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caremom7 2019-06-17 12:46:07

My husband and I had always wanted a Suburban. We have a large family and drive in all kinds of New England weather. We bought a 2005 at Quirk in Quincy. Turned out that it was full of quirks - large and small. I finally had to give up and turn it back in last year at Quirk. It literally sounded like it was falling apart and just was not going to be worth putting more money into it. I had already had years of putting thousands in to keep it running. The mileage - only about 125,000 - Shameful! Here is the list: Always sounded like the windows were open, and it leaked when raining; transmission had to be replaced; the a/c was extremely short-lived; brakes many times, though we had a tow package and never used it to tow; cv joints; something under the vehicle sounded horrendous and was ultimately the reason we turned it in after our mechanic who was instrumental in keeping it running as long as it did, told me it was years past calling it a day. Basically, when my husband and I bought our Suburban, we intended to keep it FOREVER and use it for the twins to learn to drive, etc., feeling they would be in a nice big (hopefully, safe) vehicle. We had many good memories of fun times riding together in it. My husband passed away unexpectedly in 2011, so it was pretty sad to have to let it go in 2018. Truly the most disappointing vehicle we have ever owned. Expected it to be rock solid - it was NOT!

2019 Chevrolet Suburban

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