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3.5 out of 5

Best Truck

2012-10-25 21:43:33

Best truck I ever owned. My 03 reg cab, 4 cy manual has 199,000 miles and still going. I got 27.0 mpg on the interstate doing 75 mph. Love the truck. Just regular maintenance items so far. Hey, Ford bring the T-6 Ranger here, I want one. If you have a Ranger hang on to it. I'm keeping mine like forever.

2003 Ford Ranger

Still 100% mechanically perfect!

2012-01-02 20:30:49

I purchased my Ranger (2.3 L, XLT, 5 speed manual, AC but really no frills in extra equipment) new in 2002. My Ford Ranger has been totally reliable. My Ranger now has 77,000 miles and has never caused me any problems. The quality and mechanical reliability of my Ranger is the best vehicle I've ever owned. The mpg in the city has never been below 27 mpg. The mpg on highway driving has always been above 32 mpg. Before buying my Ford Ranger, I test drove the Chevy S-10, Nissan Frontier, and Toyota Tacoma and because of the price (mainly) and the larger size of the Ford Ranger of that year, I chose the Ranger and I haven't been sorry. The only negative comment I have is that a few times over the years I have inquired about trading in my Ford Ranger for a newer truck, but the trade-in value is very low. I am sure the reason is because I have the basic Ford Ranger and as the sales personnel have told me nobody wants the basic truck considering all the new technology of the newer trucks. Oh well, I will just keep my good running Ranger. My Ranger still has the original tires, brakes, water pump, alternator, starter as everything is still the original equipment. The question I have always adhered to whether to trade off a vehicle is if I feel comfortable getting in my truck and driving it across the country right now. My answer is yes with my Ranger. I perform all the preventive maintenance on my vehicles, and so I know my Ranger is in perfect running condition. Doing preventive maintenance on this Ford Ranger is extremely easy and there isn't much to do on it. I am sorry that Ford has decided to discontinue the Ranger model, because my Ford Ranger has always been totally reliable. Personally speaking, I think Ford will regret discontinuing their Ford Ranger model. This is the 2nd Ford Ranger I've purchased in my family. I purchased a 1998 Ford Ranger for my son and it too was mechanically perfect. He wishes he hadn't traded it off.

2002 Ford Ranger

Built Ford tough!!!

2011-08-30 21:36:38

I own a 2011 Ford Ranger and it's excellent in every way,i love my truck built Ford tough.

2011 Ford Ranger

Very satisfied

2011-04-08 23:49:17

I have owned ford rangers all my life recently I had a 2002 3.0 v6ranger xlt, not a problem out of the engine. Works great and was very pleased with it. I now own a 2004 4wd 4.0 V6 it has great power and is great for offroading or pulling loads it has tremendous tourq to pull up hills. It will out pull chevy by far along with dodge. Which I have had experience with. I will never get in a Chevrolet dodge or even Toyota again.

2004 Ford Ranger

The 2002 Ford Ranger

2010-09-02 22:07:13

The ranger is a cool pickup.

2002 Ford Ranger

Ford tough. My ass.

2009-11-01 07:42:54

I own one of these. The motor runs great at 150K. The problem is rust in the frame. I've spent nearly $3000 holding it together. The Ford company doesn't want to talk with me about it. They say there's no warranty, and get lost. I don't treat it differently than any of the cars or trucks I've owned since 1957, but this piece of garbage is rotting away. I've instructed all the members of my family that if I ever so much as test drive another Ford, they are to shoot me on the spot. If you're thinking about one of these, get on your back and slide underneath it. Ask to see some hard evidence of where the steel came from in it. And buy from a dealer you know very well so that you can take crumbling hangers and crossmembers and struts into his office and leave them on his desk ... or her desk. Sorry.

2004 Ford Ranger


2009-07-16 04:53:42

I am a woman,I Love my Ford Ranger,Her name is Nellie Bell...Ha! I can say she has never let me down in all the years I have had her.She is the perfect size for me.We have gone a lot of places together,From Kentucky to Virginia,Florida to NY to Germany.Right now we are in Germany,And yes she came too.She is great for hauling what I need to move,Or just running around town.People ask why keep a 1995? Because she still runs and looks good.WHEN I do decide to get a new Truck,The Ford Ranger will be the first I look at.Take care of your Truck and it will take care of you.Thanks Ford for building a great Truck

2009 Ford Ranger

Great Trucks

2009-07-15 23:13:27

I have driven ford products for 43 years, have owned 5 Rangers bought them all used and never had any trouble with any of them. My 2000 has the 3 litre V6, with a 5 Speed, not really powerful but great gas mileage, I average 20 miles per gallon around town with it. The original factory tires lasted 61.000 miles before replacement, still had tread but not enough to trust anymore, AS far as I am concerned you can't beat a Ford Ranger. They are a great truck and very dependable.

2000 Ford Ranger

Happy to own a Ranger!

2009-07-05 09:32:31

I looked at the Nissan Frontiers, and their secret step-brother, the Suzuki Equator, and the other similar mid and small sized pickups. With every test drive, the dealers (except Ford) commented on how smooth and car-like they all handled. I got to thinking, I want a pickup and I will get a real pickup, not some urban wanna be. This vehicle will be used as a hunting vehicle, and very light farm work (to help my country friends), and my every day vehicle too. The interior is vinyl, which I like, my last car was a fuzz bucket, and every time something spilled, it was off to spend the better part of an afternoon cleaning the stuff up. I got the Ranger XL extended cab, 4 cylinder, and am very happy with my selection. It runs like a pickup should, as well as rides like one should. The Nissan/Suzuki people were pointing out the CD players, MP3 stuff and the bells and whistles, not one mentioned gas mileage or performance. I am still waiting for my first tank to run out so I can calculate my MPG. But on my first ¼ tank, with the AC going I got 120 miles, and at the half (where it is now) I have driven 206 miles. So after summer, I assume the mileage will go up. I really haven’t put it through it’s paces yet, but am sure it will perform well. I usually can tell within three days if I like or hate any new vehicle I have ever purchased. It’s been five days now, and I am happy. This Ranger will be around for as long as it stays together, and with the Ranger track record that will be a long time. It is sad to learn Ford is stopping the production after this year. The consumer magazines are all saying “No upgrades in too long a time span”, I say so what! “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” With a steady sales, it would seem you should keep it around. Let Nissan/Suzuki make changes every year, so the parts will be harder to find.

2009 Ford Ranger

I love my Ranger!

2009-06-13 19:09:13

I just bought my Rangeer a month ago so I can't speak to it's long term reliability. But right out of the box its great-the perfect car for me. My 4 cylinder really does get 30+ miles to the gallon. Can't figure out why Ford isn't pushing this little gas saver but instead I understand they may discontinue it. Very zippy for a 4cyl. Great manuverabilty-beats my previous Aztec, or Dakota. The front seats are very comfortable. The manual tranny easy to shift. Only negatives are limited cabin storage and the ridiculous jump seats in the back. Come on Ford, you can do better than that. So it's probably not a good choice if you are going to have 3 passengers other than for an occasional lshort trip.

2009 Ford Ranger

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