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Use navigation? Do not buy Toyota.

Charles 2018-08-21 10:20:43

If you are considering buying a new Toyota with Navigation, you need to read this. I have a new 2018 Toyota Highlander XLE and the GPS is BEYOND ABYSMAL. Better GPS units existed ten years ago and NO, I am not exaggerating. I have persisted with the GPS in ten states now and this is hardware, map data, and algorithms problem. The navigation system is JUNK and Toyota knows it. With the navigation system you will drive a lot of extra miles, take slower routes, go to outright wrong locations, be warned repeatedly about bad traffic when NONE exists, and the list goes on, and on, and on. Contradictory navigation information is displayed on the monitor and the control panel. The same item of navigation information is move around the monitor at different times, and my favorite, you will be told to turn after you are through the intersection. The worst part is that there is no good work-around. If you are hoping to use your smart phone GPS to get "real navigation”, you will suffer badly. First, if you use voice recognition to enter a destination on your smart phone, your voice commands are routed to Toyota Entune and it will try to make a phone call. That’s right. If you say 252 North Road, Albany, Entune tries to dial your phone and fails. (Unbelievable.) If you just key in the address to your smart phone, you are also punished. You will have no voice directions. They are disabled by Toyota. This means you will need to read the directions from you smart phone while you are driving. (Hardly safe.) Next, you can get full smart phone GPS functionality if you disable your Bluetooth connection to the Toyota. But they you are punished again! Once Bluetooth is turned off, hands free phone no longer works. You will need to answer your phone manually and hold it to talk. You will also have to dial your phone manually. (Hardly safe.) Oh yes. This also means you loose all of the other apps in your cars Entune system including the ability to stream music from your phone. (So why did you want to buy a Toyota?) If you NEVER want to use the GPS on the Toyota or use the GPS on your phone, a Toyota is fine. The vehicle is mechanically sound highly reliable. Good breaks. Won’t rust. All of those things that were so 90’s. The last time I checked this was 2018 and things are a lot different now if you do not buy a Toyota. I will NEVER buy another Toyota after being cheated like this. Do not expect overall quality from Toyota, only mechanical reliability. I have ~3,500 lines on my 2018 Highlander XLE and I am ready to trade it in. Yes, it is that bad. I hope this helps unwitting victims of Toyota’s drastically inferior electronics. I pray this will help you when planning to buy a Toyota and plan to use navigation of any kind. Now that I am aware of the problem, I have learned that most other manufactures have “modern” systems.

2018 Toyota Highlander

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