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4.5 out of 5

Capable Economy

2016-04-26 21:30:08

My '95 Escort wagon is nearing the 200k mi. mark, it's original engine still strong and clean. The 1.9l/5speed stick wagon consistently gets 35-40 mpg. in all-round driving. Replacement Parts for this vintage are plentiful/cheap, allowing me to affordably maintain the car myself. Fairly simple car to work on. Avoid the automatic transmission models. The wagon body lets me carry a lot with me. Handles well and keeps up with most traffic just fine. Has air bags and my auto insurance is very affordable. Negatives? Road noise, Quirky seat belts, Heats up in stop and go traffic jams, Limited weight carrying capacity.

2002 Ford Escort

Was A Good, Loyal, Reliable Car

2015-01-17 22:16:31

My 1995 Ford Escort was a car like no other, I thought it was a piece of junk when I first starting driving it four years (previously driven by my mother). However, I was proven wrong however by the *************. It never let me down not once. I drove that car with no battery charge in it once, however it died once I got to my destination. I didn't care by that point though. I've driven it with no oil in it and It ran perfectly fine until I traded it in. I can safely say that this car is a car like no other. I always got me to where I wanted to go no matter what, and it is very easy to drive and shift. Mine was a manual transmission. Anybody who has this car is very lucky.

2002 Ford Escort

Love this car!

2009-04-29 15:47:07

This car has been and continues to be fun, affordable, dependable and holds it's style - even after ten years. The gas mileage is excellent, trunk space is great - I really have nothing bad to say - I wish Ford was still making this kind of a fun and stylish car in this range.

1999 Ford Escort

Late 90' escorts

2009-04-25 15:18:41

The late 90's Ford Escorts were a 3rd generation vehicle that had proven themselves on the road as being durable and dependable. Numerous escorts have gone over 200K miles with little or no major repair/replacement. Ford is notorious for torturing the drivetrains in their vehicles and the escort is no exception. There are some things to be aware of. The front disc brake pads are thin, thus in daily driving conditions you can expect to replace those pads every few months. Along with those pads you'll want to replace the pins that the pads slide on since they will begin to loose their coatings and rust, causing the pads to stick. The suspension in these vehicles is soft and can easily bottom out if you pack 5 friends and alot of gear in the trunk. While the drivetrain is nearly bulletproof, it needs to be understood that these vehicles were never designed for towing anything more than a trailer full of leaves. With the number of escorts out there and a long service life, these cars are cheap to own and repair. Taken care of, they will easily last another 10 years.

1999 Ford Escort

A good car

2009-02-09 12:26:47

Our Escort Wagon was a good solid car. It had been in many car crash and survived most. Never had any problems

1999 Ford Escort

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