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5.0 out of 5

Shaving my commute time

Wing 2018-09-08 09:38:05

After a couple weeks of commuting with M3, I realize that I just shave about 3-5 minutes of my commute time. I no longer have to wait for the car to warm up. It auto close my garage door as I pull out the car. I zip around in the traffic with ease and confidence. Finally, just get out of the car, and it will lock the car for me with it's proximity sensor. This is huge trying to catch my bus. Love the Tesla Model 3.

2018 Tesla Model 3

No Question the Best Car I Ever Have!

George 2018-08-15 11:33:06

I used to hate my long commute. Now with the Model 3, I am starting to enjoy it. Autopilot works! The car is smooth. With some music on (USB support is still weak), I love the ride and now are not frustrated by the traffic! Great handling! Quiet! Just the right size as well This car is truly awesome and amazing!

2018 Tesla Model 3

Great car!!!!

Tung 2018-08-12 22:35:44

The car performance is excellent. The touchscreen screen is futuristic.

2018 Tesla Model 3

Best Car I've Ever Owned, Ever.

Kristopher 2018-08-12 15:41:54

I've had my 2018 Tesla Model 3 since May 4, 2018 and I have loved every single minute behind the wheel of this car of the future. The minimalist interior is a very welcome change from the busy center console and dash designs from literally every other mass market vehicle on the road today and yesterday. Next up, the performance of the Model 3 is just plain great. If you've driven other Teslas (Model S or X), then you will know what I mean. The instant torque is very, very addicting. The acceleration when something usually mundane like getting onto the freeway has some added fun each and every time. I have taken one long road trip with my Model 3 so far (2,600 miles) up from Southern California up to Monterey, CA and then Oregon. The drive with Autopilot enabled is truly a game changer. By my own estimates, I used Autopilot for about 80% of the time while I was on the freeways. There were large sections of open driving for a the majority of my drive, but Autopilot also helped immensely during the pockets of congestion/traffic on the freeways, too. On top of Autopilot, the Tesla Supercharger network was well thought-out for sure. The stops that we made were in the perfect intervals where we felt like we would've needed to stop anyways for bathroom and snack/meal breaks. Overall, the 2 year wait for the Model 3 was well worth it. I also found out that you can place an order today and you will get your Model 3 in a matter of months. I have and will continue to praise the Model 3 and recommend it to everyone I know because it's just that great of a vehicle and it's a true glimpse into an all-electric and zero emissions future.

2018 Tesla Model 3

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