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4.5 out of 5

BEST car I ever owned

2016-04-03 10:48:17

love love this car....on the road,,,,in town..etc..It's TOPS...NO problems in 9 years!!!

2006 Cadillac DTS

My 09 Caddie

2015-05-23 07:28:11

Loved this from the day i drover her off the lot.

2009 Cadillac DTS

Review of 2008 Cadillac DTS

2010-03-12 09:52:36

Bought a Dts in 2008. Ever since I have a big problem. The car battery doesn't want to keep its charge after 3 days of just sitting. air the airport, or cruise terminal I have to call roadside assistance for a jump. otherwise great car. But if it don't start when you test drive it...don't buy it. They can't seem to find the drain. said nothings wrong with it. They needed to jump it to take it to the shop. go figure

2008 Cadillac DTS

Very Nicely loaded Cadillac with Plenty of Power.

2009-09-10 22:31:59

This is my 2nd Cadillac. My first was a 2004 Cadillac DeVille, which was a total disaster of a car. It had over $13,000 in warranty work done to it, to include 2 transmission rebuilds. My current DTS is the performance model, with the high output 4.6 engine. Love the power. The gas mileage is not as good as the Deville. The car is a great car, however, the transmission shifting is not very smooth. It is doing what my Deville was doing, very hard, sloppy shifts. Other than this problem, I like the car and all its features.

2006 Cadillac DTS

Love my DTS

2009-05-27 07:48:07

This car performs well, is extremely easy to handle in highway traffic and just makes me feel safe. We will buy another one.

2006 Cadillac DTS

Our Cadillac DTS

2009-04-23 15:01:19

This is a very comfortable and roomy car. It has good pick up and the mileage is good for this size vehicle. 24 on the road sometimes 26. It is good for taking other people with you. We enjoy the moon roof and other amneties.

2009 Cadillac DTS

Review of 2006 Cadillac DTS

2009-04-15 15:51:45

2006 DRS loaded: I bought it new; it is the first car I've never had to take back again & again to the dealer for problems. It actually purs!! The Crimson Pearl color & finish is remarkable. It usually only needs to be sprayed off with a hose to bring it back to show room looks. It handles beautifully; has wonderful gas milage. It never fails to get strangers commenting on it's beauty. I think I've only had 4 or 5 trips out, where someone didn't come over & remark on it's beauty. I just love it!!!

2006 Cadillac DTS

It's a Great Car

2009-03-27 10:45:43

In March 2008 I went shopping for a new car. I tried the high end Lexus, Acura, Infinity and Hundai, since these are the makes everyone says are so great. Then I tried the DTS. I thought the DTS rode better, was quieter and manuevered better than any of the others I drove. I bought an 07 demo and have been extremely pleased with the car, with no problems whatsoever. Why the DTS seems to be always rated at the bottom of the pack is beyond me.

2007 Cadillac DTS

Cadillac DTS HP - Finally Found My Car

2009-02-05 17:15:44

I have been driving Cadillac Sevilles since 1995 and was really disappointed when GM changed the body size with no apparent equivalent, or sucessor. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find another car as comfortable, that rode as well, and performed as well as the Seville SLS. However, last weekend I test drove a 2008 DTS with the high performance motor, and bought it. The DTS is like a refined version of my Sevilles with improved features, and just as much pep when I need it. It cruises on the interstate and highways like a dream. You only live once on this earth, so why not drive a Cadillac?

2008 Cadillac DTS


2008-09-01 13:59:55

I recently traded my 2002 Cadillac for a 2008 DTS Biarritz and am absolutely thrilled with it. My husband is handicapped and I need a car large enough for him to get into easily. This fits the bill perfectly, not to mention it's beauty and performance. The PERFECT car!

2008 Cadillac Dts

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