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Review of 2011 BMW 328

2011-07-17 18:32:07

The BMW 3 Series 328 XI has been a terrific car. Having previously had a 335 coupe I thought I would miss the turbo. However, if you put the auto tran in DS mode it is plenty peppy and delivers smoother power than the turbo. I also find the all-weather tires much better for the driving most of us do vs the low profile and wide Bridgestone's that were on the coupe. Never had to use the all wheel drive this past winter and the extra weight takes a toll on gas mileage (overall 20-21mpg) so don't get the XI unless you really need it. No quality issues so far

2011 BMW 328

Love my 328xi coupe with red leather seats

2011-05-27 17:16:25

Funny the last reviews said it handles like a dream. I always say that too. I love the way it handles, and it corners like a dream.

2007 BMW 328

2011 BMW 328i Sedan

2011-01-11 22:57:11

Maintains the BMW traditions of excellent handling , a smooth lively inline six cylinder engine , and rear wheel drive . Exterior styling is excellent and interior is in good taste , overal quality is good . It is fun to drive , which is what matters .

2011 BMW 328

2011 328i review

2010-09-08 12:41:44

The car has the worst orange peel paint I have ever seen on a new car. It's so bad I can feel it. To me that is not appropriate on a premium car. They explained that orange peel is acceptable on a BMW. I never thought a BMW would make me say "oh well, it's just a car". The car drives like a BMW should, which is to say, excellent. It is much more fuel eficient than I would have expected, 29 mpg on a tank of gas, commuting with both city and freeway driving. I have the 6 spd transmission which is a delight to drive. I can't believe that only 5% of BMW's are ordered with the standard transmission. Performance is very adequate for normal driving and 80% of sporting driving. ************* a sports car, not luxury. It's firm. The back seats are not comfortable for long drives. Quality, I expect it to be excellent for a long time to come. Thats why I bought a BMW. When you purchase the car you will sign a stack of papers worthy of your next McMansion financing. When you return with a concern about the car, they will show you the paper you signed that says that is not a problem. It's a good car, but man am I disappointed with BMW.

2011 BMW 328

proud to drive my beeemmmmeeeerrrrrr

2010-06-18 21:50:34

i am the proud owner of a deep blue (exterior) with a deep bronze tan interior 2door coupe 328xi 07. it is the fourth bmw that i have owned. it is my favorite yet... i find it to be a fantastic car. i absolutely love it. it handles like a dream.

2007 BMW 328


2010-06-13 21:41:26

Long a BMW purchaser, this is our 11th car with the company, and the 3 series is my favorite! Perfect in every way. I will never change car make, this is as good as it gets!!!!!!!

2007 BMW 328

BMW 328 is an excellent value.

2009-08-17 01:29:06

This is one great driving car. Comfort, safe, easy on the gas (prem) and performance too. Maybe the best overall car under 40 thou. on the planet. Free service and they hold their value.

2008 BMW 328

Review of 2009 BMW 328

2009-06-05 11:17:15

without a doubt, the best car i have ever owned!{and i have owned quite a few}

2009 BMW 328


2009-04-27 09:50:46

A BMW had always been my dream car. This year, my husband encouraged, and I bought a CPO 2007 328xi coupe with relatively low mileage. It has both sport and premium packages. I'm not a lead foot, but when driving it, I always want to push to the limit. Driving is a joy in this car, and I absolutely love it - the handling - the acceleration, the de-celeration, the hugging of corners. I have no complaints about the gas mileage. My next car will also be a BMW. If you always wanted a BMW and your pocket can stand the cost, this is a good time to buy one. There are great deals to be found, and you'll love it! Just one little thing though...lots of patience needed to consult the manuals.

2007 BMW 328

Great car, but pricey options!

2009-04-02 01:03:15

So I bought my 2009 Black BMW 328i in January of this year. I have already 4000 miles on it, the most I have ever put on a new car so soon. The car is a great all around driving car and the more I drive it the more I love it. I purchased the car with the Sports package which gives the car a sportier suppension and bigger tires and wheels as well as a special interior package. I have yet to see the supposed 28 MPG on the highway, so far I am averaging about 20 MPG in mixed driving. The car handles extremly well and even though I live in a snowy climate, with traction control, the car does remarkably well in light snow conditions. My only disapointment is the price of options on this car and the lack of some standard features. I bought the car with the power seat package, a 1200 dollar option, but in higher end 3 series model (335i) the seats have more adjustments than mine. I mean did I not just spend 1200 for power seat package? Also BMW hypes on comercials about HD Radio, however that is not standard, it is a 695.00 additional option. For about the same money you could buy a loaded Infiniti G37 with leather and almost all options. At $40,000 dollars for my car I have faux leather,and although it is the best faux leather I have seen, it seems expensive to not have leather standard. The only way fo rme to get leather was to cough up another $3000.00 for the premium package. All in all a great car, but if you are looking for a more optioned car and space isnt a huge issue, look at the 1 Series, A loaded 128i was about the same price and it had Xenon head lights, real leather, and the sports package in a car about 250 pounds lighter and with handling to boot!

2009 BMW 328

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