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4.0 out of 5

Concerned owner

2017-09-02 09:25:34

With the V6 twin turbo equipped Front wheel drive, MKZ You get an extra trill in addition to the fast acceleration . The torque steer problem is so bad the steering wheel snaps out of your hand and jumps into the on coming lane ! If your looking for an exciting car to drive, THIS IS IT !!!!

2017 Lincoln MKZ

Refined luxury

2017-04-05 19:54:41

I test drove many vehicles. When it came down to it I liked the interior, ride and comfort better in the MKZ. For $55k it is hard to find a creamy smooth 400HP engine. With a few key features i.e. 400HP V6, AWD & driver’s package, other midsized luxury vehicles felt inferior. As if the Lincoln had a higher-end quality interior and better total package. The seats are very well thought out & comfortable. Leather & padded surfaces feel soft and supple. It’s as if the Lincoln brand is trying harder since they have to thwart off the sport of American brand bashing that is constantly read in publications such as Consumer Reports. Furthermore the Drivers Package adds AWD w/dynamic torque vectoring which intelligently applies power to the rear wheels when driving aggressively. With the package torque steer under normal driving is gone along with much of the understeer typically associated with FWD and some AWD vehicles. In my opinion road isolation & ride are better in the Lincoln than say a Caddy, Mercedes or BMW. Cornering Gs is extremely ample with the all-weather 19” tires standard with the driver’s package. I would not opt for the summer only tires which hurt the ride. So if there is some impact from having AWD vs RWD it will most likely only be noticed at the track or with very aggressive drivers. Yes when you apply the full 400HP most torque goes to the rear but even the 30-40% going to the front can cause a slight pull. It’s nice they provide a per wheel instantaneous power read out so you know the rear wheels do their share intelligently (when you stomp on the accelerator). That said 99.999999% of the audience buying these vehicles today are not going to the race track and won’t notice the cons and most likely will appreciate the pros to this AWD setup. Drivers looking for a stable good grip on a variety of road conditions along with easy control and a sure footed steering feel will appreciate the Lincoln because it delivers. The MKZ is rock solid on the highway in cross winds on washboard pavement, etc. It doesn’t wobble across highway crowns because it’s a high performance sedan. That’s what the average Joe wants. The AWD with torque vectoring does its job and keeps torque steer under control and steering feel is precise; easy to thread the car through a needle. It is snow worthy to boot. BTW, I am not an ignorant just looking to be the expert and to hear myself speak. I know the difference between the Lincoln and a true sport sedan and opted for the Lincoln. My other vehicles are; a Corvette, Pontiac G8 GT (RWD 6 liter), F150 and Road Glide. The only cons besides the Lincoln name: scant rear head room, smaller rear seat than some, and weight distribution with AWD (not 50-50% front and rear like a RWD sedan). One more comment. Consumer Reports issue with the push button gear selector is really a joke. Anyone that is off the baby bottle will not mind the change. I actually think it makes a lot of sense to free up the console. Hope other brands do the same. A common solution amongst brands through committee would be best.

2017 Lincoln MKZ

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