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Steven 2020-05-10 03:23:02

Great vehicle! 60,000 miles in 2.15 years. Purchased Tucson SEL Plus AWD late Feb 2018.Initial oil change @ 700 miles, routine I do with every new car. Then oil changes every 5k at dealership with coupon match to keep cost reasonable. Standard oil, not synthetic to keep cost down as well. Used Michelin Ice-X3 tires in winter and managed 27.2 mpg, average 28.7 on factory tires. Winter tires will part of, if not all next winter season. Factory tires back on for third summer, though I anticipate replacement purchase about 2 months from now. Replaced air filter and cabin filters myself, cost effective. Using a charcoal based cabin filter from Amazon. Vehicle doesn't have as much torque as previous SUV, (2013 Honda CRV-AWD), but does ok overall. Use of sport mode helps add a little more oomph for highway merging and slight better mpg overall. Google integrated search functions accessible via mirror make selecting navigation destinations a breeze. Apple CarPlay / Android included and work fine. No unexpected maintenance costs, nor have I done anything more than what I've said. No recalls yet, as well nothing to complain about to that kinda level. My score would be higher, but the vehicle isn't as refined as the CRV was. Well base is a little narrower and shorter than the Honda, resulting in side wind gusts effecting this vehicle a little bit more. Refinement also shows its face with transmision programming and engine torque. Seating is good with power lumbar on drivers seat. I have some concern that the bottom part of the seating won't feel as good at the 5 year point, (CRV bottom seat material support clearly better), though the 2103 CRV didn't have and many power seating options. Rear seats recline, which is great for kids on long trips. Overall, I like this vehicle. It should be noted that I traded my CRV in because it had some issues. Every winter the rear portion of the AWD system whined unnaturally loud when snow tires were on & pavement was super smooth, (rolling resistance increase strained the system) with in-turn lead to replacing the AWD pump and didn't fix the problem. An unidentifiable non-consistant rattle related to either the transmission or drive related componenets showed up @ 95,000 miles. At 110,000 miles I said no thank you to spending lots of money for Honda to figure out either problem. The CRV issues are worth mentioning because I haven't experienced the AWD / snow tire issue the Hyundai Tucson. My experience has been that the Tucson has been very reliable no out of packet expense, (other than filters). Reliability 5 stars, refinement 4.1 stars. I'd buy another one!

2018 Hyundai Tucson

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