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3.0 out of 5

A very Nice Car with some really annoying absent functionality

pooh1952 2019-10-27 21:21:17

This year i leased my 1st BMW. I am a long standing Ford Escape fan. The Ford escape fully loaded is about 20K less than the fully loaded BMW X3 i leased. I wont lie. The BMW is a beautiful car. Its quality inside and out. But i hVe buyers remorse. Because what really annoys me is that for 20K more I’m missing functionality I’ve had for years. So for those of you Who are considering a purchase you may want to be sure you can live without these features. First- no remote start! WHAT? Not even dealer installable. Seems Germany did not allow it in the past. BMW starting to include it on high end cars, but apparently NOT in my 20K options package. I live in NY and remote start from my app or from Alexa for FORD was very useful. So the car salesman says well you can ‘pre-ventilate’ from the app. What the heck is ‘ pre-ventilate’ and why would i ever? Second- key fob. You can open the hatch with it, but you cannot CLOSE the hatch with it. Im only 5’4” and must annoyingly use the hatch button. But wait! You cant LOCK the drivers door manually with the button on the door- here you MUST use the key fob. HUD- while i love the heads up display, the bmw gps mapping is awful. Its SO difficult to see your route. Thank God for carplay and waze. However neither will display in the HUD. PS- Apple Carplay does connect wirelessly, which IS nice, but you loose bmw functionality Calls/contacts if you use it. What i do is asked for guidance from bmw, so its in the HUD, but i look at WAZE on the 12” display. Lastly, the pickup on the road is horrible. Its a turbo 4. I had a saab turbo 4 and it did not lag like this does. Not a big deal for me, just thought german engines were supposed to be so superior. So there you have it. To be clear: The CAR is beautiful and for most aspects i rate it a 4. But i had to take a star away because iDrive, remote start and the weird locking cant compete with Fords SYNC system. And a car that is 20k less. Sorry if i offended any bmw fans, im just saying....

2020 BMW X3

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