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First time owner Subaru Outback Limited

humancafe 2020-03-31 11:59:15

First time owner Subaru Outback Limited Kudos to Subaru for building such a beautiful Outback. I must say this 2020 Outback Limited is really a joy, blows me away with ride comfort, roominess front and back, moon roof, quiet ride, great responsiveness, excellent 4 wheel traction, just a wonderful wagon mechanically... I’d give it a full 5. I even like its stop/start feature and good mpg, love the Eye Sight features, pre collision warnings, wireless charger, and driver recognition. Where it falters (why 4 rather than 5) is in its electronics, sensors driver assistance that I find faulty, even annoying. Here Subaru needs work to make their use more transparent and intuitive. Having come from a 2017 Ford Escape Titanium with similar features, I have to admit Ford did a better job in its electronics (not to mention rain sensing wipers, self parking, front and side sensors, none of which I have on my new wagon), though Subaru beats them on design and comfort. Where I found lack of clarity was in its multifunction 11.6” screen, hard to navigate with multiple layers to find what sought for. I finally was able to track down what I needed in their (four) driver’s manuals, like setting correct volumes for beeps and dings in onboard sensors (the backup sensor was barely audible per default settings, while navigation prompts and lane centering alerts screamed at me). Nor was it easy to understand what the authors of those manuals had in mind, did they cross-check their indexes? Very hard to find stuff, and then finally found little explanation of what function is. So the tech side, though it works beautifully, is just badly laid out and difficult to decipher. Otherwise, once you finally crack the code and able to make it work right, this Outback is a real joy. I just wished Subaru hired more competent authors for their manuals, slim them down with simplicity and better cross-referencing. (They might want to contact people at Apple or Ford for a leg up.) So overall only a 4 rating, wish it were more. But upgrade those techs and this Outback is definitely a 5! Overall, glad I switched.

2020 Subaru Outback

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