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4 out of 5

Good car for the money

2015-09-13 19:21:20

I got the top spec model. All the bells and whistles. The V6 has the power to get up and go at 283 hp, 3600 lb curb weight. The 6 speed bangs through shifts quickly. I added a cold air intake and a magnaflow exhaust. I also upgraded the brakes to EBC's with slotted rotors. The stock brakes seemed OK but I wanted to try out some higher performance brakes. The EBC's have a better feel to them and can bleed off the speed quickly. No major issues in 3 1/2 years. The check engine light has come on, I think, three times for emissions codes. Whether it was contaminated gas or what the issue was I don't know. It always went away after 2 or 3 days, but I was worried the first time it happened. The paint on the aluminum hood has a few defects in it but nothing that you can see unless you're really looking for it up close. The trade in value is not good considering, how many options the car has, how good the performance is, how reliable it's been, and what a good daily driver it is. If you like to trade cars in every few years you should consider this. One of the best features of the car is the engine. Linear power delivery, great for driving around town. At freeways speeds it runs around 2000 rpm, not 3200 rpm like some 4 bangers. I get about 20-21 mpg with mostly city driving, some freeway. Other cars I've had have had ergonomic or other issues ( noisy, poorly laid out dash controls, transmission lag, etc. ) that have made me want to trade them after a few years. I wouldn't mind getting something else, I like new stuff, but until some auto maker comes out with something that is appreciably better than this car ... NO SALE ! I almost forgot to add that I trust and like the work that the local Dodge dealership service department does where I live. There are other dealership service departments in town that don't seem to know what they are doing. Maybe that will change.

2012 Dodge Avenger

Overlooked Gem

2015-01-03 07:58:08

When I was in the market for a new card the Wife and I wanted something with enough room to be comfortable on long drives but not so big as to feel like a boat. We looked at a lot of cars and the Avenger is what caught my eye. I like the old school muscle car look over the sleeker lines so many cars have today and the Avenger has that squad powerhouse appearance when compared to other cars with a similar price point. Performance on the car will surprise you, while it is only a 4 banger the car has plenty of pep. On the open highway the card hits right at 30 MPG, was a pleasant surprise as cars usually hit below the rating. Overall gas mileage is running around 25 when you take into account local driving as well. The car is a solid, fun to drive ride, a good value and has a look I enjoy. More than happy with my purchase and recommend this card to anyone.

2014 Dodge Avenger

2011 Avenger

2012-01-24 14:38:21

Lux__4dr_Front_wheel_Drive_Sedan~********************,000~46-55~lynnfield~Massachusetts~City~Spirited~Daily Commuting~~~altima, vw CC, maxima, charger~I was in the market for a sedan and was giving up my SUV.... I wanted something that I enjoyed riding and didn't want to go broke in the process. I ended up test driving the 2011 Dodge Avenger and was sold. It is the LUX version so it comes with the V6 283 horse power engine.... auto starter, leather seats, and every other available option. You will enjoy the way it rides....especially on the highway. It flys!!! You will be going 90 and think you're going 50. It is as quiet a car as you will find. If you get the high end model you will be amazed at the options. Everything from leather/heated seats, GPS, moon roof, ABS etc. Do NOT BE FOOLED BY PRIOR AVENGERS! This car was completely remodeled with the infusion of cash from FIAT.... THis car is quiet, fast and dependable....Im not sure why its not being marketed aggressively but everybody that rides in my car absolutely loves it. I bought it 6 months ago and have put 8200 miles on it... I absolutely love it. Buy it and watch everybody tell you how nice it is.~true

2011 Dodge Avenger

Baby Charger

2011-05-22 18:30:04

Nice car with alot of features for the price. I got the v6 with the 6 speed trans and 283h. This car is fun to drive and has a great ride to it, no longer a rental type of car.

