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4.0 out of 5


2011-05-28 00:48:54

powerful engine, quiet ride outstanding electronics. a little bit of turbo lag but hardly noticeable. a nice car for me.

2012 BMW 750


2010-03-13 15:09:02

This car is awesome...this is one classy car. The room and driving is off the chain........BMW ROCKS!

2006 BMW 750

The 2010 BMW 750Li Msport really is the ultimate driving machine

2010-01-02 11:54:11

I just leased a 2010 BMW 750Li M sport package, with all options except the rear DVD system. I owned a 2004 model and currently alos own a 2007 Mercedes S-550. I also am a former Police driving instrustor so I know a performance car when I drive one. The 2010 is the most amazing vehicle that I've ever driven. With the M sport package and active steering, this car does things that makes you want to put a disclamer sticker on the car that says "do not attempt this at home". It's turn radius is unbelievable. Exactly what you'd expect from BWM. The M package has 4 driving modes. Comfort which rivals the ride of the Bentley and surpassess the S class Mercedes. Normal, sport and sport plus (or what I call warp drive). In sport plus the car uses it's sensor system that reads the road hunders of times per millisecond to ensure that all four wheels stay attached to the road and prevents the car from drifting when changes lanes. Steering response is quick and without play. My car is also equipped with the head-up display which puts essential information right onto the driver's windshield. The active cruise control is so good that at slower speeds, it will actually stop the car when approaching slowing or stopped traffic. Another feature is the Auto Hold which allows the car to remain stationary once stopped at intersction without you having to hold down the brake pedal. You proceed simply by pressing the accelerator. The seats have an amazig array of adjustability including the capability of shoulder adjustments which the Mercedes does not have. If you drive the S-Class Mercedes, Maserati, Bentley then drive the BMW, I don't see how you would want to buy any of these other vehicles when you compare driving capabailities, ride, technology and ammenities. Especially when a fully loaded BMW (MSRP $115,400) leases out at under $1,700 per month while the others range from $2,000 -$3,400 per month. The BMW really is the ultimte blend of luxury and performance.

2010 BMW 750

great car

2009-02-26 12:53:06

the best luxury performance car. after you drive one you cant drive any other car. have to eperience to trully under stand.

2008 BMW 750

chick car

2008-05-14 10:50:00

It is the best car I have ever been in and very fun to drive.I have never used the T.V. though...

2006 BMW 750

Review of 2007 BMW 750

2007-08-20 06:24:14

Can't wait till my new 750LI hits the port!!!!!! Moving on to the 7 series from the 5 series..!!!!! **********

2007 BMW 750

Loving it

2007-08-19 10:23:00

The car is great. I got 25.2 MPG on a recent trip. Great power and comfort. I wish it had AWD for the snow. Could be better in snow.

2007 BMW 750

BMW 750iL

2007-08-15 11:21:56

Best car I've ever owned/leased. More comfortable and responsive than the Mercedes S without the bulbous dashboard cramping the cabin. Smooth acceleration, driver and passenger comfort, excellent safety, handling and superb brakes, when you need them. Dealer sales office was great. Service varies from dealer to dealer - ask a friend about the dealer's service.

2007 BMW 750

Review of 2007 BMW 750

2007-08-14 10:49:59


2007 BMW 750

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