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4.5 out of 5

It was fun....

2016-09-02 09:41:05

I bought a 2002 Dream Cruiser in 2013 with 45k on it. Engine and drive train never gave me any issues. Unless you like making your own repairs, I would not suggest buying a used one. I enjoy wrenching, and I always liked the style of these. BUT.... After purchase, the front sub frame rusted in half. Apparently a problem on the early models, especially if they sit a lot. 45k on an 11 year old car, this one obviously sat a lot. I replaced the sub frame with a junk yard replacement. Rebuilt the ENTIRE suspension - front - struts and springs, stab links, stab bushings, control arms, ball joints, tie rod ends. Rear - shocks, stab links and bushings, bell crank, upper and lower watts links. Also replaced at this time - front wheel bearings, pads and rotors all the way around, lower motor mount (torque strut). Under the hood went a cold air intake, new screamin demon coil, Accel wires, E3 plugs. It was never fast, but the cheap bolt on mods definitely pepped it up, and it was fun to drive. Here is the huge problem with these. There are no new aftermarket parts for these - it is mostly new old stock. As a result, by 2015 the control arm bushings were rotted through as well as the torque strut, and suspect new old stock. The bushings were likely dried out and on the verge of dry rot right out of the box because they probably sat on the shelf for 10 years. The watts link system is a joke - the bell crank was making noise again in 10k miles. Online research shows there used to be nice upgrades, but today only OEM is available. I got rid of it at 80k in the summer of 2016. Pretty much every suspension component I replaced was ready to be replaced again. It still ran great with nice firm shifts. Despite a brand new 600cca battery, it never liked winter. Teens it turned over super slow. 0 it barely turned over, like a dead battery. BUT - it ALWAYS started. Never used oil. Crappy 16mpg combined, keeping in mind the few mods and I drove this car hard. Actually, I beat the crap out of it.A lot of people complain of drivetrain issues. I never experienced any - and again, I beat the snot out of this thing. But I also never saw it passed 80k. 5 stars for drivetrain durability. 1 star for limited availability of quality parts. 2 stars for the crappy rear suspension design. 1 star for MPG far worse than my 390hp quad cab Dodge Ram.....

2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Timing Chains et all...

2015-01-26 00:15:52

90K miles on the button the timing chain went. Nothing has been the same since. Water pumps, alternators, front end, transmission, brakes 3 times in 2 years. "woody" style car, trim fell off on a hot day. Stickers peeled 2 days later. 134K and despite babying it, this car has cost me thousands more than I purchased it for.

2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser


2012-08-18 19:38:01

I bought the 2003 in 2002 . Bought a gold Limited one with all the bells and whistles. Have totally Loved this car. Can't figure out why Chrysler cut this from their line. I know that had their financial problems, but feel this was a car that would be bought for many more years if they had kept producing *********** a fun car to drive, nimble, quick, and loads of room when you need it. Also, very good on gas, and this model has the 180 hp vs the 150 hp. I have two girlfriends that own them now. One just bought a 2007 PT and she is styling and loving driving it all over the place. I bought this car when I was 50 and still get HAPPY when I climb into it to go somewhere. Had a few repairs, but nothing to make me want to sell it. It has 86,500 miles on it .

2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser


2012-08-12 16:56:00

All have good and bad to say about ANY car...I think it's alot of luck. Theres always a bad apple in every bunch. I've had my 01 for about 6 years now. Has done me good. Only minor repairs here and there...which are expected on any car. Its never left me stranded...has started every winter and runs very well. It's stylish...comfortable and well made. Only con is the engine can sound a bit noisy at times...but with 102k on this car..it's still going strong. I love my PTC. I would recommend this car without hesitation! The 01's are made with style....some of the newer models looks like they went cheap on the interior. My 01 is styling and classy!

2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Norman UK

2011-06-19 16:02:15

Very expensive to run in the UK but does catch the eye when driving. The seats are not very comfortable on a long ride. overall quite nice

2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser

My 3rd and Last Pt :(

2011-01-22 12:55:47

When I saw a 2010 PT Cruiser at a local dealer, I knew I had to have it. I was currently driving a 2008 PT and was not very happy with it. The seats were so uncomfrtable, but I still love the styling and the space inside. I had also owned a 2004 model. Since I knew it was my last chance to get a new one, I purchased it.Aside from the fact that not much had changed on the inside or out from my 2008, the seats were somewhat softer. There was only one choice of interior color. As I drive it around NYC (Manhattan) where I reside, I still get alot of looks. It gets great gas mileage, and I will baby my new baby,

2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Don't buy this car!

2010-03-05 09:47:16

If you want to spend a ton of $$$ on repairs then this is the car for you! I have had problems about every 3 months with this car ontop of basic regular car maintence! It has overheated on me several times and I've has to replace the cooling fan sensors twice! Do youself a favor and buy a Nissan or Honda! American cars are just crap!

2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Review of 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

2010-01-26 09:22:21

Attraction: Retro Look. Sound car - Not great; not bad. Maintenance or problems - nothing major. Mine is a 2006. What I would change: The seatscovers are such that items (like books or misc. things) sitting on back seat slide onto car floor at slightest turn. Manufactuer should change material and maybe contour of seats. How to make this a big seller (among present owners too): Lengthen the size of vehicle...and maybe widen a tad. Driving: Adequate for local driving. More pickup wouldn't hurt. Handling on wet surfaces should be improved. Like Consumer Reports, I would say a good car for the money. Increasing MPG would be an added incentive. Questions from Chrysler: contact me - JimboUSN@aol.com. This car still has potential for good future sales.

2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser


2009-09-10 12:47:09

I absolutely hate my 07 PT Cruiser. I've had it for 2 years and had nothing but trouble out of it. One thing will go wrong, I'll get it fixed, and within a month something else is wrong with it. I will never ever have another PT Cruiser!!

2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Eye Catcher & Fun To Drive (Little Red)

2009-09-08 13:08:02

Have a two yr lease on this red 4 Door PT. We had such wonderful experience with the 2007 PT Convertable, that we wanted to try the 4 door. While in city driving produced lower MPG, we found that highway travel averaged 26 MPG + when locked on cruise control at 5 miles above the speed limit. Add a bit of midgrade gasoline, we got 29-30 MPG. We're going to purchase this car, because of the resons above when the lease expires in April 2010.

2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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