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Everything in life is about compromise.

Rafael 2019-05-18 20:17:50

Everything in life is about compromise. My wife has always love SUV, so we had own a few including Infiniti, Nissan, Jeep and Dodge. It's is the first time we get an european nameplate, American-made SUV. Our delivery date was delayed because we were hit really hard by Hurricane Maria almost two years ago. My wife loves a full 2nd row seat instead of the captain chair(my favorite) layout so we ordered one with a full 2nd row seat. For my surprise and because of limited models selection, we received a captain chair, blue, V6 SEL Premium with 4Motion. In the beginning, I was worried for some negative articles regarding VW Atlas reliability so I prejudge the car since the day we received. I tried to find any rattle, knocking and suspension sound. Two months have passed and I finally got an annoying sound coming from the front suspension and dealer told me sound was in accordance with that kind of vehicle. Finally on my third visit to the dealer they told me that a service bulletin was created for our vehicle so they proceed to replace it. Almost two years now and my wife is extremely happy with her VW Atlas and the captain chair layout. It's an excellent people hauler (preferred car of my Boy Scouts ), getting into the 3rd is really easy, Fender sound system is amazing, excellent cargo capacity, simple and practical cabin layout, perfect size (not too big , not too small) and a nice ride. I really recommend the VW Atlas. It's a strong and safe car and the main reason why my wife wanted it. If you have small kids, you need a compromise between a truck and fragil or too upscaled SUV and there is where the VW Atlas exceeds. You won't get the level of luxury, fit and finish, quality of materials and the ride of her closest sibling, Audi Q7, but on the other hand you will save few thousand bucks for your kid's tuition fund. So remember, everything in life is about compromise. Thanks, Rafael Torres.

2019 Volkswagen Atlas

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