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4.0 out of 5

Love this car

2016-01-31 07:54:37

This is my second BMW, replacing a 2013 328i. Previously I have had two Acuras, two Volvos, and a Mercedes. The only negative I can state is that I wish the steering was a little more direct. Otherwise I am thrilled with the car. The 2.0L 4-cylinder is plenty powerful, and while not the aural delight of BMW's inline sixes, the benefit of 35 MPG highway trips and a 28 MPG average matter more to me. I also find the stop/start to be hugely improved compared to my 328i, barely perceptible. (I noticed a previous review stating the engine shuts off after being stopped for 30 seconds. That is not true. It shuts off immediately the car comes to a stop. This leads me to believe that the "reviewer" does actually have any experience with car, and just posted a bogus review because he hates BMWs.) The iDrive system is the best in the business, the car feels bank vault solid, and the interior design and materials are superb. So far my 528i has had zero defects, just like my 328i before. Finally, I just like the clean and conservative styling inside and out, especially mine in dark gray with the M Sport package.

2015 BMW 528

I am probably done with European Auto's

2016-01-09 16:01:37

I have generally been happy with the last 6 BMW 528i vehicles I've leased. I Stress lease as I will turn the car in before the "free service" and bumper to Bumper expire. The problem is every one of these vehicles have had a weird issue such as a clunk when I make a right turn from a stop then start at a traffic signal. I have had two where the heated passenger seat did not heat. The dealer took a leap of faith and totally reprogrammed the cars which left me having to set the remaining settings as if it were a new car. I hate run flats, they are expensive to replace unless you get the insurance. I had two run flats that seemed to pick up nails in such a manner that the tires could not be repaired. So the question remained do I pay $1100 for the unconditional tire warranty or do I take my chances. The so called gas saving feature where the engine shuts off after being stopped for 30 seconds is a useless feature cause most of the time the light changes and I'm ready to roll. Remember, the vehicle uses more gas to restart than if you sat idling for 30 seconds. It's a useless piece of technology and I've saved about 2-3 miles per gallon leaving the feature turned off. It's also something else that will break. I've had some other weird things go wrong. I had one where a xenon headlamp kept blowing out. Thank heavens for the bumper to bumper otherwise I would be looking at $900 for a new assembly. One of the cars that had to be reprogrammed just never drove the same. I had the car for about 6 months, made a deal with the dealer and drove home with a new car, not the color I wanted but at least that car had no problems; should have kept that one. FYI - I had to come back a week later to have the genius show me how to set something. The car the dealer took back was in the rear of the building with a sticker on it "do not sell - return to factory"! We have 2 Cadillac's and they have worked out fine. The second one was sort of hit by lightening while we were stuck in a torrential storm. We lost the CUE system, otherwise the car was fine, the dealer replaced the $4200 system at no charge but then there was the fight with the idiots at Sirius to get them to understand we had a new system hence a new ID. But at the end of the day if I was in the market for a new car I might bite the bullet and get another 528i. Mercedes in that price range are not built as well as the BMW and it turns my gut to see a sticker in the $50K+ range.

2015 BMW 528

grat car

2015-02-11 18:17:14

i loveed it

2015 BMW 528

Honest Opinion

2010-12-15 07:17:42

Bought the car after trading in my MB C300. After driving a small car for awhile the bigger 5 Series took a little getting use to. Fuel economy is about what I expected. Not as good as the C300 but on par with a vehicle of its size. Has all the bells and whistles. With the bigger back end the rear view camera is a must if you plan to buy. The navigation, once you figure it out is one of the best I've seen and I have had a number of cars with navigation. The interior is one of the best in the industry. Beats MB, Audi, and Lexus hands down with Lexus running a close second. The redesigned cup holders are a whole lot better than before. The instrument panal is easy to read with everything easy to get to as the driver. You can download cd's onto the car's hard drive and also have the IPod connections as well in which you can do the same. Connecting my IPhone was a breeze do to the partnership they have with Apple. Calls were clear as if you had the phone up to your ear. The sound system sounds is second to none. Although MB has a great Harmon Kordon the system in the this car beats even that system as far as sound and clairity. Over all a great buy for the money. The I Drive is still a little hard to get use to and figure out. I'm pretty good with technology and even I was a little confused at first. After about 20 minutes I was able to get most things down but still had a hard time trying to figure out others. If you are are in the market for the 5 Series, E Class, A6, or the Lexus E350 I would highly recommend the 5 Series. Best bang for the buck. You won't be disappointed.

2011 BMW 528

Review of 2011 BMW 528

2010-10-24 00:04:48

We have had our 2011 528i for three weeks. It is loaded with the newest technlogy, plus it is avery well designed car-both inside and out. We were in the market for a Mercedes, but found the 528 to be better equiped and better priced than a 2010 equivalent model that we had been looking at in the Mercedes. It handles well and has that "sporty" look and feel that we were looking for after having driven Caddilac sedans for years. Test drive one and see for yourself.

2011 BMW 528

Just Love This Car

2010-03-13 14:39:07

I've preferred German engineering for years and this BMW is the best I've come across. Better gas mileage than posted - long road trip was an impressive 31 mpg. The Steptronic transmission is a must have if you enjoy a real driving experience, plenty of power for passing and great handling around difficult or flat curves. Another option I love are the optional power seats - very comfortable and great for longer trips. Not much of a backseat however. When the lease runs out on this car . . . I'm leasing another one.

2010 BMW 528

Review of 2008 BMW 528

2008-01-20 01:40:53

I have an older BMW 5 series which I adore. Can't wait to check out the 2008 model.

2008 BMW 528


2007-12-21 09:17:29

I bought it month ago and already having the Electrical problems... the light keeps coming on

2008 BMW 528

Amazing car

2007-12-01 10:57:01

The best ride and performance yet

2008 BMW 528

A drivers car

2007-09-01 10:50:00

I along with many of my friends own 5 series BMW's. When I bought my first one, I traded up from a luxury Japenese car. Intially I wasn't sold on the car.Long story short, once you really drive a BMW you can no longer drive any other car. It flawlessly does whatever you ask it to do reardless of road conditions. The sense of road feel is just enough to know the road but not enough to interfere. It's almost bipolar, it can drive as a luxury car, but thens push it and it cheers you on like a porsche. With an active suspension it actually corners like it's on rails and the tires never squeech b/c the tire surface is always kept flat agst the pavment. I've had 3 BMW's and am just about to get the 550. BTW it's fun to blow away from a Lexus on a highway exit ramp. No sedan can keep up!! Every person I've sold on BMW's has never gone back to other cars; then throw in free sevice for 4 years...it's cheaper to drive than many ordinary cars.

2008 BMW 528

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