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5.0 out of 5


2017-07-09 02:52:29

I love this car. It is gorgeous and well built. I am tall and it has enough leg room for me. I always feel special driving it. It was designed by two women which I discovered after purchasing it. They did a fantastic job designing it!

2016 BMW Z4

Review of 2008 BMW Z4

2012-12-27 02:38:06

I have a 2008 Z4 coupe fully loaded. Bought it new and have had no problems with it. Needs oil changed around 17,000, First set of new tires back 36,000 front 38,000 now have almost 39,000 and still original brakes. I love this car. There are no others that look like it. I get compliments ALL the time on how sporty, sleek, sophisticated, and beautiful it looks. It's fun to drive, handles great. With the sport button it's faster than most in it's class. And the trunk is hugh for a sports car. All my friends love to travel with me. No complaints from me. Some people complain about the interior size but people common it's a sports car their all small that's why we buy them. I love the cockpit look and feel of ********* solid on the turns at high speed, stops on a dime.

2008 BMW Z4

Great Car. Of yeah

2010-04-28 11:50:25

This car rocks. I've driven it to many destinations and its still fun to drive every time I get into the driver's seat. The ride is awesome, the handling is superior, speed incredible, and so on and so on. You will definitely love this car.

2008 BMW Z4

Review of 2010 BMW Z4

2010-03-07 14:51:35

2010 BMW Z4

Wish I had a longer drive to work

2009-12-13 15:15:06

A true driver's car. Makes driving to and from work, something to look forward too. Needs anerf bar in front, to avoid curb scrapes (lower sports supension.)

2007 BMW Z4

Old Guy in a Z4

2009-03-22 18:47:37

Quality car. M seats give a lot of support. Great comfort features. Power top is simple and quick. 3.0si is the way to go compared to the .i model or older 2.5i. 6speed is effortless. Use of quality materials inside and out. Plus no maintenance cost.

2007 BMW Z4

love it

2009-02-23 13:36:00

Best car I have ever owned. Hands down. Would buy another one for sure.

2008 BMW Z4

Love it

2008-12-17 18:26:13

It may be tiny, but for a tiny girl this car is ************ not as small as the Mazda Miatas or the Z3 and has more power and is more masculine in appearance than the other roadsters out there. I love this thing to death.

2003 BMW Z4

Refind and classic

2008-11-30 22:22:58

The BMW Z4 is a classic roadster. The car provides a level of fit and finish that is outstanding. Enough trunk space for travel luggage or grocery shopping with no loss of space from lowering the convertable top. Interior is all business. The car comes OEM with runflats, which due to the stiff sidewalls provides a harsh ride. For most people who drive these cars it's worthwhile to switch to regular high performace tires at a lower price than the run flats. Audio system is first rate for this type of car. This is a car that I would purchase again, that's the best thing I can say in this review.

2005 BMW Z4


2008-05-18 09:51:27

for what u get --it cost to much-its small burns gas and very SLOW. the up keep will kill u.

2008 BMW Z4

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