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The BEST car on the market

Fields 2018-12-03 09:56:22

I started my car hunt with a variety of cars in mind. I initially thought I would get a C43, S4, Stinger GT, Giulia Ti, etc. You may wonder how any of those cars led me to a Honda Accord, but here's how it happened. I liked the C43, but found its ride to be busy, the maintenance costs extravagant and since our family has an E400 Wagon, I know the COMAND infotainment system is a disaster. The price in my eye doesn't quite add up to what they're selling you. The S4 was a great car too. Audi's MMI is much better than Mercedes' and the turbocharged V6 felt just as potent as the Mercedes'. My biggest complaint is on the inside where Audi forces you to go with a dark interior color. I hate this. Sporty cars do not necessitate black interiors. This trend is so old. The Stinger GT was up there on my list because it's slightly less expensive, a bit larger and is a different approach to the sport sedan market. The twin turbo V6 had quite some punch, it rides pretty well and the AWD system always felt like it was ready to go. I didn't care for how low and hard it was to enter though and on the demo model I drove there were a couple of rattles and chintzy looking materials on the center console. The fake engine noise was unimpressive and the exhaust note was very muffled. Lastly was the Giulia. The Giulia was a car I really liked, because it drove like it was on rails especially the AWD model, and it's 2.0T engine felt explosively quick for a four cylinder engine and the adaptive suspension option on the Lusso TI AWD I drove really made a huge difference when you hit the "soft" button. It goes from being almost too firm to buttery smooth. The biggest issue with the Alfa was my worry of constant reliability problems. So there I was, unsure what to do. I liked things about each model, but didn't find one that I loved 100%. The Stinger's mid-$50s price tag seemed hard to justify when it has a Kia badge on it and resale is an unknown at this point. Unfortunately if you want white paint Kia sticks you with only being able to order the interior in black or red. I wanted beige, saddle, white or a very light gray. On a whim, I thought I'd go look at the new Accord 2.0T Touring to see what I thought. I knew going into it that the Accord would never be the fastest car I looked at, but it would be the most affordable and probably the longest lasting. I couldn't get over how much the Accord had improved. Everything from the inside to the outside was 10 steps ahead of the last Accord, or any other midsize sedan currently available from Toyota (not hard to beat), Mazda, VW, Ford, Hyundai, Kia or Chevy. The car had tons of room, was comfortable and sat nice and low but not too low that's it hard to get out of. The center console, steering wheel and infotainment were easy to use and find the right button to push. Out on the road the 10-speed shifted quickly through its ratios and didn't feel like a lot of modern transmissions that are tuned to shift at very low-rpms for fuel economy. There was no lag from the turbocharged 2.0L engine and it really felt quick. It's not an M3 by any means, but it's quick. The steering has a great weight to it and you can actually feel some of what's going on at the tires. Through curves the adaptive damping suspension resists roll very well, yet at the same time it is a pleasant place to be when riding down the highway. You don't even realize how fast you're going as it seems to glide over bumps and the car is well insulated against road noise. Even on very low profile 19" wheels it isn't uncomfortable. Before returning to the dealership I put it in sport and wound it out, then zipped through a long sweeping S. At 75mph I felt in total control, with no concern that the mid-corner bump I know existed was going to throw us off track. The Accord stuck it's line and pulled through. No torque steer or understeer, it just went. When I looked at the driver assistance features that came standard, the crisp HUD and Honda's reputation for quality I decided I had found my car. I could get a sporty, quick pearl white car with ivory interior that had everything and more I wanted for only $35K MSRP. When I was done negotiating I had the purchase price of the car down to $31K including window tinting. With taxes and fees I was just over $33K out the door. What a steal. So, the moral of my story is this. You don't have to spend $65K to find a fun to drive, comfortable and spacious car loaded with tech and safety features. This car would work for just about anyone. It's the Goldilocks of cars. As a fervent hot hatch owner who always has owned manual transmissions, this was a big departure, but in my eyes the Accord is the Golf GTI of the sedan world. Like the Golf it's always practical, but when you want to drive hard it's got the power to go, the taut body control to handle high speed driving and it feels like it shrinks as you go faster. If you're in the market for new car, check out the Accord. It's a serious competitor to just about any car on the market and is less expensive than most.

2018 Honda Accord

Sign recognition system

cowboy 2018-06-07 10:04:11

Bought a new 2018 accord sport the sign recognition system does not work in areas of Portland Oregon city limits is shows speed limits 50 miles an hour in 20 mile an hour zone, 50,55, and 70 miles an hour in 30 to 40 mile an hour zone. The big one is 100 miles an hour in a 30 mile an hour zone. They knew about this issue on the car and do not disclose it to buyer's. How can you trust the other safety features on the car since all software is link together. Car is sechulde to go in the shop for fix but tech said it's not likely to be fixed anytime soon.

2018 Honda Accord

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