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I wish I had stayed with a Prius

Patrick 2020-01-28 20:01:57

When a deer decided to total out my 2010 Prius, my wife wanted to replaced it with a Honda. Not sure why, I guess because of her 2006 Civic, with her only thought it could be improved was if it had been a hybrid. Sensors are not reliable either missing signs or reading the highway number as the speed limit. , It likes to autobrake when cars in the lane beside you decide to turn. Now, the passenger door light is almost constantly on. Shut a door and the trunk lid opens. Sits so low it tries to drag coming out of many store parking lots. Door seals coming off and tearing. Trim piece beside the drivers seat took 4 attempts and a replacement to fix. Now the same piece on the passenger side is flopping in the breeze. Either this car is a lemon or Tower Honda in Longview, TX has the worst service department in the country. I am starting to think it might be both. Overall, this car is overpriced and over rated for what was advertised.

2019 Honda Insight

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