobile turns heads, and little children beg to ride in it. Ours has averaged 15.99 mpg mostly commuting 9 miles. It is fun to drive. The very short turning radius makes it so easy to park, we marvel at it; we can angle park from the wrong direction in the Wal Mart lot. At grass lots such as at school athletic events we can cut right across the ditches for a quick exit if we want. On the road there is a commanding view from the high vantage point. However, view backing up is limited. We towed a 30 foot cargo trailer full of furniture over 200 miles and the vehicle handled the load with ease. Cargo capacity inside the vehicle has the limitation that the back seats do not fold all the way down flat. Our H3 lease runs out next month. We will not keep it nor get another one primarily because the vehicle is being discontinued.


Great vehicle!

2009-03-20 02:58:52

Just purchased a 2009 H3. My last vehicle was a 2006 H3 and with the great discounts it was a no brainer to get a newer one. Very pleased with the quality and its built like a tank. Bought mine at Tom Kelley Hummer in Fort Wayne. Service has been super. The ultimate American Vehicle!


I love my H3

2009-03-06 14:50:06

I love my H3. What else can I say?


Review of 2009 HUMMER H3 SUV

2009-03-06 14:47:36

I just purchased my second H3 (2009). The H3 is the best car I have ever had!!!! The gas mileage is great, the protection it provides is unmatchable. When I had my 2006 H3 a teenager talking on a cell phone hit me. My car had a scratch on the grill and her car was totalled! The H3 also comes with great features. I bought mine at Rizza in Orland. Mike was my salesman!


Hummer 3 :5 speed manual

2009-02-13 06:17:50

I purchased the Hummer 3 December 12, 2008. It has a 5 speed 5 cylinder engine and I currently get 19.1 mpg around town. This vehicle replaces a 2008 Wrangler that I lemon lawed. Had three previous Jeeps and the Hummer does circles around the Jeep. I think if more people drove the H3, they would realize what an awesome vehicle it really is. On long trips it is very comfortable and with the 5 cyl. engine it has no trouble keeping up with the traffic. So far, I am more than pleased with this vehicle.


I'm glad it's only leased!

2009-02-07 08:59:20

I leased a 2008 H3 in Jan. 2008. Before the year was over it had to be services for major electrical problem. While driving the vehicle the door locks start opening and closing, chimes continuously chime and the headlights completely go out or flash on and off. Brought it in for repair and they admitted they couldn't find anything wrong. It has happened again but not frequent enough to bother bringing it back in. I'll just wait till the lease is up. It may look very stylish but in bad weather snow sand water and dirt shoot up from the tires covering the truck making side panels and door handles disgusting. Can't keep it clean in New England Weather. Handles great in the snow! I purchased a 2008 Tahoe and returned it because the inside controls were to small and not located well on dash. The H3 has big chunky knobs making controlling the temp much easier. Seats are very comfortable, roomy and leather ones have great heat. Driver's heat comes on auto but passenger must be wearing seat belt. A lot of plastic interior that scratches easily especially in cargo area. I used to have a Suburban and the H3 can't compare to cargo space obviously. Windows are small so visibility is reduced. Passengers always complain ********* difficult getting in and out of the vehicle. Hope you don't mind spending time at the pump. 14 mpg no better on the highway. My Suburban was better. The sales mgr drove a H3 and told me he gets 400 miles to a tank Why did I think the sales mgr would lie? Oh, I forgot, that's what they do for a living. Mine is black with chrome handles, mirrors and side step with roof racks. Looks awesome when it's clean which isn't for long after the car washing.


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