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3.5 out of 5

Beautiful, Comfortable, Luxurious.

eagle6922 2020-02-13 14:54:45

My previous 3 cars were the Premium Luxury Buick Lacrosse, last being a 2017. I decided to trade up after seeing my current 2019 Cadillac CT6 Premium Luxury. Comparing like cars, i.e., 7 series BMW, Lexus 4 series, Lincoln Continental, Genesis, etc. I found the following the CT6 has the others do not. Long wheel base enables the CT6 a very comfortable ride. The Greenhouse effect offers no blind spots. The seating front and rear are more than ample over the other cars mentioned. Instrument controls are in very easy reach for the driver/ft. passenger. Although my CT6 has only 6 thousand miles over a 10 month period, I have taken several short trips without any feeling of fatigue. The 335 HP 3.6-V-6 of the CT6 offers more than enough performance in any driving circumstance. The seating comfort, told to me by passengers is the best. Not hard not soft like with the aforementioned competition. Just right. The bold look of the front fascia, the revamp rear of the CT6 makes for a more stylish vehicle over the others in it's field. Compliments are many to say the least. An aside: I noticed a review by one Mike Tomich. If Mr. Tomich is referring to the Cadillac CT6. It is one man's opinion. Mr. Tomich might want to drive/steer the competition. In some if one tries to turn the steering wheel with one finger. One might forget about any of the medical conditions mentioned by Mr. Tomich. One would be advised to have ones broken finger attended to. Not so in the CT6. I for over the past 50 years have suffered problems with my entire back, not just lower back like some. I do not feel uncomfortable in my CT6 as I did in the many cars I have had in the past. No matter where Mr. Tomich has found information of certain medical conditions. These are opinions that, does not apply to the majority of the driving populous. One wonders whether Mr. Tomich paste and copied his same opine on the other vehicles, that are in direct competition with the Cadillac CT6. By the By Mr. Tomich if you are reading my post. "I was in the auto biz as a General Manager for over 28 years." If one didn't know better. It seems Mr. Tomich is trying to sell a product of some sort. The above comments by Mr. Tomich is more an advert than a review of the Cadillac CT6. I am 72, retired, and enjoying my arthritic/enlarged knuckles/toes/back/fingers/joints, FREE CT6.

2019 Cadillac CT6

Beautiful and Elegant

Charles 2019-03-06 09:25:40

The V6 335 hp is perfect balance of power and comfort. The interior and exterior are nicely balanced and warm. For the $ it is superior to the teutonic rivals, and far superior to genesis, Lexus, etc at any price. Entertaining and pleasant to drive. Great job caddy.

2019 Cadillac CT6

Steering Design Errors causing Arthritic Hands / Fingers

Mike 2019-01-20 17:50:43

Their Tight Steering and Stiff suspensions are causing arthritic hands n backs. See pictures below. The tight steering and stiff suspension is silently, without pain, causing arthritic backs and hands/fingers and autism. Compare your hands and back to the pictures in the following links identifying arthritic hand and back deformities. Do not buy a vehicle unless the steering is easy one finger and rides like a boat in calm waters. Tight/stiff Steering Injuries: Every time a steering course adjustment is made our bodies must generate the forces to overcome what appears to be a minor resistance in turning the steering wheel. Our body's process of generating and delivering the mechanical/physical forces within 2/10 th's of a second result in a major shock load impacting all the joints from the heels of the foot through the ankles, knees, back, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, and twisting, curving fingers and enlarging knuckles from the drive train vibrations and impact forces numbing the hands which prevent the pain during the processes. Typically, there are 140 steering adjustments per minute with corresponding impact forces. These links from our website miketomich.com have pictures of the injuries; Module 2: Adults arthritic hands, backs, etc. (Copy and Paste these links to your browser) Line item #1 HANDS; http://miketomich.com/New-Pictures-Adults-Driving-Injuries-NEW-1-6-2018.html Line item #2 ARTHRITIC BACKS; http://miketomich.com/Driving-Injuries-Back-and-Spine.html PS: Module 3 covers the real cause of autism due to the pulsating vibrations traveling 300+ times a minute through baby's delicate developing nerve cluster at the spinal cord and brain connection. PSS: Free report downloads in Module 6 at miketomich.com Don't buy any vehicle you can't turn the steering wheel easily with one finger and the ride as smooth as a boat on calm waters. Questions... Contact us at mike@miketomich.com

2019 Cadillac CT6

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