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My 99 DeVille Limousine

2010-12-01 16:25:41

I recently purchased a 99 Deville 6 door funeral limousine, with only 60,000 miles one her. The car thus far has needed some repairs, due to prior owner neglect. Tune up, new belts, fluids changed, tires, alignment etc. But all in all the car is fantastic to drive. Very comfortable, responds very well for being a limo, and has great pick up. All in all, I doubt seriously I'll ever buy another plain old 4 door vehicle. The only draw back to owning and driving a personal use 6 door stretch limousine is, parking it, at the grocery store, or a shopping mall. It needs 2 parking spaces. Other then then that. I'm lovin my limo.

1999 Cadillac DeVille

Dream Ride, but expensive to repair

2010-08-29 21:33:11

OK heres the skinny on a 1999 Deville from a 10 year, 102,000 mile owner. First the good-its very durable and reliable. Very quiet, smooth riding. Its always started for me and never broke down and left me stranded. I still love to drive it now just like when I first bought it. I really feel safe in it too. Now the bad-its very expensive to repair. Even though I've never had any major issues, I've gotten a taste- two new wheel bearings were $800 and a new hub assembly was $1,800. And it wasn't serviced at the more expensive dealer either! And watch out for the head gaskets on the Northstar engines, as they are prone to go which is a $4,000 repair. If you buy one, be sure the gaskets have been fixed already! Also if you want to show off don't buy one because it won't turn any heads, for some reason nobody (except me!) likes these older, elegantly styled American cars. Other minor nuances include too small side-view mirrors, stock radio sound kinda cheap and needs premium fuel. I do recommend this car, if you can get one at a good price. The ride and power alone make it worth it.

1999 Cadillac DeVille

Buy American

2009-09-06 10:46:42

Our 2003 Caddy Deville gets 30 - 34+ MPG if we keep speed under 60 MPH, around 58 - 59 on open road. Have had many Caddy's over the years, all had good mileage. Depends on what kind of driver YOU are. Also, Saturn has been a beauty and inexpensive since it's conception. Saw ad on TV showing new models. They are gorgeous! Worth a "second" look for many new buyers. I have never bought, or considered a "foreign made" auto. Wouldn't have one in my driveway. Just my "small" way to show I buy "American". However, take into consideration if "Toyota" Mfgs. in USA go down, many Americans out of work!

2003 Cadillac DeVille

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