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3 out of 5

Best work van we have owned!

2016-09-13 14:30:13

Purchased five 2014 connects in 2013 and four 2015 in 2014. Some have over 200,000 miles with only a broken $50 plastic side door handle. Excellent transmissions and great fuel mileage. We haul and tow over the maximum weight constantly and while they get excellent fleet care they are worked very hard. Absolutely no issues mechanically and they have plenty of headroom for tall drivers. While I had my doubts in the beginning having owned nothing but Econolines, these Transit Connects have proven to be a very dependable asset to our business.

2015 Ford Transit Connect

Bad Review?.. Hardly..

2016-03-16 09:55:33

Not sure the reason that previous review as so short and harsh towards the 2015 Ford Transit Connect. Our 1 year anniversary is approaching April 18th and we currently have 17,689 miles on our TC.Our ownerships has not bee without flaws.. One key point is being that I'm 6" foot tall.. and sitting close to the steering wheel because of chronic back pain.. this limits my view of the gauge cluster and well as the tachometer. In essence and what needs to be done, is to have the center molded panel remove, alter/cut and then replaced. I was tempted to do this myself, but I fear a butchered job would not suit very well with the wife. One other issue, is when we purchase a new set of wheels and tires.. We opted for the 16x7 Sparco wheels w/ 215/55/16 Maxxis Victra tires.. I was skeptical about this combination and later learn that we should have opted for the 225's instead of the 215's.. but this will come to pass in about 50K more miles.One final note: Due to the gas prices, our Transit Connect has been doing extremely wall over this last year and although we haven't went on any major trips yet.. We have traveled to and through a few states. The van is very comfortable and handles like a dream. Proof of this came while vacationing in Arkansas.. Mainly driving through Missouri.. The van cornered like a sports car and turns on a dime, but don't let this van fool you.. it is top heavy like all the other vans within the same price and performance range.

2015 Ford Transit Connect


2016-01-13 22:00:51

Junk Don't pay more than $14,000Piece O' CrapProblems will not be supported by Ford.You are on your own with this vehicle.

2015 Ford Transit Connect

small busines

2010-11-10 08:44:40

For the nature of my business , this ford (transit-connect) is a wish granted , it hauls my stock ,easy to load and unload , the floor height from road to floor is just right,,and it can carry a large load ,,i have high bulk boxes of cargo ,, my gas milage is great ,, ilove my Transit,,,,luzerne-shop,,,,,,leon

2011 Ford Transit Connect

Super car is here!

2010-07-11 19:22:28

I am 6' 5" tall. My Ford Transit Connect XLT wagon is the only car which does not require any ducking on my part to enter or exit. I have headroom to spare and I love the Imax front windshield. The fuel economy is acceptable with an average of 22.9 MPG in real world combined driving. The storage space is outstanding. Ford offers and optional large soft side storage bin set-up with a built in insulated cooler. It helps keep everyday trunk items in place and prevents them from rolling around in the back. The stock speakers are pure junk! They are not worthy of the radio. I dumped mine in the first week for a pair of 3 way's. I have also built a pair of tail door mounts for a pair of 5 way 6"x9" speakers. My mounts are made from 1" plywood. The wood was covered in blue vinyl which matches the color of my wagon. The stock XLT noise level was high. To solve this, I applied Dynamat to the inside of the front doors, the rear doors and the back doors. This helped out with the exterior nose levels as well as improving speaker performance. I also applied Dynamat to the back of the glove compartment and to the HVAC tubes to cut down on the HVAC noise. When I had the ceiling pads off to install the rear speaker wires, I Dynamatted the inside of the roof too. The payoff is when it rains I no longer hear the beat of each raindrop on the roof. My wagon is now limo quiet. The XLT wagon comes with REAR fog lights only. These are almost unheard of in the USA. I can say that they do work well in a heavy rain or fog situation. I did stand out in the storm. Ford has front facing fog lights on the European Transit Connects, but the North American version just has some stupid plastic inserts where the fog lights should go. I have installed a pair of Hela fog lamps under the front bumper. At the same time I am investigating exactly what type of fog light will fit in the Ford holes with a minimum of work and a maximum of good looks.

2010 Ford Transit Connect

Review of 2010 Ford Transit Connect

2010-01-30 13:47:39

These are all over the UK and Europe, they are very popular and people love them, great job Ford.

2010 Ford Transit Connect

Review of 2010 Ford Transit Connect

2010-01-13 18:11:16

Own a 2010 Ford Connect love it Better than 2007 Dodge I trsded.

2010 Ford Transit Connect

Review of 2010 Ford Transit Connect

2009-10-28 02:53:58

ugly ugly ugly hate it.

2010 Ford Transit Connect

"transit connect"?

2009-09-15 11:46:41

Who in the world thought up that name?...it sounds like a chinese or japanese phrase...wow!...that should sit well with out-of-work auto workers...great little van though...perfect for the city...wait.."CITIVAN"!!!...do I get a free one for that?...lol...contest to name it?...worldwide exposure!!!...you'd never guess I'm an old marketing type...can you tell?... you're welcome...:) Lynn

2010 Ford Transit Connect

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