2019 Toyota Tundra Reviews

2019 Tundra New Car Test Drive

The following review is for a 2018 Model Year. There may be minor changes to current model you are looking at.


The new grille and headlamps make the Tundra look more stylish, but it's still less stylish than the other trucks. It's burly, without being clean and crisp like the Ford and GM trucks. 

The rest of the sheetmetal looks familiar, while the stamped tailgate is ruggedly understated. The cargo bed lacks the utility of the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500. Tundra offers no lockable storage in the cargo bed, no damped tailgate, no bumper steps. 

Each Tundra trim level has a distinct character, stemming from its set of body details, including the grille, wheel type, badging, and headlight finish. Pickup bodies exhibit certain creative touches, and mild design updates help keep the Tundra fresh. Even so, it's not quite as stylish or attractive as the competition. 


Tundra seats are roomy and comfortable. 

Partly because of abundant silver-colored plastic elements, the Tundra cabin falls short in attractiveness. Even in upper trim levels, the look isn't upscale. The 1794 Edition blends luscious brown leather upholstery with plastic components that would suit a work truck. 

Controls are large and logically arranged on an effective dashboard that's symmetrical and wide. The central console can hold a laptop. Infotainment systems are well-executed, and plenty of options are available. 

Double Cab models have a front bench seat, with a huge folding armrest. Double Cabs don't have much second-row space, and the back seats have sternly upright backrests. Relatively small windows on the front-hinged rear doors add to the sense of confinement. 

CrewMax offers seating for five, with sufficient leg space for every rider. Seats slide and recline, though the backrest reclining angle isn't comfortable and cushions are low.