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3.0 out of 5

CAYENNE 958 TURBO (2011-2104)

2016-08-23 17:47:30

This car is amazing. I read a review that said another SUV had better handling. I doubt they ever owned a Cayenne Turbo. I have had it on the track myself and have taken over basic Caymans. The power, handling and braking is unreal. No other SUV I have driven has come close. In am personally 100% satisfied with this vehicle. The comfort level is excellent. The interior spacious and luxurious (if you spend the money to get the top of the line options of course). The power and torque is right on the verge of been too much for an SUV and Porsche still managed to make it a safe car. Not a car that seems like its trying to kill you on every turn. It has 5 seats, cargo space, all wheel drive, comfort, luxury and performance that many coupes don't have. As far as safety, blind sport warning, automated braking, active cruise control, air bags all over, engine in front with crumpling zone. Also, off road capable. Not the best off road vehicle with those high performance tires, but if you change the tires you would give most off road vehicles a run for their money. In my experience this is the most versatile vehicle in the planet. This is a true Porsche. Take one to the track and have an experienced driver take you for a spin... you will be amazed.

2017 Porsche Cayenne

2014 porsche cayenne diesel

2016-07-04 07:42:07

most expensive car i have ever owned in 65 years of driving. try $350. oil change every 5000 miles to start with. now due to vw cheating i have a $80k car i can not get rid of. i hope these german bastards get what they deserve.

2017 Porsche Cayenne

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