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2014-09-18 20:21:51

OK, my Crown Vic is a 2011. I bought it 2 years ago with 22,000 miles on it. It had been a rental and was in mint condition. I paid $14,277.00 for it, which I consider to be a steal. I have put 22,000 additional miles on it. When I drive it to work, I average 18 mpg. On long trips on interstate highways I get 25-26 mpg. I have had no problems with the car. There is plenty of interior and trunk room. It's no speed demon, but has plenty of power from the small 4.6L V-8 engine. I had wanted a used 2011 Town Car, but they were over twice as much as I paid for the Crown Vic and I just couldn't see that much difference in the cars. I love my Crown Vic, I just hate to think what I'll have to buy when the Crown Vic dies. I take care of it with regular oil changes and other maintenance, so hopefully it will last. I like the Crown Vic's ride and comfort. The design is dated, but positives far outweigh the looks of the car.

2007 Ford Crown Victoria

Best Car to be in if you are in a Crash

2008-08-30 09:37:19

Best Car to be in if you are in a Crash, walk away alive!

1999 Ford Crown Victoria

Rules the highway...

2007-11-02 02:55:55

Huge "bang for the buck" -despite rising gas prices. I made a few relatively inexpensive ans simple modifications to the exhaust, intake and suspension. Nice smooth ride with just enough agility to be confident in maneuvering in traffic. Easy to drive and cheap to maintain. Colleagues owning Audis, BMWs, MBs, Jags and Caddys that cost 2-3 times more comment positively. Super comfortable for driver and passengers alike. Drive the car gently around town. It's heavy and the 4.6 will guzzle gas if you jump on it. The Crown Vic is a true highway car. It has great pick up at the high end. It can run all day at high speeds and get 26 mpg. People view it as a "grandpa car". It's the #1 stealth car on the road. I lose "the cool factor" and gain a low profile. A samrt choice in the big sedan class.

2006 Ford Crown Victoria

Excellent Car / Lots of Car for the $$

2007-11-01 10:22:07

I currrently own a 2000 Crown Vic. I bought it used with 36K on the odometer. All it needed was brakes and tires. I purchased 4 new GoodYear Triple Tread tires. I shopped around for them and found the best price was from my local Ford dealer and not at a GoodYear store. The dealer sold them for $15 less per tire and I also go a free Apple I -Pod witht he purchase. They stick like glue and gives the big 4 door sedan a fantastic ride.

The Crown Vic runs on regular but has better acceleration when running premium, it will happily run on regular and does not ping under load or on a hot day.

I recently changed over to full synthetic oil and did a air filter change. I keep the tires inflated to 33 PSI and average 20 miles to the gallon going 14 miles to work one way in on local roads.

The stereo is pretty good and the ride is excellent, not too firm and not soft, it handles surprising well for such a big car. Once rolling along the car has excellent acceleration if you punch it at around 40-50mph. It has a very small V-8, 4.6litre but puts out almost 300 FT LBS of torque and about 225 HP.

My car has the single exhaust, I am sure the dual exhaust version is probably a tad more powerful but you probably don't get the same mileage and the single exhaust model.

I too learned that for 2008 Ford has decided to not offer the Crown Vic to the public, though they are still produced for fleets, such as police and Taxis,.

I found many 2007 used models on line, selling for a fraction of the original msrp. One example was a 2007 model with 9k miles, selling for 14,999. Where the hell else are you going to find such a great car, with 2 years left on the warranty for that price.

The demise of the Crown Vic is indeed sad, first GM drops the Caprice and Impala rear wheel drive, not Ford follows suit years later. At least there is still the Grand Marquis, which can be purchased with apolice package.

Luckily there is still the Grand Marquis !!!!!

2000 Ford Crown Victoria

Nothing Like A Rear Driver !!

2007-10-08 05:24:15

I glanced at the New Fords as I drove by the local dealership. Was that a differential hump I saw? I had to stop. I had been looking for a new car for some time but most were Front Drivers. Sure enough, a drive shaft and even real dual exhaust, not a single pipe split at the rear like my 1990 IROC-Z convertable.Give me the keys and a dealer plate, I really WANT to test drive this one. The first thing I noticed was the ease in maneuvering around the new car lot. My 3/4 XTra cab with 4 wheel drive has the turning radius of a 747. Nice highway ride but the thing that surprised me most was the way it handled out in the boonies.It has the performance and handling package with air shocks and what not, put the IROC with its ZR50's to shame.I remembered seeing some of these Fords at a city auction with 180,000 miles on them.My next door neighbor is a local Police Sergeant and drives one a work. " Darn near bullet-proof was the way he described the car. I've had the car for 61/2 years now and it's one of the few purchases I've made that , even at this late date, I still enjoy each time I drive.

2001 Ford Crown Victoria

Love my Crown Vic

2007-10-08 03:51:51

I own a 2001 Crown Vic. It still gets 25-27 MPG on the Hwy and 19MPG around town.... With 87,000 miles on it, it burns no oil and it is still a rocket ship. The ride is so smooth many cant believe it is a bargain model sedan. With its limo dark tint, it is comfortable in the summer with fantastic AC. When it rolls to around 100,000 miles, I will consider the current model Crown Vic.....

2001 Ford Crown Victoria

The First Car

2007-09-25 07:14:42

I am in love with the Ford Crown Victoria's I even named my son Victor and my daughter thats right you guessed it Victoria. This is the first and last car that I plan to ever drive but I must say that the Chyrsler Concorde is giving this beautiful car some real competition that is just my opinion though. But I was in love with this car since I drove my first 1996 model in 2004. That my father bought for me. I think I was in love because the car was reliable and that it was eight years old and that the cost was quite lower than the mustang. The best part, it was a police edition so that my friends was the icing on the cake, better yet it was the cherry.

2007 Ford Crown Victoria

Good Bye Ford

2007-09-24 06:30:04

What is Ford thinking? The best car ford has ever made! Now it will be no more! Well if I can't get a Crown Vic then I guess there will be no more Fords for me. No wonder the the american car market is going to pot.

2000 Ford Crown Victoria

The last ride of the best Ford EVER!

2007-08-15 10:41:00

This is not a review but a farewell to an old friend.

What is with the 21st century? we are just seven and half years into it and already we have seen icons of the air and highways drive and fly off into the sunset.

First the Navy retires the F-14 Tomcat fighter plane.

Then the Air Force retires the F-117 Stealth Fighter.

On the highway, Big Rig manufactor Peterbuilt ends the 379 production after 20 years.

And now Ford retires the mighty Crown Victoria effectivly ending one of the longest production runs in automotive history.

From the 30's when it was the Model A Victoria, then it became the Crown Victoria in the 50's only to merge with the Galaxie nameplate in the 60's and early 70's from there it became the LTD Crown Victoria and then the tounge twisting name became the Crown vic in the 90's.

What gave my life meaning as a cab driver will now be relagated to auto museums, old photos of NYC, police auctions and scrap yards.

I will not knock the new birds named after an African Gazelle {The Chevy Impala}, or the bigger Mopar Sheep Buggies {The Dodge Charger}, or the new replacement Ford Bull Wagons {The 500/new Tarus}. but my time on the streets was with you.

So long big Ford, you were the greatest car out there.

Thanks for the Memories... baby!

2007 Ford Crown Victoria

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