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4.5 out of 5

105000 miles and I still dig it

2015-04-28 19:50:39

Does everything well. Carries a lot of gear to the beach nearly every weekend. Efficient. Looks good. and reliable. Had to install a 3 point rear camber assembly for $500 to get rid of an annoying rear roar that comes from the inside of rear tire cupping. Unfortunately, Acura does not come with camber adjustment for rear alignment. Installed and all is great!

2011 Acura TSX

My bu** hurts

2011-09-06 17:25:31

I know the TSX is a sports sedan, but the ride is still too stiff and choppy. I test drove it on mostly smooth highways(my bad). On neighborhood streets that are a little bumpy, the ride is horrible. Also-too much road noise for a luxury brand. I've had a knocking noise emanating from the right rear-the Honda empire cannot figure it ********* worse it hot weather. Otherwise the car is ok I guess. I wouldn't recommend it though-there are better choices.

2010 Acura TSX


2011-08-20 14:16:10

very good car for around town driving. nice ride and handling. pretty good gas mileage, getting 25mpg. very good room in front seats, back seats adequate. they are not designed for a long trip. truck room excellent. Owned car for four months and reliablity has been excellent.

2011 Acura TSX

Review of 2010 Acura TSX

2010-12-31 08:43:03

Purchased a 2005 TSX, which i thought was the best car i ever owned until i bought a 2010 TSX 6mos ago, even better!!! 5 and 1/2 years of driving these vehicles...never had a problem. Just do the routine maintenance and you can't go wrong.

2010 Acura TSX

Review of 2004 Acura TSX

2010-07-24 00:56:19

My TSX only has 70,000 miles and has been using about 1.5 qt of oil every 600 miles. I took it to the local Acura dealer and they told me it would need a new short block. I bought the car with under 15,000 miles, changed the oil every 5000 miles and had it serviced at the dealer. My extended warranty was up in May 2010 that was less then three months ago. Arcua USA said they would pay 50% of the cost to fix the car which is 8,000. this car is a pice of ****!!! Ther was nothing I did wrong to the car it has a factory defect in the short block. I would never buy a 2004 TSX or any TSX if you are looking for a good car. I would have been better of with a kiea at least it has a 100,000 mile warranty. Stay away from Acura. All show and no go! Who would ever think that with all the problems car companys are having today a company lake Acura would not wont to take care of a factory ************ to late for me, I'm just trying to tell as meany people that I can to stay away from Acura it's not the car you thank your buying. This problem started around 60,000 miles so only 10,000 miles out of warranty thats why Acura said they were glad to help with there offer of 50% when I thank they should pay 100% to fix the car I did nothing wrong except buy an Acura.

2004 Acura TSX

Traded in my BMW Z4 for the TSX

2010-07-15 13:08:03

Just traded in my '06 BMW Z4 with 56k miles for an '07 TSX with 38,100 miles. Obviously the Acura is 300 pounds heavier with 10 less horses and 2 less cylinders, but I really have no complaints. It doesn't throw your head back like the Bimmer (talking about the 4 cylinder here), but I was sick of paying $320 PER tire for run flats (no space for a spare) that only lasted 20k miles. I can buy 4 decent tires for the Acura for what I used to pay for just one Bimmer tire! It's a good looking car (especially in the pearl white), handles relatively well (bear with me, I'm coming from a two seat roadster that sat a good 5 inches lower), and has all the accoutrements the Bimmer had (sans automatic headlights and the radio artist/song display.) PS-When I went to Spain in 2005, I saw a TSX over there and they sell them under the Honda Accord badge! Thought that was a riot that we pay for the expensive brand stateside. The TSX is very similar to the Accord interior's features, as well. I test drove an '08 Accord coupe 4 cylinder and was grossly disappointed in the pickup. The V6 is more peppier. But the TSX does just fine in 4 cylinder form. I got the extended warranty and hope to enjoy many years with this car.

2007 Acura TSX

I love this car!!

2010-06-09 19:48:42

I've had it two weeks and am still on the original tank of gas!! Much better than the 8 cyl. Buick I previously had. This one is a great car for the price -- it has everything you could want standard (sunroof, dual climate controls, heated leather seats, etc.). It's fun to drive. The 4 cyl. engine has plenty of pep. My only complaint is the ride -- it's rough(but then I was used to a very heavy car). The leather seats are very comfortable. There is plenty of room. The car is a great size. I can't say enough -- I really love it. And the dealership was great -- I was very impressed with the dealership and the Acura product. I would highly recommend you look at these cars -- I know I was very impressed.

2010 Acura TSX

2010 TSX Tech Pkg.

2010-03-17 18:03:11

Purchased two months ago, got terrific no money down lease. Absolutely love the car, great drive, decent power from the 4 Cylinder, confortabe, quiet, with great sound system. Previous car 2007 Camry XLE, which had more room in rear but nowhere near as nice to drive. Previously have owned Lexus ES330, Audi A4, two Infinity G20, and two Maxima's. Would say to date enjoy this car the most.

2010 Acura TSX

I love my TSX Acura!

2009-10-19 01:38:28

I absolutely love my blue TSX Acura which I have had since December 2008. I don't need to be driving over 90mph so the power is great and the look is awesome. It is comfortable and the back seats easily fold down when I have had to move large items. I couldn't ask for a better car and I am NOT getting paid to take the time to write this!! Juliana

2009 Acura TSX

Best Value I Found

2009-04-22 22:24:41

The lease on my BMW 328i was up at the end of March. While I intended to stick with BMW, I found them not very willing to deal to keep me as a customer. The best deal I could get on a 36 month lease for a 328i was $529/mo with around $3,500 down. I looked at the Cadillas CTS which was a little more yet, although I was very impressed with the handling, acceleration and overall ride. I caught an ad for 36 month leases on a TSX for $339/month. I gave the car a test drive and found the handling comparable to the BMW, with just a little less guts than the Beamer. (I should say that the BMW also had less guts than the Infiniti G35 that I had owened previously). While I didn't get away quite as low as $339, I got a deal for $362/mo., around $160/mo. lower than the BMW. So far, I am very pleased with the TSX. I have found I can actually fit my golf clubs in the trunk as well as two large pieces of luggage. I also have more headroom. At 6'00" I am not that tall but my head did almost hit the inside ceiling in the BMW. Also, there are a lot of nice stroage compartments. I have taken the car on three long trips, one with passengers in the back seat and it was very comfortable on a long trip. I also got the 30 mpg given on the sticker. Even if I can afford more when I get my next car, Acura has already earned the lead position. BMW may never get me back. MJK

2009 Acura TSX

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