2011 Dodge Avenger


2011-03-13 20:30:06


2010 Dodge Avenger

Fantastic and well under rated car

2011-02-08 03:45:21

Excellent acceleration. I have the 3.5L V6 with a 6-speed autostick. Ride is choppy on rougher roads, but actually rides and handles better with about 100 lbs in trunk. Nice growl from twin exhaust tips when pressed a bit hard. Handles twists and curvy roads with ease. Heated and cooled cupholder is a really nice functional additional. Only real complaint is blind spots in rear corners. Fuel economy enroute to NC from MI. back in October running 55 to 60mph on flat roads was 34.2 mpg. Sustained highway speeds at 65 to 70mph was 30.9mpg. 75-79mph (with bursts to 90mph drops to 28.2mpg. I'll stop there. In the mountains, there may have been a 1/2 mpg decrease, but that's it. The above mileage was achieved with the a/c not running. I run Mobil 1 oil and had about 50K on the car at that time. Fuel economy rating is 16mpg city and 26 on highway. I used my extended range remote start religiously, and I still manage to never get less than 19.7mph in city. It is the most fun to drive vehicle I have ever owned, but I still hate the blind spots. What I did was get a 3" convex mirror on both sides and stuck them to outer edge of mirrors. Takes some getting used to, but I've driven trucks that way a lot of times, so I have gotten used to it. The Boston Acoustics sound system is truly awesome. For the second time in my life, my factory audio system needs no after-market improvements. It has a subwoofer in the back somewhere, and it's not big either, but it enhances tonal quality immensely. Great job Chrysler!

2010 Dodge Avenger

Sexy and Reliable

2010-11-20 16:08:49

I like different and this car screamed buy me at first sight with the SXT models chrome front grill and 17in ally rims . Driving the Avenger is fun and feels solid and safe. The inside is roomy and dash and interment panels are easy to see and work with there being a very minor complaint about the cheap plastic feel and look of the dash and door panels. My biggest complaint about the car, but not so horrible that it impacted my final decision to buy the Avenger, is the 4-speed automatic transmission slow and noisy while accelerating from a stop or getting onto a highway, but the noise from the trans does stop after it gets into the final gear and shifting was smooth and nice with no jerks or pause. Gas mileage is awesome, drove 194 miles (round trip) from North Phoenix to Payson, AZ at 70mph and only used 1qt (5gal) of a tank of gas giving me 38MPG hwy with is 8MPG higher then 2007 EPA test. Other then the Cheap plastic used for the dash and doors and transmissions noise and slow acceleration this car is great and reliable and would recommend it to everyone looking for a stylish and sexy car that stands out from the rest of the mid size cars in its class.

2008 Dodge Avenger


2010-09-19 00:29:51

I purchased my 2010 Dodge Avenger 05/27/2010 new and have put 6,400 trouble free miles on it. 95% of my driving is highway miles and the fuel economy is great. I get 30.5mpg back and forth to work. Have taken two short trips and the mileage is 37.5mpg. The engine I have is the 2.4l 4cyl. with automatic. The car is a nice size and fun to drive. I feel they should advertise this car instead of keeping it behind the senes.

2010 Dodge Avenger


2009-08-23 14:28:28

first off i just want to say that i realy do love this car.looks good,drives good,handles great,awsome mph.my only issue is with dash/instrmint panel.i feel like its a toy,everything is loose,trim around shifter rattles,all dash peices are loose and seem like they will fall off.dealer said thats just the way its made.i feel like i should get the glue lol.but other then that my family loves this car.

2009 Dodge Avenger

I shall call him..."Mini Charger"

2009-04-26 13:54:31

Great looking, great gas mileage, kinda peppy, but we are coming off a 2005 Hemi Rumble Bee high, so everything seems slow! But compare the gas mileage between the two,(the Bee got 10 mpg), and I can say this is one of the best mid sized cars we have ever had! And we have had several. Right at 20 city, and 30 highway miles, in the sxt package. Love it!

2008 Dodge Avenger

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