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4.5 out of 5

Extremely Unsatisfied!

2016-08-31 20:50:15

We leased a 2014 GMC Acadia Denali and have had nothing but problems since 6 months after leasing it. It has been in for service 14+ times. Ten of those times was for the service airbag light, they told us it was because of the passenger seat belt. The other 4 were because I needed new brakes and rotors, but they would never listen to use. I had to drive it in unannounced one day with it making a loud banging noise and shaking the whole vehicle. I now no longer have air conditioning. The last time I had it in for the airbag light I mentioned it and they said that there is nothing wrong with it and that the freon level is where it should be. It started with just the front not blowing. After I took my daughter out of the car yesterday after a short, maybe 15 minute ride, I quickly learned that the back is no longer bowing as she was completely soaking wet with sweat and looked like she didn't feel well. There is something wrong with my gas tank, maybe it's the float, I don't know. But one minute I could have a full tank, then next I am down to 3/4 tank, that is too much of a jump to happen that fast. I contacted GMC, got as high as the district manger, waited a month, only to get the call today that there is nothing that they can do to help me and that it is not their problem. What makes it worse is that my husband's grandfather worked for GM for decades until he retired. We have been buying GM vehicles for years, I dont think we will ever buy from them after this experience!

2014 GMC Acadia

Acadia 2012 SLT2 AWD Review

2015-10-18 09:24:52

Overall this Acadia has been the best car I have owned and I have put 190,000 miles on it.That is saying a lot as I have owned over 25 vehicles.For me the Acadia offers a great combination of utility, drive ability and comfort.Utility in that you can haul 7 adults, pull trailers and fit all your gear.Drive ability in that it has great ride, handling, all conditions traction and handling.Comfort where the seats, driving position, ergonomics, features and ride are on par with many sedans.

2016 GMC Acadia

great update

2015-04-17 08:34:25

Styling on the updated version of the Acadia is beautiful - love the look of the grill!

2015 GMC Acadia

2014 Acadia Denali has too many repairs during first year. Not reliable!

2015-01-08 10:59:03

For those of you who are researching Acadia’s for your future car, I would like to share that my 2014 Acadia Denali has been to the dealer 5 times for repairs/replacements parts in the past 9 months. My car currently only has 13,600 miles on it. At 4900 miles I had the Vacuum Brake Booster replaced. At 8500 miles I had the Master Cylinder Replaced. At 8900 miles I had to have the car towed because the stabilitrak went out and they replaced the Brake Pedal Position Sensor. At 10,400 miles they replaced another Vacuum Brake Booster. And finally at 13,600 miles I had the Evaporative Emission Canister Purge Solenoid Valve replaced. All of that happened in the first 14 months of the car. I now own a very expensive car that cannot go an oil change without multiple repairs being made in between. GMC has been non responsive until my state DMV contacted them. It is so disappointing to purchase a car that has no integrity and then try to work with GMC who only will respond if I escalate to a legal matter. I would think GMC would be pretty embarrassed to know their car has had so many failures but they are not even interested. Who knows what my 2nd year will look like but I would have wanted to have read this information prior to my purchase. The dealer making repairs has been nice, but again it is a such a pain to go up there 10 times for drop off and pick up. I traded in my MDX because the Acadia had bigger 3rd row and other features I wanted but in the end I will take a smaller car than drive a car that I constantly have to worry will break again.

2014 GMC Acadia

I am in love with this car!

2012-06-27 22:17:33

I have driven/ owned so many vehicles over the past 20 years. For my corporate jobs, I always had a Ford or a Dodge and was less than impressed. I have chosen to only purchase Japanese or German cars for myself. Now, after three consecutive Hondas- which have been just fine- I decided to give the American car companies a try. Our GMC Acadia is a beautiful car that is just an absolute pleasure to drive. A quiet cabin, nice suspension, roomy, tons of cargo space, and awesome "extras." The most pleasant car to drive that I have ever had! I used to hate driving in traffic or long distances. With this car, I am happy to drive forever. I am looking for reasons to drive. Driving my Acadia is like absolute serenity... My Honda Accord, which was great, was noisy inside, cheesy interior, I felt every bump in the road, the radio reception stunk, and I couldn't wait to get home. Now, I take the scenic route home because I love driving this car so much. So happy I decided to give an American car a chance again. You really do get so much more for your money now.

2012 GMC Acadia

Love my Acadia!!!

2011-05-20 11:43:16

We have had our Acadia for about a month now and I think it is the nicest vehicle I have ever owned! The kids love the space and I love all the extras it has, like the rearview camera and headrest dvds. My husband likes the exterior styling much more than the traverse and enclave. We looked at both of them and the Acadia was what we all wanted. It has everything. My only complaint would be the kinda crappy gas mileage but it is well worth it to drive such a beautiful vehicle.

2011 GMC Acadia

Best crossover on the market

2011-04-15 01:32:02

I just got my second Acadia. After having a 2007 the very first year they began selling, I was leary when going to trade it in. I keep my vehicles very nice, but I was still able to trade it in with only a $250.00 difference that I had to kick in. Obviously, I recommend this vehicle to anyone who likes the SUV but wants a nice ride that is less "trucklike." Also, towing is not an issue for me, but if you will be towing more than 2 1/2 tons, the Acadia would not be the crossover for you. I have always traded at 3 years, but this car I kept for 4, then replaced it with another one. Just changed colors! My advice is to run down and test drive one. You will be amazed at how nice they are, all the way from the SL base model to the Denali!! Seats 7 or 8, too!!

2011 GMC Acadia

Review of 2011 GMC Acadia

2011-02-08 16:18:22

I love my Acadia. I'm not a "car" person but I love driving this vehicle. My husband loves it for all the guy reasons. The ONLY faults I can find are very minor. One, the hooks for hanging clothes are inconveniently placed, should be further back for ease of access. Two. There is no location for a trash bag in the front of the vehicle. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. Actually, my neighbor bought one and liked it so much we bought ours.

2011 GMC Acadia

The whole family LOVES the Acadia!

2011-01-13 13:40:34

Everyone in our family loves the Acadia. It is a pleasure to drive and we all fight over who is driving! We have had our Acadia for 2 weeks and it has handled VERY well in the snow (ours has AWD). The interior on this vehicle is immaculate! Very comfortable and was able to hold up on our road trip to the NC Mountains last weekend. This vehicle is much nicer over all then out 2005 Chevy Suburban that it replaced. Would recommend the Acadia to anyone.

2011 GMC Acadia


2010-12-29 19:15:44

I love my Arcadia. Its the best suv out there to me. I will be purchasing another one next year.I have no problems with it so far. I think its is a very good price also.You have to maintain your vehicle and that when things get expensive, but overall I still would not trade it for nothing else. I give it 9 on a scale from 1to 10

2008 GMC Acadia

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