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More sports car than sport sedan

Davis 2020-01-12 01:15:38

I have had five other 3 series. A 2001, 2006, 2009, 2013, 2106, and this new 2019. For several months I have been struggling with exactly how to describe it. A massive leap from the last generation, and as much, if not more, fun than my 2001 3 series, the storied E46. If you are seeking a smooth, luxurious, comfortable luxury car to impress the neighbors or work colleagues, this is not what you want. The ride can be firm, my wife calls the seats “hard”, and bumps are noticeable. However, if you desire a 3 Series for the right reasons, meaning that it is a convenient way to enjoy sports car performance in a practical four door sedan, then this 3 might be for you. Very fast (just over 5 seconds to 60) but not quick like the new 340i (around 380 hp), it is more than enough fun for everyday street use (the 340i is like a track ready machine). Handling and braking are stellar. New shock absorber design allows extremely flat cornering at very high speeds. A really fun and fast car with a ton of tech and optional self-driving features. Good value but not cheap.

2019 BMW 330

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