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My first and last Tesla

Rudy 2020-09-07 00:14:56

Buying and driving a tesla definately has a certain WOW factor. Once the problems begin piling up, and they do quickly and soon after delivery, then the WOW factor goes out the window. First off, the Tesla is not a luxury car, the turning radius is terrible and the ride is not that great. I would compare the ride to a Camry or accord. Not to take anything away from camrys or accords, but then camrys or accords do not cost $60,000. The problems are too many to discuss or list, but they are far from being corrected. They range from the screen freezing randomly while driving, glass being installed incorrectly, wires hanging from the underside of the vehicle features not working or not working properly. The list is lengthy. I definitely regret choosing this vehicle to purchase and wish I had gone with another manufacturer. I have not recomended Tesla to anyone and will continue to discourage anyone who asks me from buying a Tesla. The service is also a huge negative. As an owner, you only deal with technicians. No one to turn to with complaints or escalations of service issues. Just an app to schedule an appointment that keeps getting pushed out further and further. Three months into ownership and still far from getting issues with vehicle resolved. Lots of waisted time and very disappointed. Sorry I made this choice!

2020 Tesla Model Y

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