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2017-02-17 13:49:53

Overpriced, technology that doesn't work, very low gas mileage, requires premium fuel ...! This SUV is priced approximately $10 K more than it's comparably equipped competitors. Uses "Start/Stop" technology which means the engine automatically shuts down when the vehicle comes to a stop. This is very annoying at the least; the air conditioner stops functioning properly (no cold air) when the engine shuts down - awful when it's 95 degrees outside; the transmission makes a loud clunking sound half the time and Buick can and/or will not do anything to "fix" or disable this feature. Gauges and information (Intellink) center are "virtual" - totally electronic. The displays for both gauges and info center auto dim to such a degree that they are un-readable; auto dimming doesn't work properly and often display levels never come back until the vehicle is turned off. Buick can't fix this and can't disable it! Buick customer serviced is out-sourced and agents are almost impossible to communicate with. I wasted 30 minutes on my last call and got no solution to the above noted problems. After six months my gas mileage is about 5 miles per gallon below the estimate (I am a conservative driver and don't drive in heavy city traffic). Buick recommends premium gas for the best gas mileage but I get the same with regular or premium; so, I use regular. My previous Buick was a Verano and I loved it; this Buick is a nightmare!

2016 Buick Envision

muy bueno

2016-07-24 03:21:17

megusta esta muy bueno

2017 Buick Envision

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